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I didn't really have an undereye bag issue, but my...

I didn't really have an undereye bag issue, but my eyes tend to sink in a bit.  My doctor said that I didn't really have any fat to remove and he did not want to overdo otherwise I would look gaunt.  He did some lifting of the upper lid and lifted the lower a bit.  He made a good point that you do not want to lift too much from the lower lid because the lid could then turn out away from the eye. 

Overall, he did an excellent job!  I think that he was wise is advising me on being realistic about my expectations.  My eyes do look brighter, eye makeup does not melt off like it used to.  There was virtually no pain, whatsoever.  I just looked like a train hit me, but no pain.  Very easy recovery.  Just be realistic about your expectations; you're not going to have perfectly, pulled, 20 year old eyes....hey, we do age. 

Hello..I think your eyes look wonderful, and yes, you did have an honest and realistic doctor. I had a bad blepharoplasty 7 years ago. Upper and lowers done. Now I have worked up the courage to try and reverse some of the hollowness and round look this surgery left. I had almond eyes similar to yours. I've had some suggestions on here from other doctors, and most say I should get a canthopexy for under lids to pull eyes up and re-create the almond appearance. Also, with upper eyes, I fill time has allowed more skin to stretch and I'm thinking if I got slight lifting in that area along with fillers, it may improve my appearance greatly. My original surgery made me look years older than I did before I had it.Yours defiantly has lifted and brightened your face, plus doesn't sound that invasive. Could you please find out the medical terms used for your procedures and let me know? I would greatly appreciate, since I am now making appointment for consultations with both Plastic/reconstruction surgeons and Oculoplastic surgeons. Again great job...
No no! My pic above is before upper and lower bleph revision. I have a lot of make up on that pic! I did not post my current pic. I had excess skin on the left eye lid and a deep lower lid pocket which started to bother me. My procedure was done on July 1st and I am still bruised and the scars are still red. It will take time. I will post the newer pics later.
I agree w you on the fact we age. I am a little bit scared of my looks right now but I am on day 7 recovery so I will be patient "one day at a time":)
Dr. Uday Devgan

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