I Was Addicted to This Nice N Easy, Quick in N out Procedure, Until It Really Burned my Body - Los Angeles, CA

I received the Exilis Treatment 6-7 times,...

I received the Exilis Treatment 6-7 times, Why?

1.) I feel like no one gets it, but these two tiny pinches of fat lay above & near the two lil dimples above my ass - and as a matter of fact - they F***ing HURT. At least the Exilis gave temp. relief by just the deep rubbing motion and semi-lift/tightening (when the smart nurse did it the right way).

2.) I don't want lipo while it's summer - aka: spare me that ugly tight bandage body apparatus, lol, sick. I'm still 5'10.5" and weigh around 127-132lbs and age 28/F… the real Lipo will weight until winter.

3.) Because I have taken up ballet again and wanted to feel more lifted, tightened skin Exilis seemed like an inexpensive, non-invasive, not much risk unless you get the BAD NURSE doing it THE WRONG WAY.

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His M.D. is in Emergency Care Medicine - not aesthetic laser skin care. But it's the nurse I should really tell him about, and show him my embarrassing pics of the burns, scabs, peeling, still healing in week 3. I received three straight and narrow burns - strangely - on the other side - where the nurse places what is called an electrical Ground Pad I believe?

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I tried this and did four treatments and seen absolutely no improvement. I did the lipo and wish I had saved the money I spent on this and just applied it to lipo. But live and learn becuz it does seem to work for many, I just have a stubborn body.
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Christine Im sorry you had such an awful experience. I am a physician in commack Long island who performs exilis treatments and I really believe in the results. What happened to you is the ground pad which allows the electrical energy to be safely exited from your body was not properly functioning. The pad needs constant contact with the skin or else you will get an electrical burn. placing the pad on a moving body area such as the stomach ( lower abdomen) which is constantly expanding and contracting with every breath you take makes for variable GP contact. I believe ou will get better in time but the pad should always go on a solid body area ( thigh, lower back, upper back but not abdomen or chest)
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Please look at my review and photos and tell me what your professional opinion is. What happened? What went wrong and do you believe this is permanent?
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Im really sad that a young woman of your age felt so bad about herself she needed to have such a procedure? Did you have a child that made you feel "Loose". You are so slim I can't see where you would need to remove any fat? I tried Excilis for my neck and eyes, at 64 I needed a little something to lift my countenence! I think it was wasted $ for me. I'm saving for something more lasting and lifting. I may have had about 1/4" at most change in neck and nothing really changed with my eyes. Oh well maybe I should have started doing it years ago to keep my face from sliding downward! Lol
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Is Exilis a permanent treatment if you eat fairly sensibly & walk 3 or 4 times per week; or is it temporary?
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Did we ever get an answer to this question Is exilis permanent or not? That is if you keep your same weight.
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Any skin firming treatment is not permanent, just as the results from working out are not permanent. These treatments are a lifestyle choice like eating right and exercise. Just another tool to help us maintain our looks.
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DO NOT DO IT. Look at my review and photo of my legs. It is unpredictable.
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Christine, you look great! I hope these burns heal but do realize you have MUCH about what to be thankful! Good Luck!
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Christine1983, those burn are from an IMPROPERLY placed grounding pad. No where in our training were we instructed to place the grounding pad on the stomach. The treatment protocols instruct the technician to place the pad on the thigh, buttocks, or behind the shoulder. Secondly, if the pad is not smooth and tight against the skin, I suppose this is a possibility, but to date I have NEVER seen any burns of this severity. The facility may be reusing the grounding pads, and a the dead skin cells left from previous uses are affecting the contact with your skin. ASK FOR A BRAND NEW PAD if you go back. I would definitely show these pictures to the doctor. To be perfectly honest, after seeing your pictures I called my rep from Exilis and he was as shocked as I was. THIS IS NOT STANDARD. Are there other technicians at that office who could perform your next treatment? I would DEFINITELY ask. I wish you the best of luck!
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Hi Christine1983,

Wow for just having the procedure in the pictures you look great. The red just looks like scratches and looks like they will go away in a bit. Please keep us updated how he healing goes.

Thanks the pictures and the review, enjoy the fourth with your new tummy!


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