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A transformation from the outside...IN! Definitely WORTH IT! :) - Exton, PA

I have 4 little boys under the age of 4! (I had...

I have 4 little boys under the age of 4! (I had twin boys first!) With having had 3 c-sections & lost ALL the baby weight and then some, I was left with this horrible wrinkly skin PLUS an umbilical hernia! :/ I didn't have much separation of the abdominals, but the stretched skin just would NOT go back (no matter how much I exercised & ate well!)
As I've gotten older, I've really appreciated the importance of feeling GOOD about yourself as a mommy! It's SO important. So the decision to have a tummy tuck was easy. I needed it. I deserved it. heck, I EARNED it :)

A year before, I actually had breast augmentation by the same doctor. What a life changing experience that was! I'll have to write a review for that on here too!

There's nothing but PRO'S to this kind of surgery bc those that are considering, most likely are excellent candidates for it! And you've either sacrificed your body for bringing your kids into this world OR you've lost a TON of weight. So for either of those reasons, you should be proud! :)

The cons- Well its an expense. Period. But what it gives you back, is something that money just can't buy!

And of course there is discomfort with this surgery. Some people have more than others. But if you keep positive and remember that if you are just patient, you'll see the results that you've been wanting all along! Recovery takes time, and so does healing!

The discomfort is only TEMPORARY! The reward is FOREVER!

I'm currently 1 week post op!! My experience has been much EASIER than I ever expected. In my opinion, the c-sections caused me more abdominal pain than this tummy tuck. I was walking around when I got home from the surgery, then rested/slept. I was sore/tight, but nothing I couldn't handle. I stopped taking the percocet that was given to me after day 1! I don't like how I feel on them! So i just took 600mg of ibprofen for another day. Then by day 3, I wasn't taking anything. I don't know, maybe I'm just tough or something? but I mean, I expected to be in discomfort. So I listened to my body and if it hurt, I didn't do it. But I also am the type of person, who handles surgery really well. I don't push my body but I also can't just sit in bed all day either.

My drains came out on Tue., so that was day 4. I had 2 drains, they were ANNOYING! My back hurt more than my belly actually, from being hunched over all the time! My doc finally told me that I didn't have to walk around like that, if it felt ok to stand up a little straighter. haha so that helped!

Constipation of course came with taking pain meds. Even though it was just for a day! ugh! So I bulked up on my fiber, prunes are a beautiful thing!

Bc of the thinness in my original belly button skin, when he pulled the skin down tight, the skin at the bottom of my belly was REALLY wrinkled still. And I didn't have enough fat under that skin, to keep that skin smooth and not caved in. If that makes sense? So if he were to just suture that skin into my incision, I would've been left with a lower belly of wrinkly skin and it would've sunk in a little bit too. NOT pretty. So to keep my hip to hip incision low, he had to cut that wrinkly skin part out! which in turn left me with a vertical scar.

The scar will heal and fade and I know he did what he felt would give me the best result. I trust him. The last thing I'd want to see is a caved in, wrinkly portion of my lower belly, when all I wanted was a tighter belly!

He could only pull my skin down so far, and I would've hated to have a hip to hip scar that was right below my belly button or something! So I'll deal with the vertical scar. :)

My plan for scar treatment is to keep surgical tape on it, for about a month. Then I plan to use the silicone sheets for the recommended 3 months that the company suggests. I've read good reviews on them! Anyone else?

Feel free to ask me questions! I'd love to help anyone who's considering this or is scheduled to have a TT soon!
Way to go in taking a step towards feeling better & more confident about yourself!!


Bridge- ok awesome! Can't wait to see! Talk soon! :)
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Ok my profile will be posted tomorrow. I set it all up but has to be approved. Have a good night.
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Yes I totally agree with you! My belly was saggy, loose skin from my two 80lb pregnancy weight gains. My children are 8 years apart..the second one really did me lol! I will have to set up a profile. I'm new to all of this & I'll post pics too. So far I am happy with my incisions especially the thin vertical one. Looks better every day. The horizontal on is ok..I'm nervous I am going to have dog ears :( it's looking that way but we shall see. PS said she woud def take care of that if need be. Well stay tuned for my pics.
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Photo Update

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Ok so I just posted 1 week post op pics! I...

Ok so I just posted 1 week post op pics! I survived the first week!! haha it actually wasn't bad at all. I stopped wearing my binder, a few days ago bc it was becoming more annoying than helpful. My PS said that wearing the binder was for MY comfort, it wasn't medically necessary, nor has it been proven to help with swelling or healing. Which is true and some PS have their own take on the binder thing. But I didn't feel like I needed that support, I actually feel better with it off.
After reading through other people's reviews on here, I must say that I didn't do any of the preparations that you all did, nor am I doing anything different post op either. I eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids and if it hurts, I don't do it! That's it! So I think how you prepare and take care of yourself before and after, really just depends on what makes YOU feel better. There are no particular "rules" for any of this. And everyone deals with this kind of surgery differently.
I'm still sleeping on my back, slightly elevated. But I noticed it didn't feel uncomfortable to lay on my side now either. So maybe I'll start trying to lay on my side, since I sleep better that way.
Still really swollen, which has increased since the drains have been out. But I read, that's normal too.
It's so discouraging looking at my week 1 pics though. Seeing the swelling, not fitting into any of my jeans really, the dog ears that I may or may not have later, just stare at me when I look at them. lol I know these are all normal occurrences and feelings, so I'm just trying to remember that this is only week 1!!! And I still have so much healing time to go! And what needs to be revised, will be revised. My PS is totally dedicated to making sure we get the best result possible. And some things, like dog ears, just happen. I'm just an impatient person, so this is really testing me! :)
But I've been driving and doing my normal things around the house within reason. Not lifting things or the baby too much. (I have a 7mth old.)
I feel great! :)

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Hey you lookin great so far. If you have swelling now imagine how much better it will get once that's gone, eh? When I have my procedure on April 4 my youngest will be 6 months. Gosh, I feel better . . . I thought I was the only one having this procedure done with a baby around this age! All the best!
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hey i noticed you have a incision below your belly button...or is it not? i have one just like it actually looks worse than yours. is that normal?
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Hi there! Yes you're right, its a vertical incision. And I just checked out your pics and you have one as well. It's not typical in your standard tummy tuck. But sometimes when you have so much wrinkly skin, and/or you have wrinkly skin but not enough fat behind it to help make it look smooth or even, once pulled down super tight....the PS has to cut that area out and in turn pulls it tight together in giving you a vertical incision as well. For me, if he would've left that skin the way it was, even after being pulled down tight and sutured it shut in my hip to hip scar, the skin below my belly button was still thin/wrinkly and sunken in (bc I didn't have enough fat there to fill it out. If that makes any sense? That's how he explained it to me anyway. He did what he felt was necessary and we'd discussed the possibility of that before hand as well. Bc you never know how far your original belly button will be able to be pulled down, until you're on the table. So that seems like what happened in your case as well. You must've had extra skin there, even after he pulled you tight. Do you have scabs over your incision? Is that why they look so dark? Or is that just how you're healing. Give it time, it'll get better!!

Day 11- Post op. Still feeling great despite...

Day 11- Post op.
Still feeling great despite feeling like I look like I GAINED weight, with all this swelling!!
And then I stare at my tummy and my mind goes crazy with questions!
I honestly think my tummy looked better at day 5, then it does now. Regarding how flat it was at day 5!
Is this a normal occurrence? Are these feelings normal? Am I just being impatient?


Oh sounds so familiar. I said the same thing week two. I was so upset every time I got on the scale..I'm an every day weigher always have been. But finally I'm a pound down from my pre op weight yay!! Hang in there girl..it will get better every day. You will see.
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Omg Bridg, thank you for writing this. If you could see me, you'd hear me breathe a big "sigh" of relief. :)
Ok umm yes, yes and yes. Well I HATE the scale personally but I do find myself on it every couple of days, just to make sure I'm where I want to be. Especially w/ just having a baby and all. But I seriously see the scale jump up then down then up again. And of course I can't workout or be as active as I'm used to, so I feel like an oompa-loompa. :/ It's refreshing to know that you felt the same way. I may need to re-read your post over and over until this gets better :) Thank you!
you look great!! have you tried arnica tablets for the swelling?
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Post op day 12- So last night I was in tears...

Post op day 12- So last night I was in tears because the swelling was so bad, I literally looked like I had a tire around my midsection!
Then I woke up this morning and magically the swelling reduced and I looked so much better! I still am very swollen but this really gave me so much hope that once all the swelling is totally gone, I'm going to look awesome!


how are you feeling today! just thought id stop by your page and say hello and hope all is well!
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Wow,your tummy looks great! Bet you love the new belly button! Congrats. (hugs)
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Thanks!! It's getting there....some days are better than others! I hate the waiting game!! And this belly button is so much better than that hernia belly button i had! haha thank God that's gone! :) Saw your update, hope you're feeling better!!

I made it! 2 weeks post op yesterday! Definitely...

I made it! 2 weeks post op yesterday! Definitely seeing a change in tightness and mobility. I can lay on my side now without feeling like I'm ripping something! My scar itches here and there, which is annoying. Still just using the Hypofix tape on my scar. I've been taking Arnica tablets and I think its really reduced some of my swelling (Hylands- Bumps & Bruises) . My tummy still feels numb and hard but its softening up top. I know I'm still pretty swollen, bc I can feel it, even though my friends think it doesn't look swollen!? It gets worse at the end of the day of course.
And I've worn my binder here and there too, makes me feel like its helping the swelling issue. Not really sure if it is though, lol.
I did take pics of my scar, which I'm so thankful I heal so well! It still has a ways to go but its looking so much better! I'll post those soon!
Lastly- this is a strange question, but did anyone feel random twitches or movement of some kind during recovery? I can almost associate it with the way it felt when a baby was kicking me! haha crazy I know, but I was like, what was that? Is that a muscle spasm? Its lower, near my incision almost. Please tell me I'm not crazy!??? ;)


What are you using on your scar? Just getting some ideas of what to use and where to buy it at. Someone said bio oil, vitamin E and silicone sheets. Yikes so many choices. Don't know which one to go with.
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Saw you new pics! Looks fantastic :D
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Thanks so much! It's getting there...:) I can't wait to workout!!!!!!

Photo Update

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Oh I love your name..its so pretty!! Im sure just as pretty as you are.And haha yes you guessed it..Bridget is teh name. Maybe when I get my butt back inshape/gear I'll take some sexy pics like taht for my man! He would love it lol! Bet you have some gorgeous shots of all them baby boys u got too! Thats so awesome :D

Oh and about how tough we are on ourselves omg couldnt be more true! The minute we push those babies out we are already thinking about dieting/execising..when we will fit in our pre preg clothes blah,blah,blah we are our own worst critic!!
When my PS said to me "Oh and congratulations on losing all that weight)! It hit me..damn right girl lol! I lost 70 pounds..christ! Still am looking to lose ehh 3-5 but im not getting crazy! I dont know if I will ever get back to my norm of 115 but thats ok I just looking to tone now

Ps: Miami sounds soooooooooo good right about NOW!!!
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mamma and bridge = we are in the same boat with the vertical scar and wanting to wear a bikini. I am driving myself crazy trying to read about the best scar therapy. I read a post on here that the realself doctors didn't like mederma. Some are saying this bio oil, biodermis.com strips which is silicone sheeting strips, UGH!! I am even googled what is the best and they gave a list from superior to poor and it was expensive the good stuff they said. Well, right now I am only using bio oil which I got at the Walgreens. I didn't see my dr. but another one at my last visit and he was not giving my any good ideas because he was in a rush to get to the next patient. I want to start now before it gets too late. Mamma that is a great pic. Hopefully, we can burn our tankinis and hello 2 piece.
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Mommy-If you spoke to 5 diff PS, they all would prob say a diff thing about scar therapy. lol so sadly, you prob won't have much luck asking one. It's prob just a trial and error kind of thing. It's super frustrating bc you have no idea what is BEST?
Not a good sign when a doc is rushing you, btw. Maybe you shouldn't see him again. Its always good to start treating your scar as soon as you can, but you're only 5 wks PO, so its not like the clock is ticking! Did you look into Scar Away?
And about my pic...haha thanks!! ;)
I will happily say goodbye to anything that covers my tummy! Its like swimming w/ clothes on! Yuck!

4 weeks post op!!! Just posted some new pics and I...

4 weeks post op!!! Just posted some new pics and I feel AMAZING!! My scars are healing great, I've noticed a dramatic difference in swelling. During the day I don't feel any and at night time sometime's I swell a little. I'm going to start working out soon and I can't wait! I was using medical tape over my scar but somehow got a little infection so I had to stop wearing it and be on antibiotics. It cleared up and healed just fine! The tape just irritates my skin, so I started using silicone sheets! Just started yesterday, so we'll see how that goes! I have noticed within the past few days that my scar is more red. But from what my girl Bridget's PS said, I guess that's normal ;) Hopefully the silicone will help with that.
Most of my numbness is gone too! I totally feel like my normal self and its wonderful!! The little dog ears have smoothed out a lot, still there, but I have to be patient. Other than that....what a difference a few weeks make!!! Be patient girls.....its worth it! I can't wait to see my tummy at 3 months!!! :)

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You look AMAZING!! You look like the swelling is completely gone. What compression garment did you use?
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Aww you're sweet, I appreciate that, thank you! Yeah such a difference in swelling from a week or two ago! I still get swollen at night time, but definitely not as bad as I used to! I took Arnica tablets for 2 weeks and that really helped me during the "swell hell" times! And I only used my binder that they gave me after surgery, for 1 week. I didn't really feel like I needed the "support" and there's no research that proves that it helps w/ swelling/healing. It's really a personal choice for comfort. (words from my PS) so he gave me a choice in wearing it or not. it kept riding up and it was annoying, lol. So I haven't worn one since! And I haven't done anything for my scar until now, I just started silicone sheets yesterday, so we'll see if that helps!
btw just checked out your pics...you look great! Congrats!


Well, after much research, I have ordered the Scar FX silicone belt. You have to wear it 12 hours. It may be a pain but it got the best reviews. I read that the sheets fall off easy plus I am still wearing my binder. Does anyone massage their scar? I was told I should be doing that but I can't touch it because it feels too weird. LOL
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You'll have to tell me what you think of the belt! I've been wearing the Scar Fade silicone sheets, and they're ok. I just hate having to take them off and wash them/dry them. Plus you're right, the sheets tend to peel up once you are moving around in your clothes. My pants rub on them. So I'm constantly checking to make sure they are staying down. And no I don't massage my scar. lol I was never told to do so and I did hear on this site, people massaging theirs. My scar is flat, so I'm concerned with that. I just want my little dog ear to go away and the scar to FADE. :)
So ur a picker huh..nice! Well I'm obviously not bc I would of pulled that one lone stitch out a long time ago if I was. I thought it was a scab and would eventually fall off. Picker with my kids and patients yes ha!
Alright, alright again you are right grrrrr :)
I will see what PS says. She said shes not going to address them until I am 3 months post op. Im just a nut case.
Yes I hear you can even use just plain ol vaseline too. I have mederma so I'm just using that all up. Didnt you do any scar massaging with ur BA? Im doing those as well just so no bad scar tissue developes.
Gotta love the DVR! Im so behind w/ my shows too!! Im so super excited you watch Bravo! How bout Andy Cohen..guys a riot!
TAmara was funnt talking about vaginal rujuvenation. That should be included with a MM lmao!
Bet she had a tt you see her in a bikini..please!
RHWofPhilly lets talk to Andy about this one!
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6 week post op pics are posted! I feel amazing!...

6 week post op pics are posted! I feel amazing! Despite my annoyance w/ my silicone strips & the little dog ear on my right hip...I'm incredibly happy w/ my tummy! My scars have reddened over the past week or so..but I've heard that's normal.
Went for a run last night and it felt so good!! I kept looking down, in fear of my previous wrinkly skin being shown if my shirt lifted up...and then I realized that I don't have that issue anymore!! haha its crazy but I do find myself still thinking that I have saggy skin, until I look down realize I don't!! :)
As for scar treatment, I was using the silicone strips but now they aren't sticking as well (even though I've followed the instructions and washed them daily) and my jeans rub on them, causing them to lift too! So I stopped that and now just massage Bio Oil on it a few times a day. I don't have time for anything else. lol
The Bio Oil is awesome, smells great and not greasy! It makes my skin SO soft!
So it's coming along and I couldn't be happier! Hope all of you are doing well in your recoveries!! :)


called Makemeheal and they will refund me the belt. I like the two small epi-derm strips for my vertical scar they sent along with the belt. I didn't have a reaction to them. They only last one week so $29.00 a week is ridiculous. I like I am going to order the large sheet and cut it up but it is $89.00 and last a month or more. They offered me the Kelocote 15 oz tube for $37.99. Is your bottle 15 oz?
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Glad they are working with you! And yes the tube I ordered was the 15 oz or something!? Lol
By the way, HAPPY BUNNY DAY!!!
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8 weeks post op!!! I've started running...

8 weeks post op!!!
I've started running again & working out! I actually started 2 weeks ago but this past week I working out harder. Randomly, but whenever I can go for a run or do a workout video I will! These little boys leave no time for letting mommy do anything! ugh! lol
I even started doing some ab exercises and it felt great! No crunches really, just more pilates inspired things to strengthen my core! Plus running hills works your abs great too!
I'm waiting on my Kelo-cote, to start that on my scar. Otherwise I just try to put BioOil on it from time to time, but sometimes i forget.
There is a dark little mark at the top of my vertical scar, which my PS will have to remove. It's actually a left over spot from where the top of my belly piercing was! Eww! So it may make my vertical a little bit longer, but even when looking at my 6 wk pics, my scar has gotten LESS red! So that's fantastic! I think it will fade nicely with time!
Hope all of you are feeling well & recovering beautifully!!


bridge let me know how the dermablend works out for you. Have a great time in Jamaica, You look great!!!
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check out my bikini pics. Do you think I can get away with wearing a bikini? be honest. I need to lose some weight.
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mamas you are getting your vertical scar revised. Can they do that??
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3 months post op!! Can't believe I'm...

3 months post op!!
Can't believe I'm finally here, it seems like forever ago that I got my TT. But I have to say, its the best thing (aside from getting my boobies done) that I've EVER done for myself!
My scar is doing ok...hasn't really lightened up any. The redness is going away I think though. My dog ears have really changed since I last updated here a month ago. They're starting to smooth out more, not completely gone on the right side, but better!
I just wish the scars would LIGHTEN! I'm not diligent with scar treatments, bc I'm a pretty busy mama, but I try to put my Scar Away Silicone gel stuff on it at nighttime when I remember.
I do have quite a bit of numbness below my belly button towards my scar. But it doesn't bother me much.
Other than that...now I just need to start sculpting these abs!! :)
Oh and I'm finally in a BIKINI!!! That is just an amazing accomplishment in itself! :)


I can't believe how well the op worked! U look absolutely stunning! =) Ive been thinking about this surgery for a while now, I hav had 2 children. (Bother being over 10lbs) I am only 5ft 4 & weigh 50kg so u can only imagine how my belly looks like atm! I am worried that I may not get such good results as yourself as I hav quite a gap & a hernia too. The 'wrinkles' also extend a lot more above my belly button & outer hips as to what yours use to.. once again u look fabulous! =D
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One word amazing.. Ur such an insperation :) im going in for breast aug in nine weeks and hope to have a tummy tuck maybe next year.. All the best and congrats
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Aww thank you!! That was very sweet! Congrats to you on the upcoming surgery! I'm sure it will go well and you'll look and feel incredible! :)

Hi ladies! So I haven't been on here in a LONG...

Hi ladies! So I haven't been on here in a LONG time! Raising 4 little boys just has taken up every ounce of my time! But I wanted to post an update & let you all see my recovery this far out.
I am almost 7 months post op from my Tummy Tuck & 4 1/2 months post op from my Breast Lift/Revision.
I still swell a little bit after I work out in my tummy but I know that will eventually go away. My incisions from my breast lift are still red at times and I've had a few instances where part of it opened up a little bit (like a little cyst or something). My PS thinks for whatever reason, my body is just not breaking down the sutures internally. So occasionally they have gotten infected. Nothing major, just need neosporin & a bandaid but it's still annoying. Hopefully that doesn't continue.
Other than that, all is well. My TT scar has faded some, but is still noticeable. I only use BioOil on occasion, when I can remember to massage it.
I still have some numbness near my scar in spots, even near my belly button & its still kinda hard in a way too. I really need to massage my belly more, it's supposed to help break up that scar tissue!
I feel amazing & it still was the best thing I could've done for myself! :)


You look wonderful! This makes me even more excited. I have a question. Why did you wait 3 months before working on your breast? Was that suggested by your PS?
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Aww thank you Selah! Well the only reason why I waited to have my breasts redone was because the surgery center where my PS operates, only allows a max time of 4hrs per surgery. I could've went to the hospital and had both done but the price would've been much higher. So I opted to do them separately. And it was actually 8 wks post op from my TT I think, that I got my boobies done! It was just when I felt like I could handle another surgery! It was nice to heal one part of my body at a time though, especially since I have 4 little boys and only my husband to help me. I had no option of resting or having "healing time". So it just worked for me :)
Hi, mamas4boys,
looking at your pics, you look amazing. I've got 2 kids and am planning to do a TT after my third pregnancy. I'm also considering a breast lift, with or without augmentation. I need your advice - You say that you're a runner. Do your "bigger boobies" get in the way when you run? I've heard some girls complain about that. I'd really like to continue running after the procedure, but I don't want to feel sore or as if something is "dragging me down". What is your opinion?
I hope your belly heals nicely & thanks for your answer,
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West Chester Plastic Surgeon

Dr. H is one of those surgeon's that really takes the time with each of his patients. He's connected. He's involved. And that's what stands him apart. You aren't just another number. His confidence in his work, truly radiates through him. Which in turn, makes you feel more comfortable. You'll meet surgeons that just want as many procedures on the table as possible, they make more money that way right!? Dr. H isn't one of those surgeons. He wants to help you decide what procedure is right for YOU! And also what procedure isn't right or perhaps ones that you don't need as well. He's done my breast augmentation & now my tummy tuck. And I can say, with confidence, that you WILL have a wonderful experience with him during your cosmetic surgery journey. Feel free to ask ME about him or even my experiences with him. I know how scary it can be to find the "right" surgeon. How do you know he/she is the right one? There's no specific answer for that, its just something you feel in your gut. And for me, I just knew. And since then, a lot of my friends have felt the same way about him too! :)

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