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Facelift and Blephastory in Thailand

I had starting hamsterbags. Little bit extra skin...

I had starting hamsterbags. Little bit extra skin on eyes. Needed a crown on teeth. Otherwise I looked gorgeous. Went to Yanhee hospital Thailand organized by swedish Destination Beauty. Did facelift and upper eyelid. I came two days before too acclimatize. The morning I went early to the hospital to ask about laser underneath my eyes. That was too much for the desk lady and instead I waited for the dentist. She had just begun to clean my teeth, when someone came in to take me to the plastic surgeon appointment. I had to pay, though she didnt finished it. I waited one hour for surgeon and the swedish woman from Destination Beauty was very nice, so I felt more comfortable. I had promised my self to say no, if I didnt feel comfortable and just have a nice holiday instead. The doctor looked at me and I asked him specifically not to do it too tight, but natural, and concerning the eyes, he promised to follow the eyecrease. So I said yes.

Goodies: It was good to be two days at the hospital. They took good care of me and checked everything. It was very clean. The doctor appaerently did my hamsterbags and throat area for free, which is very well done. On the other hand that was the only thing needed. The scars were put in the ear and invisible. Though it hurted with the metalclips in my head. The nurses were nice and the view from my room gorgeous. The people from Destination Beauty have been very accomodating.

Badies. I waited until 10 pm for operation not eating. I got completely in chok after, when my ear was numb and every time I closed my eyes it hurted in my ear. I got no information about how to take care of myself, other than sleep with head high, not brush teeth and eat soup for one month. I was very very worried, until DB told me that my sensitivity will come back. I wish I had more information before operation and before leaving hospital.

The doctor has done my both facesides equally, but they are not. One side now is very tight and my smile line has disappaered. My eyes look terrible. The doctor doesnt know what an eyecrease is, he just invented one himself 2 mm above the normal one and put an extra bow in the nose corner. I look so sad. And I am very sad, I had beautiful eyes before. I cant see full range in eyesight yet, ten days after. This is not how it was, the previous time I did it.

The language is a problem, especially the dentist couldnt speak english. Ok, its cheaper, but I also pay a trip from Europe and take five weeks of my work. So, I am a complete idiot, that have to live with this fact, the rest of my life.

5 weeks later. My eyes look a lot better and some...

5 weeks later. My eyes look a lot better and some say they are beautiful. The facelift started to look much better too. Unfortunately a monkey got obsessed with my hat and torn my face in his eager to get it. The doctor gave me antibiotics and comforted me. He meant it will get good again, but it´s hard to believe. My cheeks are still swollen, there are marks on the jawline and the beautiful tightness of the face seems gone.

The dentist cleaned my teeth once more - no problem, but I choose to do my teeth at Dental Time and Bangkok Dental Smile. Very good places. However I did a good detox and injected veins in my legs at Yanhee.

I also managed to get beautiful trips to Kanchanaburi, Erawan waterfall, Tiger Temple, River Kwai and bountyisland Koh Chang. I was in Thailand for 5 weeks. Spent 2000 dollars all included, food, housing, trips and shopping. It was amazing memories to take with me home.

My biggest but about Yanhee, is simply lack of information before the operation and the fact that you travelled so far, are jetlagged and not totally yourself to take such a big decision, when you arrive. But now, I think the work in itself was good. So, no I was not a complete idiot and thats the best news!

People say I look very good in spite of the monkey...

People say I look very good in spite of the monkey business, mostly my eyes, so I feel I have to be fair to the artist, the doctor, and upgrade him. I am sorry I was so negative in the beginning, however I really suggest Yanhee hospital to improve their information. That would have done a world of difference for me. I still haven´t got my feeling back, the scars from the monkey are almost gone, but I am still swollen.
Pitch Paiboonkasemsuthi

The doctor was very sweet and it was also sweet to do my chin for free and that was very well done. I think that I felt rushed and I wish that I had had time to think more about the operation, instead of it being performed the same day as DB planned it. I asked two times extra for follow up and the doctor was there for me. The language, but more so the culturedifferences is something to consider. It´s very hard for me to say how good he is, because I don´t know anyone else. As I was hit by the monkey, I cannot really say it was worth it. It would probably look really good, but still is it really worth being without sensitivity for three month?

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi anyone heard of Facelifts with Dr Pichet / Bangkok.Am confused as to who to use.
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Yes I did one two years ago. I think it was very well done. The info is not very good, but the swedish destination beauty is very helpful. Ask all the questions you can think of before. I was very vulnerable after the operation.I think its good to have someone with you. I did midface and upper eyelid. I just did under eyelid with him two month ago and it still looks very strange, so I cannot say anything about that yet. I be very happy to answer any question...
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gosh, thanks so much for this. Does he speak English. In all honesty when did you look ok to go back to work ( I am a teacher, cannot scare the kids haha ) where did you stay, I have 2 weeks to BE in Thailand you see. This is so good to speak to someone who used this doctor, as there seems to be 1000's to chose from many thanks
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also, is your dr Pitch the same one as dr Pichet ?
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I assume dr Pitch and Pichet might be the same person. If you go! Take airlink to chao praya 75 bath change to train to siam change to train go to taksin bridge take ferry 45 baht to phra athit and either walk to central guesthouse 300baht for good room or taxa 50 baht to shanti from 400baht. To go to yanhee 85 baht taxa. Good thing is that you stay two day on hospital in Yanhee everywhere else one day. Dr Pitch is also called mr breast and I heard he is good with that from others. I dont know about the under eyelid operation though. I am in australia in the mountains, so internet is sometimes slow. I will be in Thailand in april. One of the things I thought about during my facelift, was that it might go wrong, but I am still me and if I end up looking really bad, I went for my dream and I stand up for it. Take care and if you need info I am here.
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great thanks soo much
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Hello again from Queensland Australia, has anyone ever had a Promoitalia thread lift ?
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If you mean Dr. Pichet Rodchareon of Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic. He’s a well-know surgeon in Thailand as well. I did my Facelift with him 6 months ago. He has great skills in plastic surgery. His in-house facilities are forefront and hygienic. The staff at his hospital gave wonderful hospitality care (which I found Thai people in general have very kind and supportive character) Overall, it’s worth my spending to undergo my surgery in Thailand plus having amazing times traveling and shopping. I think plastic surgery in Thailand has developed to the World-class level and has many good options and prices to choose from. I’m even planning to visit the clinic again for bit of new surgery next year. Good luck everyone!
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It´s not the same doctor, but so glad to hear about your experience. And yes thanks to beautiful Thailand, for excellent facilities for having a good vaccation as well!
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Myself and my daughter also went with Destination Beauty, i found them very very helpful, but i was not happy with the results of my procedures. We had Tummy tucks, breast desized, face lift, saggy fat arms removed. I loved my doc, and the staff, but as for the nurses that was a different story, i had never seen such inability to put on a banadage, every time they bandaged me it feel off, in the end my daughter had to do it and we had to continue to buy products to do so, because when i went back to complain about how the bandages were comming off all the time, thinking they would just reapply properly, i was shocked to find out i had to pay for that lol. Never mind. Anyhow, so mydelf and my daughter have lopsided bodies, as in, one side of our waist line is good after the tummy tuck but the right side on both of us is not, it sticks out and is very very obvious, so no not happy with that. My daughters tummy looks so bad compared to mine, but i must admit that i had had a tummy tuck over ten years ago here in Australia, so that helped. But her tummy tuck left her with this VERY DISTINCTIVE bubble of fat that just sits there, it dosnt really look like she had anything done, as for me, well i am also unhappy with mine, the reason is, is that when i had mine done here in Oz, i came out with a tummy tight and flat as an ironing board. It was like that woman on that tv show The Nanny. This time, i see no real difference, and when i sit down you still see rolls and it still feels flabby, so not happy. The face lift, well that too was bad, i now how one eye smaller then the other, because i also had my upper eyelids done to correct the lazy eyes. The actual face lift and neck lift seems ok, as in i look great and heaps younger, however, my cute little ears i had, are no ugly ears. The ear lobes have no curve anymore instead they are stuck onto my head and this now looks weird and gives the impression of long ears, yuk. The other complaint i have is that everything they tell you at the senimar, never happens, they told me how the face lift was going to be cut, and it said around the head and not in front of ears, and this was incorrect. The also said that if there were any problems that they would pay for our flight back there to fix it, pffff yeah right, like lets see this happen. never happened for us yet. AND lastly, they said that if you were prone to having issues with scaring, as in if you get this thing called keloid, then they were going can help you with this, that they would hit you with some kind of kemo so that this type of scaring did not happen, well i told them before that i scare like this, and i also retold the doctor about what was said to us at the senimar, so i assumed he would follow through with this, But it never happened, so i have the most ugliest huige scares on my inner arms, and this means that i can NEVER EVER wear any shirt that is not long sleeved. The scare is hideous and still can be seen if the shirt i wear is not longer then my elbow. even if i sit with my arms beside me, you can still see the top of the scare. I meet a woman who went to the doc in Phuket, she showed me her scares, they were not that good iether, but at least the position of the cuts was good, he had cut her in a position that allowed her to hid the scars most of the time. Breasts, well i now have nipples that are smaller which i like, i like the fact that i can still feel the sensations in my nipples, but...my nipples have been placed directly in line with my ears....have a look at yours. So what this means for me is that when i wear bras now, of which i have to, (cause i still have saggy breasts too, of which i didnt expect, but wont complain about that) my left nipple ALWAYS pops out or is seen, and the right nipple is sitting right on the line of the bra. The scars around my nipple and down to the undercarriage are good, but the cut under my breats, that is another story. I had Dr Pitchitt from Bangkok Hospital
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you are one funny storyteller! i have a few questions - did you have fat repositioning under your eyes? and what is the name of your doctor? (i'm terrified that i will be deformed. but i can't look much worse than i do now...) did you get your hat back?

i'd love to hear from you.
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I don´t think there was fatrepositioned. The name is dr Pitch and I must say again that I think he did his work very well. I did get my hat back, thank you. I wish you really good luck. I think the period after you get operation is a bit depressiv, just because it is a big change for your body. I feel better and better. Just ask all the questioons you can before.
Be well!
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Welcome to RealSelf, sphenoidbone, and thanks for sharing your story. I'm really sorry for all that you've been through. Do you have plans to talk to a local doctor about a revision or anything?

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Thanks Sharon, my eyes looks better now 5 weeks later, so I think I leave them as they are. Some say they are beautiful. The facelift started to look better too, but than I met a monkey, that wanted my hat and torn my face. The doctor was really sweet, gave me antibiotika and said that it would get better over time. So I just wait. I would not have done anything to the facelift, but now I will see how the monkey scars will develop. I have guitay wellbox facelift machine, that I am very happy about. And I was more thinking about getting a fraxel laser treatment again, because it really works well on me. Sweet person - thanks for your engagement.
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I'm so glad to hear you're doing better and that things are improving for you (besides the monkey attack -- that is so strange!).

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are you able to correct the doctor, as its the wrong one- dr pichet rodchareon works at bangkok plastic surgery clinic, not yahnee. he also doesn't work with destination beauty-so the wrong name is on this review. im guessing the person meant Dr Pichit Siriwan who works at yahnee and is a destination beauty surgeon who has a few negative reviews and id hate for my surgeons name be mixed up.
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It´s neither one of them. Dr Pitch Paiboonkasemsuthi is his name.
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Thanks for clarifying! I've corrected the doctor name in your review.
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