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I did research before I decided at age 55 to have...

I did research before I decided at age 55 to have a facelift. Having been in the medical field, not just anyone was putting a knife to my face. There are a number of plastic surgeons in our area, and some are less expensive, however "you get what you pay for". My plastic surgeon as far as I'm concerned is the very best.

The actual recovery time was about 2-3 weeks before I felt comfortable going out in public, however since we work out of our home that was not a problem for me.

My surgeon and his staff are the most caring and professional you will ever find. The facility is nationally known and we couldn't be prouder to have them in our area.

3 years later I am still getting comments such as, last night when a gentleman told me twice in less than 5 seconds that I looked great and no, he wasn't hitting on me!!! Remember, plastic surgery should look natural, and the only way people know that I have had anything done is when I choose to tell them. Anyone considering surgery should talk to past patients and see before and after pictures if they are willing to share, I know I am!


This sounds like an ad written by his staff
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Thank you for your write up! I would also really appreciate seeing before and after photos? did you have eye surgery in addition to the facelift? I am considering having a mini-lift with upper and lower eyelid surgery but am nervous about it! Thanks!
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Could I see your pictures? I am thinking about this Dr. I am glad you are happy. What are the procedures you had one? Thanks, Brooke

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