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I live in Florida. I had a friend that live in...

I live in Florida. I had a friend that live in houston and told me about this doc in houston. He was well known in the vietnamese community and had performed many eye surgeries. Because I am asian, i figured he would be a good doc for me. I had the eye lid surgery done back in 12/07. I thought that was he worst experience ever. My left eye had a big scar and did not fold. I had one big right eye and a small left eye with a large scar from where the doc overlap my eye tissue. I called many different doc in florida and they told me to go back to him. They didn't want to fix another doc's mistake. I called the doc in houston and he told me that i would have to wait at least 6 month until he could performed surgery on me again. As time passed, my left eye had developed a folded. However, the fold was not the actual surgery fold but right aboved it. I was able to hide the defect and scarring with with eye makeup. Now 6 month later, i still wanted the eye redone due to the scarring and abnormal fold. Even though many people couldn't tell anymore, i still wanted my eye fixed. i didn't want to have to wear eye makeup every day. I went back to Dr Vu and he was willing to fix it. Well, before we actually went back to the surgery room he informed me that i need the lower eye done too. i had large baggs that needed to be removed. I was told the lower eye was not intense and will heal within a week. I remembered my mom talking about that too and hers heal within a week. Since i am taking off 2 week for the surgery anyways and that should heal within a week, i told him to go ahead and performed the surgery. OMG, that is the worst decision i had ever made in my life. I am no longer worrying about the top lid but now the bottom. I have permanent eye liner done. On the right eye, my eye liner is half way cover and has this pulling appearance. I can see the white part of my eye from the pulling. Whereas, my left eye (that had the top and bottom surgery) is so small. My permanent eye line on left eye is all there and the tissue that he cut is lumpy and and uneven. It has been a week and 3 days now and the lower is not healed at all. I had the desolvable stitches but in this time. The last time I had to removed the sticthes myself and i was told to removed it about 6- 7 days. So yesterday, i started to removed and cut away the dry up sticthes but surgery areas is not healed and now open. My doctor is in houston. What do i do now. Im so scared. Not only my eyes are different now but again i have this scar on my eye. i am going in depression right now. i have only a few day until i have to go back to work. What should i do?


I was shocked reading your story. You had my deepest sympathy. I have heard of {edited} for a long time with his extensive advertising in the Paris By Night shows. His wife always shows off as a "proof" to his good works. I hope your symtoms will be better as it heals. If thing does not improve after 6 months, you should consider going to another doctor in your area for a second opinion. Please be sure to proceed with cautions if you decide to fix anything and check the doctor credential carefully. You may want to contact {edited} and let him know your disatisfaction. Don't let him get away with a poor job. Your comment here will save a lot of people not to choose him. Editor note: If you would like to review your experience with a particular provider or clinic, please write your treatment review and enter the provider or clinic name in the field provided.
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I'm just sorry you are going through this. I know you went to other doctors but, if I was you, I was do two things... 1) Wait. It's still new so wait to see how the body heals (by the way, I have a botched eye job too so I know how hard it is to wait) 2) Go to another doctor. I know you tried that but you need another opinion. Stay hopeful.
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vietnamese doctor in houston, Dr. Ban Vu from Bich Ngoc

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