My mother had extreme problems with spider veins...

My mother had extreme problems with spider veins that increased with age. I inherited the same traits and therefore wanted to tackle it before it got too bad to reverse. I did sclero three years ago at the age of 34 and was extremely pleased with the results. It hurts like heck when you're getting it done and the bruising for a week is aweful. But - the results are phenominal. I will continue on a 'maintenance' program every couple years for the rest of my life for sure. Highly recommended!


I'm 51 years old and was totally embarased to wear any short or dresses above my knee. I just finished my third treatment last friday. I'm beginning to see them fade. I'm willing to take as many treatment as needed, to me it is painless. The pain is wearing the stocking and was hoping for faster results! I paid 300.00 for both legs for each treatment.
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I had Sclerotherapy injection procedure done 4 years ago to remove spider veins on my legs. It didn't work. I went back several months later to "try again", and it still didn't work. Now I would like to try the new laser treatment but am nervous to shell out that much money for something that may not work. Does laser treatment for spider veins really work? I have allot to treat on both legs.
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I had fantastic (and nearly painless) results with Sclerotherapy and Cutera laser therapy at a vein specialist's office in Westchester, NY! I'm so glad I did it, and highly recommend it!

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