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Facelift, Necklift, Chin Implant, Browlift, Blepharoplasty, Abdominal/Flanks Lipo - Mumbai, India

Pros - Great Surgeon, Recovery and ound the clock...

Pros - Great Surgeon, Recovery and ound the clock Care for two weeks in a clinical setting with no real pain, only some discomfort, the incredible improvement in my appearance even after only 4 weeks

Cons - Slowly recovering movement in left eyebrow, other numbness (especially in right earlobe), though everything is tingling now, which seems to indicate nerves reconnecting. After repositioning brow into correct positiion, my previous attempts to shape my brows don't work any more, and so look strange. Have to wait for them to grow back out.

Why I did it - At 58, I was back on the job market. Had a great interview, only to be told later (after they saw me) that I was't right for the position. Three weeks after the procedures, I aced another interview for a similar job and got an offer. I really like how I look now. I had lots of loose skin over my eyes and neck, and now it's all gone. I will post before and after shots at about the three month point. Still have chin and eyelid swelling, but everything is healing quite well.

6 weeks out, eyebrows are both functioning now....

6 weeks out, eyebrows are both functioning now. Haven't noticed any improvement in numbness (though I occasionally get some itching), but swelling has gone down considerably under my chin. Scars are getting much redder (as expected), so am religiously using Kelo Cote.

BTW, I wanted to mention an experience while I had at the clinic. One day, I was getting uncomfortable and began to panic a little. After an hour or so, the nurse came by to check on me, and I mentioned that I was in pain and feeling afraid. Doc came right away and chided me for not complaining earlier. A little anxiolytic and pain meds, and I was feeling great. It wasn't like in the US where one has to practically beg for something to relieve the pain. I did get get addicted to anything I was given, and I really appreciate the way I was treated with respect and consideration. I would NEVER have these procedures done, and then just go home to recuperate. I don't know how things are done in other overseas locales, but for my money, India was freaking great!

I meant to say I did NOT get addicted to anything...

I meant to say I did NOT get addicted to anything I was given.

Sorry about that!
Do you have any pics?
How did you find this surgeon?

I'm glad to hear you're doing better now. Thanks for the update!


My progress to this point: The numbness has...

My progress to this point:

The numbness has begun to fade near my ears, though I suspect that some will remain on the right side permanently, but we shall see at one year. My right brow is working normally again. Swelling persists under my chin from the implant, but I don't expect it to completely recede before the one year point.

My lipo was well done, but let me warn you, it is not a license to overeat. I've been picking up some fat in my lipo'ed areas, I took the time to actually count my calories during the last week, and have discovered that I was eating more than I thought. So now, it is back on a diet for me!

My fat transfers to my cheeks and under eye sockets have been mostly absorbed, so I am going to journey back to India in January for some touch-up work, and some laser on my wrinkly neck skin that was not addressed by the face/neck lifts. Also, I have some lines on my forehead that I believe would benefit by the laser. I am very much looking forward to see my friend Sammy and his staff!

Did you make it back in January to do the touch-ups you spoke about. Would love an update..new pics please? :)
Thanks for asking. Yes, indeed I did. I rather enjoy being taken care of. Sammy did the fat transfers as well as some filler and a bit of botox. I also had him fill in the hair on my temples and that turned out pretty well, too. The fat and filler have pretty much dispersed, and the neck wrinkles really needed more lazering before I could get an optimal result, but I was pretty pleased all in all. I don't exactly remember what I spent this time around, (it was pretty reasonable), and the wifey and I are discussing whether we'd like to go together for a tune-up in a few months. Here's a recent shot. Not bad for almost 60, IMHO. Trouble is, the only things that rejuvenate what is on the inside is hard and painful (diet and exercise).
Did you have a coordinator and what was the name of the place and did the 10,000 include all costs?

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hello sir...i actually wanted to know about your chin implant with dr. sameer and also would you recommend dr. sam for a rhinoplasty..!! i will be really grateful to u..
Well, Sam did a great job on my implant, but I wouldn't be able to comment on his Rhinoplasties. I will say this, though. I trust him and his team implicitly, and if says he can do it, then he can do it. I'm sure he'd be happy to provide you with images of past patients before and after.
sir what kind of implant did u receive from dr. sam..as in S,M or L?
India Plastic Surgeon

Pretty simple, really. Sam knows his stuff, answered all my questions and concerns, basically "held my hand" through recovery, was very thorough in making sure I was healthy enough for the procedures, never pulled any punches, went conservative on my surgery so I would look like a younger, refreshed version of myself. We correspond every couple of days and he faithfully answers me. Not the least nor most expensive guy in India, but perhaps the best. I met several other patients who were there for things like lipo, tummy tucks, etc, who had done vastly more research than I had, and they were unanimous in their praise.

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