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Hi guys. I am a male in my 20s. I have always been...

Hi guys. I am a male in my 20s. I have always been skinny my whole life yet my face around the cheek area had always been so HUGE. When I sent pics to my surgeon, he said that I would be a great candidate for a combination of facial and neck liposuction with a buccal fat pad removal.

I was initially thinking of only getting a buccal fat pad removal but when I saw pics online of people who had gotten the procedure, I didn’t think it was going to be enough considering how huge my face was. I am so glad I listened to my surgeon and cannot be anymore happier about the way things turned out. I received the surgery about 8 months ago but I am going to try to write as much as I remember about what I went through to help the people out there who are considering this procedure.

About a month before the procedure, my surgeon gave me a list of supplements to buy and what types of food I should eat and avoid for the next few months. I followed everything he told me but I have to admit that the supplements did cost me a little bit over a hundred dollars. I believed they helped alot during my recovery though.

I’ve been reading alot about people’s experiences here and my experience didn’t seem as bad in comparison. During the surgery, I did not feel anything at all since I was put to sleep. When I woke up, my face was swollen like a chipmunk. But then again, my face was like a chipmunk to begin with. I was so afraid whether my surgeon really sucked out the fat or not. I couldn’t see much since I had to keep my garment on. During the first week, it was so difficult and painful to eat. I ate mostly clam chowder and bread. I couldn’t even chew with my teeth cause it was painful to even move my jaw. I would just chop up potatoes into tiny pieces and soak the bread in the soup to make it much softer and swallow it.

I was also required to sleep with my head up. I used like 2-3 pillows when I sleep. I was not allowed to look down at all times. When I do, I could feel my face swelling up. After about 2-3 weeks, my eating habits had gotten alot better. I also saw my surgeon and set me up with a free ultrasound massage. The massage definitely helped decrease the swelling. He recommended for me to get another one if it helped decrease the swelling so I did but I had to pay $45 the second time which still isn’t too bad. He only charged me half its normal price. After about two months, I was finally allowed to take the garment off. I saw most of my results after 3-4 months. Speaking of which, I also had a small lump which I thought wasn’t going to go away during that time but now it’s gone.

One thing that took me the longest to get back too was my weightlifting routine. I was allowed to do some light workout by the second month but even after about 4 months, I was still feeling some swelling whenever I lifted weights. I was afraid to ruin the good results I had so far so I decided that it wasn’t worth it. I completely stopped lifting weights during that time. It took me about 6 months before I could actually lift some heavy weights. Now at the 8th month, there is still some numbness on my face but it’s very little. If I were to rate it out of a 100, it would be a 2 or 3.

I wish I could post pictures but I am not very comfortable doing so. I prefer to keep it confidential. Overall, I initially had chipmunk cheeks but now they are more hollow but not completely that I’m not even afraid of looking gaunt in the future. I know many people who go through this procedure worry about getting too much fat taken out and looking gaunt as they get older but I don’t think that will be the case with mine. The results look so natural and I’m very happy about it. Hopefully this review helped. I will try to get on here every once in awhile to see if any of you guys have any questions. I’d be more than glad to answer any of them!

I forgot to add this on my review. My acne...

I forgot to add this on my review. My acne breakouts have also decreased immensely and I'm talking like 90 percent! Most of my pimples are usually around my cheeks but I rarely get them now. When I do get them they're usually around my chin and jaw area. I'm not sure if this is permanent and whatsoever but so far it's going great.

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Dr R is definitely the best! He is on top of things even after the procedure. He would set me up with follow appointments, etc. I strongly recommend him.

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Great write-up, thanks for sharing.  It must have been tough keeping the garment on for 2 months.  I kept mine on for 3 weeks after double chin liposuction and it was difficult to sleep well with it on.

It was a good idea to avoid weightlifting for the first two months.  I tried swimming after only a few weeks and there was a tearing feeling whenever I turned to breathe.  That's gone now, thankfully.  There was also a tough lump under the right part of my jaw that took 3 months to go away.  

You can crop your photos at your nose (so only your lower face shows) to avoid being recognized.

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thanks very much for the detailed description of your recovery. You mention neck liposuction.  Was that so your cheeks and face looked in balance, proportionate to your face? Or was this for under the chin (double chin)?

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I guess for both reasons. Dr Romano saw that I had fat around my neck area so he recommended it. I didn't have too much fat though that I had a double chin but it was for that purpose and to make it proportionate to my face. I'm actually glad I had this procedure done because I will be less likely to accumulate fat on my neck in the future.
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