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I had acne and scars which was getting very severe...

I had acne and scars which was getting very severe and so i opted to do laser treament but over time i started losing fat on my cheeks and so my scars were more prominent than ever before.......this kinda of got me confused and on my process of knowing why this happened i came across this site :-)

i underwent different sessions of acene control , scar reduction , photo facial , peeling etc.....i had to do this not only for my face but also for my chest back ...though i dont really see much difference.

Something else i would like to point out is i smoke heavily and was wondering if this is a cause by any chance. i weigh only 45kgs , height 5'9. Hope this helps.

I doubt you are still reading here but just incase. After years of smoking the cheeks will hollow from the muscular motion of sucking in. You are very thin (100? lbs. if my math is right) which of course does not help the situation. I also run on the thin side. Our skin thins as we age-quicker for smokers which makes the imperfections show up much more clearly and quicker. It also lowers testosterone leading to the certainty of vascular impotence. I was a smoker for 33 years. I know how hard (seemingly impossible) it is to quit. If you only do one nice thing for yourself in this lifetime-try to quit. Watch the difference within a few months to the quality of life and your health/skin you can achieve. Then maybe consider having something done about your concerns to your skin. You will certainly have much more money to spend on a procedure. Wish you the very best.
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