42 Y.o. Female - Good results with Lam Probe - Farmington Hills, MI

Yes, this procedure does hurt a bit (feels like a...

Yes, this procedure does hurt a bit (feels like a soldering iron is being used), but it's only for a few seconds and the results are almost instantaneous. I had a white bump on my chin for years that almost looked like a whitehead; was probably a fibroma, which took two treatments to get rid of completely. I'm so glad it's gone now! Also had some cherry angiomas removed and mystery bumps. Very happy with this procedure. Not sure why it's estimated cost on here is $725, though.


Which procedure did you have done exactly?
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I need to edit that; I thought I was commenting on the lam probe procedure.
Oh I'm not very familiar with that one- you can add an update to your review at anytime and add more info.  Was it for melasma?
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