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Eye Floaters After Facial IPL

I was enthusiastic for good results. but, i did...

i was enthusiastic for good results. but, i did not expect to compromise my eyesight. the floaters are extremely bothersome and i worry they might be indicative of a laser burn.

has anyone else incurred eye floaters from facial laser, IPL or photofacial?


need 2 start a lawsuit. had tripollar rf and my eyes r beet red and lids look wierd. eye docs deny the connection. conductive keratoplasty (ck) uses rf 2 shrink cornea, which contains collagen.
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Found and article about floaters after lasers used on the skin:

It's real and represents damage.
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I have terrible eye floaters after IPL + Radiofrequency (fotofacial aka triniti treatment from Syneron's Emax machine). I have eye pain as well. I never had floaters before. They are like clear jelly pieces all over my vision. IPL is dangerous around the eyes. There are reports of iris ablation after IPL. Eyes should always be very protected when near IPL. I really don't think the little paper shields are enough.
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