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I've decided to have the sleeve and am scheduled...

I've decided to have the sleeve and am scheduled on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. I made this decision on August 22, 2013. I had to wait to have my surgery, as I needed to be nicotine free for at least 6 weeks. So I've stopped smoking, which is great, however, I've gained weight in the process, UGH! So now I feel so uncomfortable, which is why I'm ready to begin my next journey. Monday is pre-op, I paid for my surgery last week and I start my pre-surgery diet on Wednesday. Hoping I'm making the right decision and that all goes well. Time will tell I suppose.


It's understandable about being scared, but you have making a great decisions. October 16 is almost here. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Hi there, welcome and good luck with your upcoming surgery, I hope it all goes well for you and you have a smooth recovery!

I just had mine done 12 days ago. I've review my whole process, if you wish to read it, it may help answer some questions. You can read it, here.

Keep us updated with your progress!

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You will be gkad you did....it doesnt come without obsticles and it does get frustrating at times but you will enjoy the end result ...i am enjoying the change and if had to do it again i would.
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First day of pre-op diet...

So today is the first day of my pre-op diet. I was doing okay until mid-afternoon and then a major headache. Yesterday at pre-op they said I should lose 8 lbs prior to surgery. I'm freaking out that I may not lose those 8lbs. My Dr. Told me last week not to worry so much about pounds lost but he's more concerned with the shrinkage of the liver. Tomorrow marks one week until my surgery and I feel like this is taking forever to get here.


Well tomorrow is my surgery. Ready, nervous and anxious all in one.
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Good Luck...It's not easy, but then again It shouldn't be, but like the posts before...just listen to your body, and yes the things you liked before, you may not like them now, but I'm told it takes time...I had my sleeve July 9th, and have lost over 70lbs....Oh and if you do over eat...you will only do it once...What really helped me was getting real dishes that were really little, that will hold the 1/4 cup of food...makes me fill like I am getting my "full" plate full just like everyone else :o)...I also got a card from my Dr. that says I've had the surgery, so when I go into a restaurants, I order off the kids menu and get no flack from the waiters...everyone has been very kind....just odd for a 54yr old lady asking to order from a kids menu :o)...good luck and it will be the best thing you can do for your self and your family!
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It takes a good month before you will start to feel like your old self, but it's worth the reward. Good Luck to you and keep us posted on your progress.
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Finally post-op

Had my sleeve done October 16. Had a rough night in the surgical center, but nothing too major. I'm so bloated it's crazy. My stomach has never been this big. Ugh


hi there im due for my surgery next month and im starting to get cold feet any tips you can give me or any advice? im super nervous now
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thanks for sharing your story ! keep us updated !
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i wish you well. Congrats on your surgery.
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