Extremely Disatisfied

I had the Lifestyle lift Jan 07 and a chin implant...

I had the Lifestyle lift Jan 07 and a chin implant. I am 52 years old. I was told by the surgeon that a chin implant would help hold things up. I looked great for the first two weeks. Once the swelling subsided, my jowls came back and so did my wrinkles. No one noticed anything different, not even my family. I was left with bad scarring behind the ears. The surgeon did offer intense pulsating light therapy for the scarring at no charge. I had 4 treatments and it did help, but it was extremely painful. This procedure was definately not worth the pain and discomfort and I would not recommend it for anyone.
I had liftstyle the end of 2012. In Mt. Pleasant SC. Eyes & neck. I have had trouble with eyes not closing all the way so they dry out. Also one side of my neck is still pretty swollen from scar tissue. Both of my ears afterwards super sensitive to this day! In some aspects I look better. But still hide behide glasses & hair! Not sure how many months it takes but I am still sore! Amelia
I too am wanting to know who the MD is that did your procedure and want to know if you still feel the same about it as you did when you posted your comment.
I am considering this procedure in Charleston, SC who was md you were dissatisfied with please.
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