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20 Yrs Old, small A to 344 CC & revision to 470 CC

Hi everyone! So I'm getting my BA on Dec. 17th!...

Hi everyone!

So I'm getting my BA on Dec. 17th! I'm super excited, but somewhat nervous. I'm obviously pretty young (20 years old), but have wanted to do this since middle school, literally! (As crazy as that sounds.) I finally decided within the past year that I wanted to do it for sure, and contacted a PS.

I have had a previous PS procedure, I got my nose fixed when I was 17. Great decision and experience, my PS for that, Dr. Dolksy in PA did an amazing job, but he retired recently! Therefore, I decided to contact someone my parents know.

I've had two appointments with Dr. Kim in Exton, PA. One was the consultation and one was to make final decisions and get my scripts. Both have been great, and I decided I'm going from a small A to a full C (350-400 cc's). He is using a wider implant to make sure that I don't get the "gap" that some women get when they get their BA's.

Any person that has any questions or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I am not too worried about the pain, but how is the healing? I know you have to do massages, what has been your experiences with them? (Painful, annoying, how long did you do it for, etc.)?

Thanks so much, all! I'll keep you updated.

So excited, but nervous...

So my surgery is less than a month away. I am so excited, but so nervous. I know there can be a lot of complications with breast implants, even though people rarely talk about them. Has anyone on here had complications that they can talk about from experience?

Also... I know a lot of people are like, you're so young to be doing this... but I'm in my prime! I don't mean to offend anyone, but this is the time of my life I want to look really good. Of course, I understand why other people do it after pregnancy or when they are older, but I really want to get it now. I have wanted this for a while. I have done a lot of research, too... this isn't an overnight decision I made. I know a lot of people say to look at the explant section, which I have, but I still think it will be worth it in the end.

I also talked to my doctor and made it clear that I don't want that big "gap" in between that a lot of women get with breast implants, especially skinnier women. He's doing a wider implant to make sure that this does not happen.

I am also adding some before pictures, since one person asked. I am adding some wish pictures, too.

Question about healing time & work...

So, I go to college right now and I just got a little side job at Panera Bread to have some extra money since this surgery drained me practically lol. Two weeks after my surgery I will be back at work... And obviously it's a very high pace high movement environment. My question is whether I will be able to lift things up or not by then. What do you guys think? I was not worried at all, but some people have said they still have a significant amount of pain at two weeks when moving too much. Responses are very appreciated :)

Changed my mind about implant profile & size.....

Hope everyone is doing swell! So, I talked to my doctor again today and I told him I wanted to go bigger-- 400-425CC. He told me that with my frame and size, the 400-425 CC would look like Dolly Parton size!! Lol, too big! So let's just say I'm back to 350-375CC. I am also changing from mod+ to High Profile silicone implants because he thinks it will look much better, and I do also. I would rather risk having a lil gap than not gettin the look I want. What's everyone think?? I'm really excited and I know he's a great plastic surgeon and will choose the best to get me the look I want!

One week away... Wow nervous & excited

Can't believe my BA is one week away! Ahhhh. So excited, but so nervous. I have finals and work this week, so I haven't been able to think about it that much. When I have time to think about it, though, I get super excited but then I really wonder if I am making the right decision. I know I really want this, but I wonder if I would ever regret it... That's the only part I fear.

Any advice people can give me about preparing a week away mentally & physically? My doc told me medications to avoid and the basics.

OMFG... it's tomorrow

Sooooooo... I'm starting to get really excited & also freak out a tiny bit because tomorrow's the big day... ah!!

It's supposed to snow tomorrow morning, so my mom is taking me up to the hotel we're staying at tonight (since the surgery center is about 2 hours from my home!)

Can't eat after 12, obviously. Super nervous. aH!

Done & over with! Yay!

Hi guys!

So, I'm done! I got to the surgery center at about 9:30am and signed some papers and paid more. Then, they took me back and put the IV in with hydration and changed into a gown and what not. The PS came in and marked me up and then the anesthesiologist made me sign more papers. Then, I was being rolled into OR and he gave me a small shot of something and then when I got there they set me all up... And then he out oxygen on me and then the sedation! I slowly went out, and next thing I knew they were like moving me around and I think I woke up a little too soon cause they sounded panicked and were like saying well give you more stuff. Then, they rolled me into the recovery room and the nurse was really nice and I was only there for about a half hour. She offered me some morphine or codeine and I just took the codeine.

It basically just feels like A LOT of pressure. It hurts really bad getting up and down, like burns and sore. Other than that, it's really not bad... Nothing unbearable and I haven't been moving around at all really because of the pain when I get up. They have me wrapped in an ace bandage and my dressings will be changed tomorrow morning and then I can go home! (I'm stayin at a bed and breakfast right now.)

I'll post pics & stay updated. Thanks for the love, everyone! Xx

Day 3, feeling actually fine....

Soooo this morning, woke up and it was hard to get out of bed... But that's about it. After I started moving around I wasn't in pain, it's just a bit hard to move around. I left the bed and breakfast with my mom and went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then to the PS I went!

The plastic surgeon said again that I did great and took off my ace bandages! He gave me a strap to push my boobs down, and I haven't been in pain at all... I can't believe it. Just when I get up and down really and it's not so bad. I may be worse tomorrow or soon, but well see! He said I could switch to Tylenol already tonight or tomorrow! I go back before New Years in order to check how they're doing and he will teach me massages then!!! I'll keep posting pics. If anyone has any questions, let me know. So far, this has been easier than my wisdom teeth, my nose job, and even when I got a small small tumor out of my boob. I'm sure I'm
Speaking too soon, though! XX.

MY bad! I meant day 2 before lol.... And here's more pics

More pics

Still feeling pretty good, update ....

I went to bed last night and was able to sleep better than normal, and more horizontally than usual (with less pillows). It is a lot less painful to get up and down now, with each day becoming easier and easier. I've only taken one full shower and that was yesterday... and agh, I kept feeling like I was gonna faint! I don't know why, nothing was painful or anything.... just the thought was making me queazy and all. Every time I take my sports bra and band off, it feels like my boobs are gonna fall right off! The feeling makes me so light-headed and uncomfortable... is this normal?!

Other than that, I just get really stiff sometimes... but that's about it. Nothing really has ever HURT. I've felt like this was a breeze so far, it's weird. Like definitely uncomfortable, but that's the worst word I think I would use to describe my pain. The only times I had legit "pain" has been getting up and down, like I said. I also only went 344 CC's because that's all he could fit, so maybe that's why? I hope they start dropping and coming together soon and start to look normal and full. Right now they still look stiff and weird. I'll try to take more pics, but they haven't changed at all really.

Today's been great

Minimal pain, sore and stiff at most... Can't believe how well I am healing! My boobs are finally looking a little more normal as opposed to the first pictures I posted... So I will post more! I hope they will look even better as time goes on... But we'll see. Today is the first day I have consumed alcohol, but I have smoked weed since 2 days after the procedure and everything has been great. (For those of you wondering about smoking weed after, I know it is a common question.) I put my piercings back in the second day post op -- can't believe they both went back in!!! The one took a bit and a tiny bit of blood, but they are in! They seep a little fluid, but I think it is ok since I am on antibiotics and it doesn't hurt. Let me know your thoughts and questions everyone!!

Ps... I am still VERY bloated. I have gained 10 lbs since the surgery... Gross. Just an FYI lol. I feel pregnant bleh...

I have a question about regular underwire bras !! Help

Merry Christmas everyone! Does anyone know when it is generally okay to wear a regular underwire bra? I am only one week post op and I wore one for a little last night to my family's Xmas party & am wearing one today for Xmas. It's comfortable enough and I want to look nice, no sports bra lol... Is this okay? As long as I put my sports bra back on after the day?

Happy overall, but kind of disappointed with size...

I haven't updated in a while, so I decided to today. I'll try to post pictures later. Anyway, I'm really happy overall with the shape of my boobs and the incisions and such, but I really wish he went bigger. I told him I wanted to go 400-425cc two weeks before surgery and he said I would look like Dolly Parton, so I trusted that obviously! He said he would go as big as he could without them looking "fake" and he said he could only fit 344CC. I love them... But I wish they were just much bigger overall. My PS also said as I do massages and such they will drop and stick out more... So I'm trusting that as of now! I can't imagine they'll stick out much more, though. Who knows.

As for the massages, he just has me pushing my boobs in "north, south, east, and west" directions for a minute a day. Ugh, I hate them so much, it just feels really weird and makes me queasy because of it! I also got put on more antibiotics because of this rash on my side and I've been breaking out... He thinks it could be something so he wants to be safe. Personally, I think it's just from this large bandaid I've been using because I had skin ripped off a little after my surgery from one of the monitors, and I think the bandaid irritated it. Who knows.

Anyway, that's what's up !

A few more pics

2 week pics

Took out my piercings :,(

So... I put my nipple piercings back in after surgery and I kinda had to pierce through a bit of skin. I didn't want my PS to know I had them cause he's a family friend (kinda awkward) so I took them out at my second post op appointment and put them back in that day & they have been leaking clear liquid and been very sensitive, so I decided to take them out. I am gonna miss them, but I don't think it's worth the risk of infection or any more pain.

Boobs are good, exercises are getting easier. Starting to feel a bit of nerve pain, I believe. It hasn't been so bad, but I think it will get worse unfortunately.

I'm glad to know people are finding some of my posts useful, and feel free to ask any questions if you think I can help!! Going through this whole experience has been really ... Interesting, and I found that people on this site have been really helpful, and I hope I can be of help to those interested in doing the procedure. Xx

Boobs seem to be dropping & fluffing a bit!

I'm becoming much happier over time with my boobs! They are dropping and fluffing a bit, and starting to look much better. My incisions look great & I don't really have any pain anymore. It's still a bit annoying but that's about it! I wear regular bras here and there, but mostly sports bras! I'll post some pics.

Need your opinions!!

So, I went to my PS yesterday for my third post op appointment. I'm extremely happy with my results -- but as I have said, I wish they were bigger. I feel like I still don't have as much cleavage as I was hoping- even when I wear push-up bras... Granted that May be how my chest just is.

My PS said he can go back in and put a bigger size in, but he said he thinks I will be happy as time goes on. I think I'm gonna wait until the 6 month point and see how I feel. What do you guys think? I assume the only pain would really be minimal from the incisions if I do this, and he said I would just have to go under & the surgery only really takes ten minutes. I just really wanna get the size I want for the money I paid -- what do you guys think??

More recent pics - almost 3 months

Sorry, I have been meaning to post these for you guys! Still considering getting the bigger implant on April 15th (read my prior posts and comments.) I love the shape and outcome, just wanted a bit bigger... My cleavage in shirts is not where I was hoping, even with a push-up bra, although I like how I look naked.

More pics

forgot these pics lol


I think I am gonna get the bigger size put in. I am only going to go to about 400-425cc. A lot of people on here have been talking me out of it but everyone I know in person has being sayin to do it because I should get what I want for the price I paid. I just feel like I got nothing near what I asked for and showed him.

Got the bigger implants put in!

Hi everyone! As you know I have been contemplating whether or not I should get the bigger implants put in. WELL, on Tuesday (April 15) I went through with the surgery and got the bigger size but in. They are now 470cc (I believe... I have to double check that ... But I know they're either 470 or around that.) I am very pleased!! I will post pictures next time I shower (tomorrow probably). Anyway, the surgery went well. The first day hurt a bit and the second day was a little better. Today is day 3 after the revision and I feel MUCH better. My incisions are sore and itchy, that's about it. So far, I am ecstatic that I did it! I am much happier already, even though I have to go through the healing process again. I finally feel I got what I asked for in the first place and can tell they're gonna look great. Like I said, I will post pics later. Thanks for the help and ask questions if you want!!


Pics of revision -- 470 cc

I believe it's 470 cc lol I have to double check. He told me when I just got out of anesthesia so I have to ask my mom again since she was the coherent one. It's around there at least if it's not that.

I'm very happy. I noticed from the pics that the one side is a tad misshapen so hopefully as they heal that will change. Either way I'm happy. The one side has a small incision above the other one because I got a benign tumor removed a few years back and he was trying to tuck that under but he wasn't able to, so there's a small incision there. It was already scarred though, so I will just have to apply to scar cream again and it will look the same as before.
Dr. Paul Kim

Seems to give his honest opinion & know what he is doing. His offices are very nice and clean and the staff is friendly.

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You look great!! Hopefully you'll heal quickly!
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Thank you!! I am so much happier with the size now. So grateful I could get them again. Healing has been SO much easier than the first time. I was going out with friends by the night after the surgery. Only pain has been the incisions and now they're more itchy than anything. I'm happy !!
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Congrats... Hope you continue to heal well. Looking forward to some photos :)
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Thank you! I feel so much better today it's like u barely got surgery .
  • Reply
Yayay for you! Would you say the healing process has been easier than the first time around?
  • Reply
So Much easier. A breeze. No muscle pain just incision uncomfortability. It really only hurt the first day.
  • Reply
Wow really that's awesome:)
  • Reply
Yes! Good news for you guys when you eventually have to do it again haha!
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I think your boobs look great and you're story has def been helpful to me. Thank you! Do you think going bigger would make exercise uncomfortable?
  • Reply
Thanks!! I'm glad I can help :) lemme know if you have any other questions! I think exercise will be uncomfortable but the same as it would be the size I am right now.
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Mod-plus helps with cleavage. If you're unhappy I can understand why you want to change. You spent couple thousand dollars for something. Going bigger might give you a different shape might not sit on your tissue like ones you have now. Comes down to it, it's up to you and ps.
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I see what you're saying. It just depends on the person. We will see
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Your results look great! I understand the feeling of wanting to go bigger though, I went through a similar situation. I think if you think it will make you happy than you should go for it. Especially if your surgeon is doing it at no cost. I would take the opportunity :)
  • Reply
Yeah I am! Thank you! I hope it goes well, I'll keep everyone updated.
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i feel like yours and mine turned out the same.... and I feel the same way about the size of mine :/
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I'm sorry to hear. Don't get me wrong, I am happy... But it's not the size I asked for. My PS did a fab job tho. I am getting the bigger implant in two weeks, many people have advised against on here but most have also said to do it. I don't know.
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that's awesome! I agree, all of us women committed to this surgery to boost our self esteem and make us feel better about ourselves naked and in clothes. I think they will look great once you get them larger, I also know the feeling that nobody has asked if I got mine done, but that is also probably because I would always layer my clothes a lot. I cant wait to see your new additions!
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Yes I know exactly how you feel haha. I would have been happy if the size I asked for was similar to what I got in the end... But the pictures I showed him and size a described is bigger and I know it's hard to predict in the end... But still could've gone bigger either way. I think he realized that because he offered to put the bigger size in. We will see. I am nervous and I kind of feel annoying for asking him to do the bigger size because I don't want him to think he did a bad job... Because he didn't. We will see!
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No ps is going to get exact what you want. Implants settle in differently, depends on your tissue ect. 450cc on one person is going to completely different on another. not to mention most photos unless they dr photos are edited. Getting a bigger implant has higher risk such as bottoming out, double bubble. Higj profile , ultra hp are higher risk of snoopy deformity.
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I wanted 475cc high profile, but my PS advised against it because of my tiny frame. Bigger then implant more problems you are likely to have. I had my surgery Monday so far I love them. 325cc overfilled with 350cc moderate plus. My friend had 480cc made her dd hers deflat couple times 3 surgeries eventually taken them out. Bigger is better but can cause problems and more money
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They look amazing!!! One of the best results I've ever seen. I'm not a fan of the "that girl definitely had a boob job" look. Yours look like you were gifted with big perfect boobs. :)
  • Reply
Thanks so much! They look bigger on here in pictures than in person, though, because of course I picked the best pictures for the site. Anyway. I am pleased with my results I just wish they were the sIze I wanted . :,(
  • Reply
Usually high profile doesn't give you a cleavage look. Unless you have a really high ccs. But they look great
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Ultra high does though, right?
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Only way to get same width. you would have to get ccs 500cc would be almost the same width and projection as 375cc mod plus .
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