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Getting a Mini Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Evansville, IN

I am 46 and have had 2 C sections . I finally lost...

I am 46 and have had 2 C sections . I finally lost the baby fat, after 24 years. But still have the belly , and wanted to get something done.

I went to a local PS and he is great. Told me what we needed to do to get a flat tummy and a girlish figure with lipo. He took before pictures and we set a date. Dec. 19 at 8:30 .

I have put up my before pictures of my tummy. I have never had a flat tummy and told my husband its time. I am glad I found this website and have learned alot from all of you.

Will keep you up to date on this great Journey!

Will have my pre op appt. a week before surgery.Updated on 28 Nov 2011:Just got a phone call from my PS office and I will be having my surgery done on Dec. 22 at 7:30 am . They had to change it on me. Alittle close to Chirstmas, but what a great gift!!Updated on 13 Dec 2011:I go tommorow to PS for pre op. will get my meds and blood work done. Also get pics taken and drawn on again. Starting to get nervous. Surgery will be on the 22 at 7:30! Count down begins! Yes, paying last payment!Updated on 18 Dec 2011:Well, had some concerns on the going under part, but my PS answered all my worries. Will be going to have my surgery on this coming Thursday. First one out so, I am happy about thatUpdated on 22 Dec 2011:Just got home, all went well. After taking a Valium Everything was great. Now drinkIng like a crazy person. No drains, so I get to shower in 48 hours. Not much pain so far.

Chirstmas Day, 3 days post op. took off bandage...

Chirstmas Day, 3 days post op. took off bandage today, almost passed out. But looking good. Will put up pics soon. Feeling better everyday. I found out you need to eat, even if you don't want too. Started eating and feel much better. Go to PS on Friday. Will see what he thinks. Having trouble putting in binder by my self. But figuring it out

I am 8 days post op and went to my PS , said every...

I am 8 days post op and went to my PS , said every thing is going great, have swelling and will improve over time. I have had alittle blues promblem , but got some meds for that. I am sore where he did lipo, got alot of fat out of me, so my tummy is sore . I lost 5 inches from the before and after pictures. I am putting up after pictures of day 8.

Going on 13 days and started my period. So I am...

Going on 13 days and started my period. So I am alittle swollen, but seeing a big change in my tummy everyday. will post more pics soon. Love all the ladies out here , helping me get threw this!!

I am at my 3 1/2 weeks, and feeling better. I go...

I am at my 3 1/2 weeks, and feeling better. I go to work on Tuesday and will be on my feet for most of the 5 hours that I work. I have bought a garment to wear to work in. Hope it works, I was wondering what you mini tummy tuckers, wear now that you are going to work or at this point. I feel like I have had this done for a long time , but it is only going on a month. I don't go to my PS until next week. I have been walking on treadmill for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Days 2 so far! Hope you all are doing great!

It is almost coming up to 2 months . It seems...

It is almost coming up to 2 months . It seems like it has been longer. My PS told me to slowly take off the binder. I still wear it to work in. I stand on my feet all day and pick up heavy things. It helps. I have my good days and bad days of swelling. I was very swollen on my last check up and my PS , said that will happen. I am back to the gym doing what I can and feeling good with that. I have put up new pictures. I didn't know had so many scretch marks, couldn't see them before. HaHa. Oh , well , those are my couger stripes!!

May 2, I am having a set back, I have for the...

May 2, I am having a set back, I have for the past 2 weeks developed a hard ball size lump at the scar, saw PS and he didn't think anything of it, thought it was odd!!! So upset, about this .. I looked good last month and then now I have this wierd lump and my PS doesn't seem worried. I was looking forward to swim suit now, I am not. If it doesn't go away , in a few weeks , I am back to PS!!
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

Was very nervous, Dr. Zieg answered all my questions and never rushed. Will tell everyone about him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Can you please tell me how you are doing now..are you happy or are you just giving up ?
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Amazing results :)
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Hi, I live in Bloomington, In and was wondering where you went to have your procedure done? I anticipate having my procedure done in the Fall '12 and was wondering where you went, because you look great!
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Thank you, you will do great with your surgery. I am getting better results every week. Hope my site helps.
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great website, lots of info on topics iam having my tummy tuck done in june and iam nervouse already lol and also some lipo done on the rest of my body
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My swelling gets better everyday. I am starring walk on treadmill and hope that helps. I have alot of swelling in my pubic area, under incision. PS said I would for awhile. But it is getting better. If I do get swelling I put frozen veggies down there! Lol! Hubby thinks thats funny, but it works!
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How is your swelling coming along? I'm interested to see what is ahead.
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You look great! Glad to hear you are doing well.
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It definitely does help...Thanks!
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Thank you, I was wanting to be flatter also, my PS told me it will happen in time. I was alittle reluctant to show pics, but I know it helps others going threw this
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Wow it looks great...I am not as happy with my turnout so far. I am now 12 days post op and still have some loose skin on my flanks and a little pouch. I am not as flat I expected. I will be following up on Tuesday.
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Glad to hear you are doing well and on the road to recovery. Can't wait to see your after progress pictures.
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So glad to hear everything went well! I bet you are relieved!
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Now I'm even more swollen but was told the once the swelling goes down the stomach will appear flatter again. It looks big but not hanging like it did before the surgery. She said it still has fluid that needs to drain. Well this is only Day 1... We shall see. I will keep you posted. Chandlerranch...Your surgery is coming up. Can't wait to hear how you make out.
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i wish , i had a doctor around here that does that! Just don't want to go under!!
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My surgery went very well...and not what I expected at all. It was pretty simple and easy and my doctor was pretty fast with it. I came in at 7:15 and was done by 10:30. I rested there for about another hour and went home. I am draining from the fluid they used to numb my inside for the lipo (the tumescent fluid). I only had a 1/2 pound of fat removed. And that hanging skin at the bottom was cut and stiched. My stitch is very low down by the hairline so if I want to wear a bikini I can. The stomach looks flat but I'm swollen for now. I'm in no pain at all. The procedure was all done while I was awake which was weird but my doctor was really good and I felt comfortable. I can't wait until I'm totally healed. My before and after pics will be on his website. I'll keep you posted.
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I had the avelar tummy tuck while awake!
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Chandleranch how much are you paying for your mini and lipo and who's the doctor
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I am paying 6000 for a mini tummy and lipo on the upper abs and a super pubic lipo. Dr Zieg in Evansville in In
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Sounds like what my surgery will be. PS said mine will be about 2-3 hours and no drains. Hope you can show your before and after. Glad you are doing good!
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My surgery lasted approx 3 hours. I was under general anthesia and don't remember anything except waking up in recovery. Just got back from post op and all looks great! I am definitely swollen but I can already see a difference! He removed a total of 2000cc from my tummy, abs and thigh. My doc does not use drains so today's visit just consisted of him viewing everything and changing the dressing on the incisions. I go back in a week for another check up.
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So happy for you, just for me! Bthanks for writing a post! I don't hear from alot of mini tummy tuck ladies. This will help me to get ready for mine on the 22. How long was your surgery'. Pleas e tell how your post op went!
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I just had a mini tummy tuck with lip to abs, flanks and inner thighs yesterday. At home resting now.definitely trying to stay on top of my pain meds as my abdomen feels very swollen and very sore. But once I am in any one position for awhile, I feel normal again. Its just getting up from bed that really hurts so far. Can already notice a difference on my thighs...first post-op appt this afternoon, so hope to get a peak underneath this compression garment! Best of luck to you on the 22 nd... It's just around the corner! :-) just ask if you have any questions....
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you take care!! keep me posted on your results...I'm scheduled for mini and lipo also.
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How are you feeling today? I know with the ladies that are having tummy tuck and not mini tucks , they are slowling getting around. How are you doing? I will need to go back to work on Jan. 3, if I feel like it
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