Surgery this morning! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Hi Ladies! I have enjoyed following each of your...

Hi Ladies! I have enjoyed following each of your stories and viewing your amazing post-surgery results. I hope my journey inspires future BBL patients to share the ups and downs of their journey just as your stories have inspired me to do.

Like the majority of woman opting for this surgery, I too am a mother. After the birth of my first child at age 25 my body easily bounced back to its pre pregnancy status (albeit with a few more stretch marks and sagging skin around the navel and lower abdomen). However, after my second pregnancy and the birth of my daughter at age 30 my body never returned to it's previous glory.

After two years of working out several days each week and adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle, I could not seem to get rid of my boxy figure, post pregnancy pooch, and flattened bottom. After looking in the mirror after a workout one morning I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and enlisted the help of a plastic surgeon.

I was initially interested in liposuction as a means to prepare my body for a tummy tuck I am planning on having this winter. It wasn't until my consultation with Dr. Velilla and his recommendation for a fat transfer to the buttocks that I even heard of a Brazilian Butt Lift and the wonderful results it produces.

I am extremely nervous about my upcoming surgery, but am thrilled to be joining the BBL sisterhood! I look forward to sharing more of my story with you over the upcoming weeks.

(I will be posting my before pictures and wish pics this evening)

Age: 32
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
(Slim-Lipo of upper/lower abdomen, love handles, braline, upper back, with fat transfer to buttocks)

Hi ladies! Here are my wish pics and pre-op photos...

Hi ladies! Here are my wish pics and pre-op photos. I would like a youthful/firm looking behind with a nice slope, and one that is proportionate to my size. My current height and weight is 5'6/120 pounds. I carry all of my weight in my lower abdomen and upper thighs. Since I don't want to transfer too much fat to my buttocks I would actually like to lose 5 pounds before my surgery to get the slimmest waistline possible.

For the BBL Vets; is loosing weight a bad idea or do you think with the deposits of fat on my tummy and love handles I will have enough to transfer about 500cc's to each cheek (I don't want to transfer any fat to my hips)?

Thanks to the many ladies whose posts provided me with some of my wish pics!

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Hi ladies! Two more weeks until I take the plunge....

Hi ladies! Two more weeks until I take the plunge. I have my pre-op this Friday. Any questions you recommend asking or wish you had asked during your pre-op appointment?

Had my pre-op today and went over my wish pictures...

Had my pre-op today and went over my wish pictures with the doctor. He said he is confident he can give me the waist, hip, and butt shape I'm looking for! Starting to get a little nervous, but reading each of your journeys helps with all the excitement and anxiety I'm feeling.

I can't believe it, 7 more days until my surgery!...

I can't believe it, 7 more days until my surgery! My nerves have been on a roller coster ride since my pre-op last Friday. First I'm feeling secure about my decision to get a BBL and the next moment I'm anxiety ridden over all of the things that could possibly go wrong during or after surgery. How did you vets calm your nerves leading up to surgery?

Well ladies, my day has finally arrived! I'm...

Well ladies, my day has finally arrived! I'm nervous, but very excited to see my results. My surgery is scheduled for 10 am. I will post a new update and pictures as soon as I'm feeling up to it. Wish me luck!
Dr. Cesar Velilla

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Your pre-op looks great so I'm sure you'll look amazing!!
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Good luck in your surgery!
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Hello, I read your posts. I pray all is well. I am scheduled for surgery June 21 with Dr. Cesar.
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I know your surgery went well, keep us posted!
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Good luck sweetie. Xx
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I will be praying for you good luck!
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It's 10:07 good luck can't wait to see ur results God bless.
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Sending prayers your way, Good luck and happy healing!
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Prayers going up girly!! We all will be here!! Happy Healing!!
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Good Luck!
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Wow so excited for you! Good luck:)
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Good luck! You will look amazing im sure! Xo
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I was a nervous wreck going into surgery as well...I was asking Dr. J a lot of questions I finally just told myself to shut up because there was no turning back now. The anesthesiologist also gave me something that calmed me down
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I just can not wait to see your results and follow your journey!!!!!!! Lucky you. I can't wait to find my perfect doctor and get scheduled!!!! Whohoo for u!
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Hey hun Im so excited for you! Definitely understand my sx is a month away and I'm nervous, anxious and also have moments of wanting to not get it done... But everything will turn out good.. Good luck to u:)
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Thanks! It's nice to hear others are feeling the same way about their upcoming surgery. Good luck to you too!
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Hi girkl, my stomach is close to yours. Did your PS recommend a TT?
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I heart south Florida I use to live in Hollywood . Good luck on your journey and thanx for sharing with us
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Thanks for the words of encouragement!
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everything will be good don't worry, you will look beautiful after :)
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Thanks Jadestone!
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I feel the exact same way.. Praying for us both.
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Lol! Just left a post on your page. We can do this!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

Good luck with your upcoming surgery, it won't be long now until the big day! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.

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