Expectations Not Met

I think this gets down to expectation management....

I think this gets down to expectation management. When you look at the ads the models are showing bright white teeth. That does not happen. Are my teeth lighter?, yes, are they white? no. I was disappointed. I also spent an hour in the dental chair. It was a little uncomfortable but not to bad. The bottom line is I spent a lot of money and didn't feel it was worth it.

When it comes to teeth whitening, the one-hour, one-time in-office procedure often leaves patients disappointed and worse, in pain. I explain to my patients that, much like working with a personal trainer, a one-hour in-office session will not reverse all the damage that has been done over the years. We wouldn't expect to eat twinkies every day, go see a personal trainer for just one hour and then be in fantastic shape for the rest of our lives! Tooth whitening is similar to personal training in that it is a process to get the results you want with little to no sensitivity and then also have the results last. In-office whitening is a great kick-start visit with follow up whitening at home and one to two more in office visits to complete the procedure (depending on how dark the teeth are to start). Most patients can then do their own maintenance at home every 2-3 months easily to maintain their color.
I got the Zoom treatment done today. Yes there was a few sharp pains. But they lasted about 30 secs. Put it this way. i would take the pain for beauty. and my teeth are beauty! It cost $500, in louisiana
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