Finally....I LOVE my boobies!!!

I've watched my breasts go from a 34A to a...

I've watched my breasts go from a 34A to a 38DD (was pregnant w/ twins), then by 5 months post babies was back down to a 34B. Then the same month got pregnant again and went to a 38D. Then 7 mths after baby, went down to a 34A again! My boobies had, had ENOUGH!

I never felt good about my breasts after having babies. Obviously they were destroyed throughout both of my pregnancies, along w/ nursing 3 babies. But when I lost a great deal of weight after my 3rd baby, I was left with LOTS of stretched skin, not a whole lot of breast tissue and a bony chest. :/

It affected me in every way. Fitting into a bra, a bathing suit, a dress. Being intimate with my husband. I found myself wanting to hide them, every chance I got! It didn't fit ME, when I looked at my body in the mirror. I was young, beautiful, in shape, and then there were these saggy, stretched out boobies.

So I decided to make a change. A breast augmentation.

My PS was amazing and we went with Saline implants, I had about 350cc's in each breast. One may have slightly more than the other, since breasts are sisters...not twins ;)

My incision was in my armpit, which is my surgeons preference. And it was the best location too! Hidden and it healed really nice!

My discomfort was very minimal! I felt tight in the chest, couldn't lift my arms really for the first few days. Every day I got more mobility. But it was once the stitches came out in my armpit, that I really got ALL my mobility back! Those stitches really hinder movement and were kind of annoying actually.

I only took pain medication the first day I was home. Then I took a few ibuprofen and within a day or two I didn't need anything.

I had a binder type of thing wrapped around my breasts when I woke up in recovery and I kept that on for a few days. I had quite a bit of swelling at first, but every day it got better! It took a few weeks for them to drop and round out nicely. They looked like cones at first! But once the swelling dissipated, they became nice and round!

The BEST part about my BA is how natural they look! They aren't too high, so they look like I was born with them!
It's amazing how good I felt after my BA. I felt sexy and confident. It changed my whole perspective about my body and how I felt in clothes, in a bathing suit and most importantly how I felt when I was with my husband!

This is one cosmetic surgery that really makes you feel "womanly". At least for me. Having had various sized breasts throughout the past few years, I always felt the most confident and womanly, when my breasts were fuller. When my breasts were saggy and flat, I just felt like a boy! :/ Not anymore! I love my new boobies!! :)


What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing it here. I have to admit, I'm a little envious, but I'm glad you were able to do this for yourself. What size are you now?

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Aww thanks Angie! Why are you envious? I'm assuming you had something cosmetic done if you're on here, right? :) I'll have to check out your profile! And thank you! I went from a 34 EMPTY A, to a 34 D. But I probably LOOK more like a C. :)
oooo just saw your profile. Your nose is perfect!! :)

Photo Update


YOUR BOOBS LOOK GREAT! wow you are a D cup with 350ccs? I got 375ccs silicone and I'm only a C cup. I wanted a D. I'm going to get my Boobs redone in five years...for my 40th bday. Right now I'm loving THESE!
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ohh girl ! you boobies look great ;) dont you just love them..
im so glad PS are around ...well good ones at that , lol!!
good for you...

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Haha thanks! These pics are actually from my first augmentation. I recently had a revision (BL w/ new implants). So I'll have to add my experience to this post! But I loved them then and after all the swelling goes down from these, I'll love them too! :)

May 2011- I am 1 week post op from having a...

May 2011- I am 1 week post op from having a revision done on my breasts.
I got pregnant w/ my son just months after having my 1st set of implants. Oops! :)
Needless to say, bc I refrained from having a lift the first time, I had quite a bit of extra skin that needed to go! Plus I lost more breast tissue, boobies had dropped, so I just figured that I'd get them lifted & swap out the implants for ones that were a little bigger! Might as well do it now before gravity takes over down the road! :)
So I had a breast lift & 410 & 430 cc's for my implants done.
No pain meds once I got home after surgery & I just tried to "take it easy". Pretty smooth recovery for the 1st week. Once the stitches came out, on day 7, it's been 100% better in terms of comfort. Those stitches just were irritating!
All is well, just letting time be the ultimate healer now!
I'm so much happier with the lift and so glad that I had it done! They're much fuller & perkier, just the way I like them!!
Looking back at where I first started......this is a 180 transformation! Absolutely amazing!!!!


OMG Sho I though I saw an email about this post but couldnt find it! Aww so glad it fits now! How are you? HAvent talk to you in a while :( so lets try and seriously get together sometime next week!!
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Well just talk to the office and she said it wont be today because she has to set aside about an hour visit and I will have to have an escort because I will be medicated..So doc may schedule to do it soon after she looks at them today. Mine have been the same for past month no change here. I feel like todays apt is going to be almost a waste ya know? But if it gets me my dog ear apt then I'll be happy, happy!!
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Umm so I guess the bra you let me borrow totally fits now!! Must've just been swelling before! It fits like a glove now! I seriously have worn the same bra for days now without taking it off once! Well to shower but still. So I was dying to get that thing off tonight. So I figured I'd try ur bra on again bc it looked more comfy and it fit! Yay! It's really nice to sleep in! Thanks again! Xoxo

3 weeks post op & feeling great! Exercised for the...

3 weeks post op & feeling great! Exercised for the 1st time in awhile yesterday! No discomfort at all, but I lifted lightly & ran in intervals. I def need a better sports bra for support! But my incisions are healing great and my breasts have soften a lot this past week!
Most of the time, I forget that I just had surgery 3 wks ago! I'm really happy with my results, they're perfect!!! :)
32DD and loving it!


How could you not love those bubbies!!
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hahahahaha ohhh they so nice! Wait til you see them in person ;) I can't wait to see yours!! lol
Wow. They look great! Congrats. Did you get saline the second time as well? How are you feeling now a few weeks post-op?
I breastfed 3 kids (my baby is now a year old) and I think it’s time to ‘fix’ my breasts (I'm a deflated 34A after b/f). Did you use the same doc for both surgeries? I live in the area and trying to set up consults. Just wondering if you still recommend him?
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Hi ladies! So I haven't been on here in a LONG...

Hi ladies! So I haven't been on here in a LONG time! Raising 4 little boys just has taken up every ounce of my time! But I wanted to post an update & let you all see my recovery this far out.
I am 4 1/2 months post op from my Breast Lift/Revision.
My incisions from my breast lift are still red at times and I've had a few instances where part of it opened up a little bit (like a little cyst or something). My PS thinks for whatever reason, my body is just not breaking down the sutures internally. So occasionally they have gotten infected. Nothing major, just need neosporin & a bandaid but it's still annoying. Hopefully that doesn't continue.
My bra size is 32DD..however finding that size in Victoria's Secret can be hard at times. So I have a few bras that are a 34D but I'm super full in them.
I feel amazing & it still was the best thing I could've done for myself! :)


Congratulations! You look great! Just had mine done four weeks ago and I did the same thing...augmentation without a lift and may have to bite the bullet at the end of 6 months:( What is your skin tone? How do you normally scar? I am olive complexion and my doctor was concerned about the BL scars with my complexion and my tendency for hypertrophic (sic?) scarring.
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