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Face/Neck, Brow Lifts Plus Lower Bleph

So far, i am a bundle of obsessive nerves. Today...

So far, i am a bundle of obsessive nerves. Today is Sat. Surgery to happen next Thurs May 1 is my big day. This is my last weekend before the surgery. i am not having second thoughts. But i am feeling more anxious the closer it gets. I dont look forward to the bruising and swelling. i want it to go well with a smooth recovery. I pray for that and that i will be happy with the result. i hate to go thru surgery for this, but it is my best option
Will post more soon
This reply is to Linda --- on some parts I agree but when these doctors go into a field of medicine they know what they love to do --- yes a breast reconstruction will do a face lift -- is it what he loves to do -- no! I have worked with many plastic surgeons over 27 years and I can tell you there are the ones who love to do faces/noses and then the ones who love to do things below the neck. This is there passion. So, when Sharon picked her surgeon she picked one where his passion is in eyes, blephs, tear ducts, trauma to the orbital rim -- will he do faces of course -- is it his passion - no. His passion is in his main study -- oculoplasty surgery. Why would he do faces -- why not -- money! Do I think he will do a great job -- don't know -- probably --- better than someone who loves loves to do faces - that's the question
I will be thinking of you on Thursday!
Sharon you will be fine. My surgeon specialised in breast reconstruction and he has given me a great facelift. Just because someone specialises in one field doesn't mean they are not trained or experienced all round.

Nerves still continue

just one more day to go. Yes i am looking forward to getting this done. i've saved for it and waited a very long . But i am still scared and nervoud.

Please send positive thoughts and prayers for the surgery and for a good recovery
Thank you all
Your review states "not sure". How are you feeling now?
Surgery is done. Today is day 3. Feeling stronger. Lots of bruising under the eyes, some of which is from the brow lift. Thank you all for your good wishes. I am so glad it's over and now my nerves are settling down. Will post some more in the coming days and will add some photos.
Once you start to see the person in the mirror looking back is an improved version of yourself, your nerves will settle down and all the pain and anxiety will be forgotten. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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