Extremely Disappointed

Had Radiesse in cheeks and under eyes 5 months ago...

Had Radiesse in cheeks and under eyes 5 months ago. Looked great when I first got it. Loved it. Now, 5 months later, it looks just like it did before I had Radiesse. I am angry I wasted my money. Was told it would last 1-2 years. NO WAY.


I had Juvederm injected in n/l and above lip area in October 2010 (1 vial) and Radiesse injected to lift cheeks (2 vials) in November 2010. It is now February, 2011 and the Juvederm is still working but the Radiesse is GONE!!! All that money, GONE!!! The plastic surgeon said that my body just doesn't do well with Radiesse, maybe I should use the Juvederm in the cheek area since I do better with that than the Radiesse, but she didn't offer to "fix" my problem at no cost to me. I was told it would last at least a year. LIES!!! Maybe I should have gone to a dermatologist.
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Forget radiesse....too many say it doesn't last. What about Artefill..I hear it is the best.. anyone out there tried it yet?
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i had artefill injected last month in my folds on either side of my nose. Huge difference. I did it because it's supposed to last at least 5 years. I was charged $1,000 per syringe and i needed 3 total. If it lasts 5 years, i would do it again
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