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Hysterectomy with Bonus TT - Exeter, NH

Since my obgyn was going to have to make a a big...

Since my obgyn was going to have to make a a big incision for my hysterectomy, I decided to see if I could do a TT at the same time. I've lost 100+ lbs and am ready for this extra to be GONE.

I've had 4 abdominal surgeries over the past 6 years, so I am not very nervous as I have been down this road before. However, due to the previous surgeries, I've been warned that it is very likely that I will lose my belly button in the process. I've already started thinking about how I will deal with that - piercing, tattoo or something.

I am so appreciative that my PS and obgyn were happy to coordinate to allow me a single procedure. They are both located in the same hospital and I've been told this is how it will go:
PS will come in and make incision
OB will then take over and do hysto
PS will come in and do TT and close me up

Good luck tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your new flat tummy! :)
I also had the Hyst and TT combo. So very happy I did it!!
Just added my before pictures. As strange as it may sound, the panni bothers me less than the bulge above my belly button - at least psychologically! Physically, the hanging skin is what annoys.

Spent 2 nights in the hospital as I was still...

Spent 2 nights in the hospital as I was still feeling faint when I walked yesterday. I live alone and the last thing I needed was to pass out with no one here to help!

I did, as expected, lose my belly button as apparently the one I had was sort of a fake done (quite impressively) by my previous surgeon.

Pain is much better. I find only the getting up and down really bothers me though the ends of the incision sting.

I have a follow up appt. tomorrow and am hoping 2 of the 4 drains will come out. I want to wash my hair!!!

My appetite is also returning.

Oh, and I love my PS even more now. She's a doll and funny! I did forget to ask how much the removed skin weighed - I'm dying to know!

First follow up was today. Still have all 4 drains...

First follow up was today. Still have all 4 drains - boo! But I go back Monday and they're hopeful a couple of them may come out then.

Pain is quite manageable. The left end of my incision is a little painful but I think it's just super sensitive.

I washed my hair in the kitchen sink this morning - feels much better. After my appointment today I was able to stop for a little lunch (key: little!) with my friend that was driving me. Came home tired.

The "weepies" started today. I am hoping it's just my body's hormone levels all off. I have had a few surgeries previously and know the body can respond in odd ways. Usually I end up starting my period a few days after surgery and since I no longer have a uterus, perhaps this is the equivalent.

Overall, so far so good!

PCP's office called to check on me this morning -...

PCP's office called to check on me this morning - very nice. This afternoon the PS office called for a status check on my drains. They asked if I wanted to come in, which I did and was able to have one of the 4 removed! Yay!

I will go back Monday morning and hopefully lose another.

I love leaving the dr's office all nice and tightly wrapped up. The MA and ARNP I've seen for follow ups have been wonderful. I'm very happy with the PS I chose.

I pooped! Hooray! (Day 5 Post-op)

I pooped! Hooray!
(Day 5 Post-op)

So far things have been going well. I had my...

So far things have been going well. I had my drains and stitches removed at my 2 week appointment on April 29th. Being drain free meant SHOWERS! Yay!

I will be 3 weeks Post tomorrow and overall I feel pretty good and then I end up overdoing it and am exhausted. I have to remind myself that my body endured LOTS of cutting. Parts were removed! As one of the nurses in the hospital told me, the procedure was "very vascular" since I had the combo (TT & hysto).

A little itchy with the healing and I am eager for the swelling to go down! So far my post-op appointments have been with the ARNP and I see the surgeon on Tuesday. She was just back from vaca last week so I didn't feel it was necessary to go in again to see her after I'd just seen the nurse.

More details to come....

Oh! Also - I was told that the skin that was...

Oh! Also - I was told that the skin that was removed weighed 20lbs! Holy crap! But as you can see from my before photos, there was lots there left over from losing 100+lbs. Amazing.
i also live in NH .. Did you find her nice and helpful? I am looking for a dr to do a TT for me. I am 43 yrs young...lol Any feedback is helpful .. thanks HOW are you feeling???
did you end up having a fleur de lis tt? I noticed you have a previous incision mark above your bb. I also have had a few other abdominal surgeries and wonder if my ps will suggest it since I already have the scaring, when I go for my first consultation.
Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Marble does plastic and reconstructive surgery - she's not a cosmetic surgery "boutique." Her office is located right in the hospital. These are the reasons I decided to consult with her. I liked her immediately. She took the time to review (with me) the surgical notes from my 2 previous surgeries done in that hospital and discussed them with me to make sure we both had a clear understanding of how they could impact this new procedure. Office staff has been very nice and responsive. So far, so good!

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