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I am a 45 year old female.  Recently, I have...

I am a 45 year old female.  Recently, I have noticed some reseding of my hairline in the front of my head - I attribute the hairloss to wearing baseball caps for many years since no one in my family has suffered this problem.  Styling my hair always seemed to involve covering up the large bare spots which I hated . . . So, at the recommendation of my plastic surgeon, I thought it would be worht a try to have a hair transplant.  My doctor was kind, patient, and thoroughly educated me on the process.  I have now had 2 hair transplant surgeries and it looks great.  The first surgery gave me a good indication that I could do more work successfully and with the recent second surgery, I was able to fill in the bare triangles more and also fill in around the hairline under my bangs.  

OMG! The results are natural and fantastic . . . . I hate the 4 months it takes for the hair to start growing but it finally does - 100% of the transplants took so it is quite filled in . . . there was no pain either - I drove myself to and from the appointment (it did take all day).   There is mild annoyance for three days waiting for the staples on the harvested area to come out.  Other than that, I took one painpill for sleep the second night. 

Interesting fact, none of the transplanted hairs are growing in gray - they all have full color which shocked me. 

I just cannot wait to be able to style my hair anyway that I want and have it be thick and full in the front.  :)  It will be so great!  I HIGHLY recommend this procedure to women who, may or may not, realize that it is helpful for them too.

I will post pics in June when the new hairs start growing from the latest transplant done last week.

Photo Update

Considering another transplant - 6 yrs later

I am now considering another round of transplanting . . . the original transplant did a great job and has lasted well for 6yrs - but, I see some scalp in the transplant areas so I am thinking another round is in order! I loved doing this for myself - it made a world of difference in how I felt about my appearance.
Dr. James B. DeYarman

My doctor De Yarmen was patient, kind, accomodating, and a little funny. He put me at ease about the procedure.

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You look Great! My wife owns a High End hair Salon and sends a lot of women to a Dr she knows who are thinning. Hang in there. Women usually have so much donor hair, you can get several procedures!
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I'm a 28 year old female. I am literally going bald, I've tried shampoos, vitamins, ect. Nothing seems to help, do you recommend this for me. I mean no matter which way I put my hair you see bald spots. :(
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I had 4 procedures and at 45 yrs old. I literally have a full head of Hair bi been on Propecia for 3 years now and don't see any hair falling out bit takes 6 months to see results but definitely go on Propecia. It works. They call me uncle Jesse from full house. That's how much hair I have. Lol
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That's awsome to hear - I love my hair now.
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Hi, how long did it take your transplanted hairs to grow short Hair length?
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probably 3 months u will see the hairs starting to come in, but I would give it up to a year to see full results. Best decision I ever made. Get on Propecia, it definitely works, but stay on it. Takes 6 months to a year to see results and I hardly any hair falls out. I noticed a huge difference with the Propecia also! Best of Luck !
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Thanks for sharing a very informative post about hair treatment. I read the whole post and decide to share it with my friends. Because this is a very helpful post ,who those suffer from hair loss problem. Thanks.
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Hair replacement is one of the best things I ever did for myself.  I am really happy with my results 6 yrs later and am consider doing more.  Please feel free to ask me any questions about it. 
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Hi! 6 years after and it continues growing? Wow. It's been in August 10 it's 8 months since I got mi transplant. Does it continue to grow after 8 months? Or are these my results. I though that a lot more hairs were going to grow. Could it be that I have to wait more?
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The hair will continue to grow as long as the root is alive.  I cannot see your photo but I suspect that you may need more grafting if you want to see a more filled in look.  I've had two transplants.
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Thanks. But at 8 months did all the Hair that is supposed to Grow from the transplant, Grow? This is what I meant jeje And how long where the hairs?
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It will grow up to a year, maybe longer. Be patient. It will come in. Guaranteed!
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