Eyelid Surgery Didn't Work. Still Have Moderate Puffiness

Love the way my upper eyes look now. Lower eyelids...

Love the way my upper eyes look now. Lower eyelids are still pretty puffy.

I did this surgery because I looked so tired. I was once a model and now look a lot older and tired then I am.

I had lower Blepharoplasty one and a half years ago. After the procedure the Doctor said there was little fat and didn't remove very much. He said the puffiness was muscle laxity and fluid. I still have moderate puffiness. The physician said I would need cheek implants and a mid-face lift to correct this. I cannot believe this is the only other treatment for me.

Could laser help? Something like Profractional laser? My eyelid puffiness very much inhibits me from being the person I once was.

Very thoughful and informed of potential furture problems.

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Same issue here! I have had 2 revisions on my lower eye. It's getting to be too expensive to have plastic surgery every few years when it only returns. I am now trying Lymphic Drainage. The massage leaves you feeling great if nothing else. I havn't had enough treatments yet to tell if it'll work but I'll let you know if it is helpful! If you have found any solutions please let me know!
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I have puffiness under my eyes that kind of looks like that. The puffiness under my eyes is pseudo-fat herniation and fluid retention from poor lymphatic drainage. The puffiness was caused by too much botox or misplaced botox in the crows feet area and particularly from a shot of botox under the lower eye lashes. I have puffiness under both eyes, but I only had the under lash shot on one side (left) and the puffiness is markedly worse under my left eye than under my right eye. Do you use botox? I would be disappointed if I had your level of puffiness after a bleph, so I am just wondering if you had considered that it might be caused by something else like botox. Just a thought. Cheers
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From your side profile, I can only see that you need your laugh line filled in with one of the available filler on the market. Without seeing your face entirely, I cannot say anything more. You look like you are in your early 40's and with the laugh line filled in you can pass for about 35.
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Here's another Doctor Q&A thread that lists some of the different treatments for tired/puffy eyes. Certainly not all will be right for you, but it should give you some ideas!

Tired eyes - how do I get rid of them?

Good luck!

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