Extended Tummy Tuck in 4 Days!! Also Thigh Lift - Newport Beach, CA

Hello, I first want to thank everyone for posting...

Hello, I first want to thank everyone for posting here, it certainly is helpful to me as I prepare (mentally) for my upcoming procedure. I will post before and afters as well. I have had 2 pregnancies and have always had a fairly flat tummy. I'm 47 years old and it seems in the last couple years my skin laxity has changed drastically along with the muffin top that seems to be getting bigger! I've dieted and exercised regularly without much improvement....and actually you can't diet skin to shrink.... soooo here goes it.

Has anyone gone home directly after the procedure? I was told to stay at an extended care center but feel I would much rather be home and have my nurse friend come and watch over me. Any thoughts? Wish me luck!!


Think positive, stay strong, have help.
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I went home right after my surgery. My hubby took care of me for a week. I slept in a recliner for a week, the moved to my bed with a lot of pillows. Still sleeping with a lot of pillows and I'm almost at week three. It will be a life changing experience. I can't wait to hear and see all about it.
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It seems that most people I've heard of go home shortly after the tummy tuck.

Good luck! We'll be counting down with you and can't wait to see your befores and afters!

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On day 5....see previous post

On day 5....see previous post


OK Day 5....oooouuuuccchhhh!! I was expecting pain but not this much haha...wait, I can't even laugh. He did a very extended tummy tuck all the way around to buttocks with about 3" between the incisions. From what I understand (I haven't gone back for post op visit) He lipo'ed 900 cc of fat from thighs, tummy, lower back/flanks. He also did a spiral thigh lift which adds incisions along the groin up to waist (where the TT incision is) and additional under the fold of buttocks. All in all, the anesthesiologist said there was about 1 yard of incisions in total. He pulled the skin so tight on the thighs that I think that is also where my pain is from. I had a pain pump but discoved the nurse had not unclamped it so I was way behind on pain control. My girlfriend (RN) stayed with me the first night and took excellent care of me and got the pain under control. I'm now home and have been sleeping in a chair with ottoman and a ton of pillows to keep me up. I still have my foley (urine) catheter which I will discontinue today (I'm an RN too). I think this has been key so I didn't have to get up to pee as I was very swollen from the long surgery and fluids and my catheter filled up several times. As far as how it looks....so far hard to tell. The incisions are so ugly. My back has no rolls at all and my thighs are tighter than I have ever seen...actually the back of my thighs are almost uncomfortably tight, but he warned me of this. I can not straighen up and walking bent over kills my low back. Coughing and laughing are incredibly painful. How long until you can stand up straight? I know that I made the right decision in my procedure and especially my surgeon. He is so talented and has wonderful bedside manner. Having a board certified PLASTIC surgeon (not COSMETIC) is KEY!!!! Trust me, being in the medical business for 25+ years I feel I know! I will post pics soon. Thanks for all your posts and please keep writing!! xoxo
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Oh my you have been through the ringer...hang in there and keep up on the pain meds. You are at the worst stage ever in the process. Everything is so tight, swollen and uncomfortable at this point. You won't be able to stand up straight for at least two to three weeks. Ice packs really helped my lower back. Just pack pillows all around your body and keep re-adjusting for comfort. It will get better I promise. It is not an easy process but you will be happy in the end. Don't worry about how the incisions look right now...they will all be better in time. In about 2 weeks start massaging them with Palmers Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil. It is like magic and really smoothes the scars. Can't wait to see your pictures. I will keep checking in on you :) Hang tough!

At 7 days, moving slow and bent over. Incisions...

At 7 days, moving slow and bent over. Incisions are healing slowly and one looks like it may need to be revised (which my PS warned me of) as I had the spiral thigh lift as well which entailed a lot of stretching of the skin. I am so amazed that I didn't bruise more. I am still taking the Arnaca and I feel it has been really beneficial.


It went GREAT I choose him for my doctor~ I love his body work but now I am second guessing his breat work! thanks not good ha ha ha. My surgery is Aug 4th! I love it in Theroy~ he is doing a Breast Reduction first then a lift then placing the implant so it will stay liflted for a really long time. Only beacasse I am stareding out so saggy. I love that concept no other doctor was going to do that for me or even suggested that for me and I love it~ but I really want the high profile implant and he wants the moderate and that's really NOT what I want~ I have already had my pre- op in fact they did it the same day since Aug 4th is so close I had to run to the back and grab my 20% in cash and everything. No pressure there ha ha ha~ I really wanted to go to my other consults to feel 100% sure I was making the best choice but they said NO ( if I wanted the Aug 4th date) it's now or no~ Wow pressure pressure pressure! they wouldn't even give me a half a day to think about it they gave me 30 mins! Anyways I feel better knowing you like him do you still like him??? Anyways At first I was at first I was going with TT and The breast but now I am doing the breast and the thighs first~ I am having big back issues~ what do you think?
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Did you decide to go with Dr. Agha? What did you think?
I have my Appt. Wed. I can't wait! thanks for the encouragement!
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Name not provided

He is a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (not Cosmetic) which means he is recognized by the AMA and his peers as qualified. He also does over thirty body lifts a year (in addition to TT and other procedures) so that is important. I also spoke to his patients and studied all his pics. He also is the Dr that invented the spiral thigh lift and is published.

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