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I am having my endo today and my surgery is set...

I am having my endo today and my surgery is set for 12/12. I was completely behind my decision a weeks ago and as the day gets closer I am growing more and more anxious.
This little baby in the picture is my 7 week old granddaughter and one of my main motivators. I want to be healthy for her.
I have struggles with weight since the birth of my daughter 26 years ago.
In 2013 I got divorced, which was devastating, dealt with the financial upheaval that goes along with that, turned 50, and became a grandmother.
I want 2014 to be the year I make a lifelong change. So tired of the weight struggle.
Anyway, you've all been there...I just need some like-minded people to be able to share with. The only person who knows I am having the surgery is my daughter and while she doesn't understand, she is supportive.
I'm taking 4 days off work, I had a very sedentary job, will that be enough?
It's very normal to be nervous. But this surgery is the best thing I have ever done for MYSELF! I did not tell many people either. And it's really no ones business. I'm on my phone now and can't see pictures. But it sounds to me like you are making a good decision and doing what is best for you. I had mine 9/11 and I am now down 40 lbs since surgery and 60 since I started the journey with my doctor in January. I feel 100% better today. Just moved in Oct. So most of my exercise is climbing stairs. But I am ready to get back into working out with weights!! Good luck and best wishes on your journey. Looking forward to seeing posts on your progress.

Hi there, welcome!

It completely normal to be nervous, I was fine up until the day before surgery, then I got really nervous. I just said to myself, if I can get myself in the OR and let them put me to sleep, the next thing I know it will all be over! You can do it!

Everyone heals differently. I actually underestimated how much pain I would have and I was off work for about 10 days before I felt able enough to sit upright at a desk for longer than an hour or so. However, other people feel better right away.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!


9 days to go...getting mentally ready

My surgery is a week from Thursday. I start my pre-op diet in two days and I find myself wanting to eat the things I will never be able to eat again. The list is long and there is no way I'll be able to fit it all in (Thank God)!
I have a trip this weekend and am a little stressed about staying on track while out of town but it's been planned for a long time so I will make it work!
Excited...will update you all next week and post before pics.

Before photo

Pics are hard to come by because I delete them as fast as I can!
I had surgery 12 hrs ago. You really need to take more time off work 4 days is not going to be enough.
Thanks Deb, how are you feeling?
Doing real good. I myself am surprised on how easy this has been. I know its only day two but the only real pain I have is cramping from being gassy. They are giving me a mix of liquid vicodin and tylenol it works pretty good and liquid prilosec for the gas. I took off until 12-23 but could probably go back 12-16 but we shall see. I will let you know as it goes.

I'm committed...or should be committed!

I decided to scrap my trip this weekend. I was just too stressed I would find it hard to stick to the pre-op meal plan. It was a trip to see my beloved Seahawks play in San Francisco but the group I was going with are partiers and I know it would be "come on, ONE beer, it's the HAWKS!"
So I canceled my flight and will try to sell the ticket.
I think staying home this weekend and mentally preparing, getting the house clean, wrapping presents makes much more sense.
Day Two of the pre-op diet and I am determined to get this right!
Anyway, Go Hawks!
Well done, it is these choices which will ensure your success, good luck And take care

2 days to go! Good luck with everything. I hope it all goes well and you have a quick, smooth recovery! :-)

Let us know how you get on.

Yeehaa I am getting out of the hospital today. It has been a wonderful stay the nurse and staff here at Poudre Valley Hospital are great. I thank Dr Quaid for doing such a wonderful job, I had no complications. So now out into the world to start my new journey I am so excited.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll start the day tomorrow...

Check-in time 10am.
Last day of the pre-op diet and I'm about protein shaked OUT!
Down 8 since last Thursday so hopefully another two by tomorrow morning.
Any Day Before tips?
all I did the day before was clean and pack (we moved 2 weeks after) Make sure you have a good supply of shakes for after. Good luck :)

Good luck! Try and keep your nerves under control (if that's possible) and you'll do great.

I don't know if your doctor will do what mine did, but they said if I peed, right before going into the OR, then they wouldn't put a catheter in me, which I really didn't want. So it's worth asking!


Today's the day!

Not nervous at all, slept fine. I just must be ready.
Getting ready to take my second hibiclens shower and be on my way.
They have wi-if so I'll update you once I'm awake. Thanks for all the support!
Best of luck to you.
Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

There's got to be a morning after...

Remember that song? I'm doing well. Not a whole lot of sleep but I feel fine.
Should be going home in about an hour and a half.
So far, so good!
I am so glad everything went good !
Wow that's fast! Good to hear! It's all downhill from here!!

Feeling great!

First night back home and everything is good! Slept okay, way better than at the clinic! Able to keep everything down, really no issues at all. Been up and about doing normal activity level. I plan to go back to work Monday.
TIP: do not weigh the day you get home! I was up TEN pounds!
How are you doing?
I am doing great! No issues or complications and went back to work Monday. The only thing I'm struggling with is getting in enough protein and I'm working on it. Thankful to now be on Christmas break!
Thats awsome. Just remember don't push yourself too hard. I too am struggling with getting in protein. I just dont have an appite and when i sip on stuff like gatoraid and the protein shakes, my stomach feels gasy so i stop. I haven't been able to get in 4oz of anything just yet. I am gonna work harder on that tomorrow. But so far so good. I've been sitting up all day and i'm beginning to stand more upright, so that's a big plus in my book. Im glad you're doing well.

Soft Foods! Two weeks post-op and down 18!

It's ridiculous how excited a person could be over a poached egg. But it was amazing to feel good in my mouth after three weeks of liquids!
Feeling good and heading to the store to buy stuff on the soft foods list. Fish and cottage cheese, canned vegetables and fruit, tomatoes!!
The only issue I'm having is protein. Milk-based shakes are not sitting well with my stomach so I need to find some unflavored protein powder to add to soups. It's a challenge getting in all the protein.
But hey, how about those poached eggs!!!

Three weeks post-op and cruisin' along

Three weeks, 21 pounds, a healthier life!
I'm feeling good, off BP meds, losing at a steady rate.
The only minor issues are trying to get in enough protein and calories. I know it will come in time but I stress over it when my food diary shows 350 cals and 40g protein at the end of the day.
Hope everyone has a great 2014! We can do this!
how much do you have to be over weight to qualify for this surgery?
I think it depends on the clinic but mine wanted a minimum BMI of 34-35. I was just at 34 so roughly 60 pounds based on my height. I also had high blood pressure which is another thing they take into consideration. Diabetes, blood pressure and other co-morbidities come into play. Each clinic is different and insurance requirements as well.
did you feel depressed while you were recovering?

30 pounds lost- forever!

Already halfway to my goal weight and feeling great. Feel like I'm in a groove although sometimes I forget and eat and eat too fast, still a learning curve on that one. Just wanted to check-in, hope you all are doing well!

8 weeks - 35 pounds

Chugging along, no complaints! Feeling good and starting to actually SEE a difference. Trying on clothes I think won't fit and they do!
Congratulations on all of your success! What an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

4 months - 53 pounds

Haven't updated in awhile so wanted to check-in. I'm not winning any weight loss races but I'm happy with the results! Went from wearing 16-18 to wearing size 10. I've got about 15 more pounds to lose but am feeling great!
Congrats in the weight loss. You have much to be proud of!
I am also located in western Washington and you make me hopeful...I have a doctors appt. on Monday for the check-up list to be sent in. Wish me luck...I am 5' 1" weighing in at an atrocious 214 lbs. with various obese maladies. I will be turning 50 in June and a newlywed to boot! would be a wonderful b-day present to be accepted :)
Oh, Go Hawks!

Six months today and GOAL!!

Today is my 6 month post-op anniversary and I down 68 pounds and at my goal weight of 145!

I'm so excited to go in for my follow-up visit today and be done with the weight loss portion of this journey and move on to maintenance.

So freakin' happy!

At goal and Cholesterol is 308! What???

Lost 68 pounds and my cholesterol jumped over 100 points! The surgery center insists it's genetic (no history) but I'm quite certain it's all the protein.
Going to try switching from animal-based protein, bye bye eggs and beef. Really frustrating. And scary....
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