Upper and Lower Lids

I had this done upper and lower one month ago, my...

I had this done upper and lower one month ago, my eyes are still swollen, dry and irritated my lower lids protude from my eyeball and the dr says to MASSAGE IT... my eyes dont seal when i close them and im putting steroid drops in 2 times a day along w/gel drops. it feels like there is sand in my eyes all the time, dr says this is normal ARE YOU KIDDING would of been nice to know before going into this.

Would make sure you have a surgeon that is a specialist in this type of procedure, there out there to SELL SELL SELL...be very careful!


Also something I forgot to tell you is that using too many steroid drops can cause cataracts and glaucoma. Some people are "steroid responders" and the pressure in their eyes can really shoot up fast (glaucoma). To get cataracts though you have to use it for a long time. I know this because I have had bouts of UVeitis and have used a lot of steroid drops (even had steroid shots in my eye three times). Although the steroid drops I used(pred forte) is probably a lot stronger than the steroid drop your doctor has you on. I am not a steroid responder but you never know if you are until it happens.
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I forgot to mention in my previous post that there is a site I went to that has a message board for dry eye. It is full of information about dry eye. What works for one person might not work for the next. The site is Dry Eye Zone Talk. I don't know if they let us post links to other sites but I will post the link for you and take my chances. If they delete it just google the name.

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I have been through a lot with dry eye after my lower bleph back in aug 2008. I use gen-teal gel at night and Systane (the preservative-free vials) during the day, also keep them in the fridge, it really feels good when they are cold. I like the vials because you can contaminate a bottle pretty easily and the preservatives they put in them can worsen your dry eye if you are allergic to it. I recently found out that castor oil (cold pressed) feels REALLY good in the eye (you can get it at any vitamin shop really cheap). I bought a dropper with a bottle for my eye. There are a ton of uses for castor oil too, google it. It has been used for years for eye irritants. It is also an ingredient in Restasis. I have used Restasis but it burned bad and I gave up (after three months and trying it a 2nd time). Also use warm compresses as often as you can, they help a LOT (as well as massaging the upper and lower lid). I just had a revisionlower bleph (two weeks ago) and I haven't used the castor oil since the revision. I forgot to ask my doctor if it was safe to use it yet when I saw him tuesday but I did ask my Opthamologist before my bleph revision (who I see for my dry eye) and he said it was fine to use it. He also gave me a sample of Smoothe XP lubricating drops but to be honest, castor oil feels the best. I got to the point that I only used it at night and I didn't need anything during the day.
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