Hydroquinone Patchy

I have been useing hydroq for 3 weeks now i have...

i have been useing hydroq for 3 weeks now i have seen that diffrernce but not sure what to do now i wanted to look nice to my engagment but realy concerd about it

HI i have beein useing hq for about 3weeks now and have noticed that round my nose and cheeks have gona ligther now but now looks a little bit patchey im worryd that the colours are not going to bland and that its going to stay like this. I am dark brown with a very yellow undertone please please help.

Hydroq is good for olily sking but for dry patches it can be harmful.
I wills say go for Natural Skincare products for a better skin.

hey can i use hydroq on my oily skin

It does become worrying if the Hq is causing you a patchy appearance. But can I ask you, if you applied the Hq on the whole face or just the nose and the cheek?
If you have applied the Hq just on the pigmented sites, then it must have caused the fading of pigment in that particular area, giving a patchy appearance.
But, if you had applied it all over face and ended up with patchy pigmentation, stop using the Hq and switch to other substitutes like the kojic acid or arbutinin. These do not have any side effects and can be used long-term. Please apply in the patchy areas first, see if you are noticing any difference, if so then go ahead and apply on the rest of the face. This will even out the colour on your face.
Hope this helps you.
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