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The Experience Was Not Worth the Results.

It has been two months now since I had the...

It has been two months now since I had the treatment. Right after the procedure, there was what appeared to be some swelling and it looked as if my face had tightened. I thought it was the beginning of what would look even better after a few weeks. The person who administered the treatment told me my face "would never feel the same again". I'm not sure what she meant now that it's gone, but the feeling I experienced (a sensation of tightening) was gone the next day and the tightened appearance (swelling)was also gone. My skin now shows no improvement whatsoever and I regret spending my money and believe I should have just saved it for a facelift a little later.
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Please post an update. Would love to know how your results were after 6 mos. Any improvement? I'm considering the procedure. Would you mind sharing the name of your doctor?
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