Had High Hopes, Disappointed in the End - Fairfax, VA

I work in the medical field and I put in a lot of...

I work in the medical field and I put in a lot of research before deciding on the Zeltiq Cool Sculpting procedure 6.5 months ago. I was skeptical but decided that it was non invasive and had few side effects.

I'm 5'7" and weigh about 140 and I've always had a pouch even though I have never had children. I was mainly concerned with the area above and below my navel. My doctor recommended the area immediately below my breasts as a second zone. Well I have very little fat there and if that was removed, you'd see my ribs. So I told him that I just wanted to do the fat zone for now and see how that worked. Well I guess the loss of income annoyed him so he placed the machine so far down that it rested on my pelvic bone. If I wanted children, Id have been concerned about severing my ovaries! Strange placement because I dont have a fat layer over my uterus either. I was told that the large attachment would draw the fat from above into the machine but the machine could not be stopped and restarted. I'm thinking the attachment placement was placed below my main fat deposit to ensure that I came back for a second zone. Perhaps he should have thought that if I didn't see results, I wouldnt come back anyway. I asked when he wanted to see me for followup and at first said it wasn't necessary unless I had problems but then had me book a date with the recep. He was more concerned with me booking another zone, but I wanted to see results before shelling out another $1000.

I had the usual tingling and numbness for a few weeks and have had no lasting side effects from the procedure. Unfortunately I had just come back from vacation and was jetlagged the week of the followup appt and no one called to remind me. When I remembered and checked my caller ids and vmail the following week, there were no msgs.

Since I had not seen results at that 3 month point and still haven't seen results 4 months later (in fact it seems as though my abdomen has gained an inch or two since then)I havent bothered to call back to give away more money. He appeared to only want to see me if I booked another zone anyway. I do have confidence in this doctors surgical skill(only had cool sculpting done by him) even though I don't have confidence in this machine. My next step will probably be liposuction.


Can you clarify the doctor's name? I am thinking about getting this procedure and couple of places I am considering are in Fairfax, VA. I would definitely want to avoid him. Thanks.
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I went to Hess Plastic Surgery. Its been almost 9 months since the procedure. Sadly I never saw any reduction in my fat zone. If anything it got bigger and I'm doing literature searches to see if anyone else experienced similar results. I am now currently doing it the old fashioned way thru diet and exercise. Good luck in whatever you decide!
Too bad you had a negative experience. I went to this doctor and had a very positive experience. There was no push for certain procedure, the doc listened to me and went over the areas and placement without pressure. I did do 5 areas, so maybe it helped...also a year and a half after your procedure, maybe he paid off the machine already and his stress level is not as high. Who knows. I hope everyone takes time to ask any doctor all the questions they have, and not hesitate when something is not what they expect, right away. this is a lot of money to pay for something that you're not happy with.
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