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44 Year Old Mother of 3 - Evansville, IN

First, I am so thankful to this site, you ladies...

First, I am so thankful to this site, you ladies have prepared me for a new chapter in my life. I have wanted to do this since 1996 but just never got the nerves up, but now is the time. My stomach has always been a point of concern for me, but as you all know this is not an inexpensive surgery, however I'm ready. I'm having a tummy tuck as well as lipo on my inner thigh December 15, 2014. I'm wondering if I should have lip on my back as well. Has anyone had that? Does that yield better results?

Moved my date up

Hello ladies! I had my PS appointment today and it is official I will be having my surgery December 9 and Dr Gutter will be my surgeon. He is absolutely wonderful, I went to two other PS before him and they simple did not compare. He has put me at ease and I feel really good about his ability to give me the results that I expect. I'm having tummy tuck, and lipo of my arms and legs. I'm so excited..

Time moving to slow

Hello my realself family. Today is not a good day for me as I'm starting to doubt my decision. My weight lose is going very slow. I've only lost 4lbs with my goal being 12. December just seems like it is never going to get here. Oh it doesn't help that this is my last year in school which now I have to try and focus on that. It just seems to be so much going on. My husband is very supportive and my children think its awesome that I am finally doing this. But for me today is just not a good day. How is everyone else doing? Is anyone feeling depressed with how slow time is moving? Just 101 days left, come on December.
Evansville Plastic Surgeon

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Good luck from another Evansville gal! I'm probably a year away from doing anything since I have to lose weight first. Take good care.
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II'mn so excited you have chosen a wonderful surgeon. He so far has answered all my questions and has made me feel totally comfortable. His assistant is amazing as well. Please keep in touch
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Welcome to the community.  Glad to hear you found inspiration from the RealSelf ladies:)

I can't wait to see your results.
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Thank you so much. Your journey was so inspiring to read and very informative. I haven been able to find the pictures of your before and after, how do I see them. Also, did you have breast augmentation? I have that scheduled but am now having second thoughts on if I need to.
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Click on my name and you will see where it takes you you to my profiles.    I had a breast reduction and lift the year before my tummy tuck.  I was glad that I did the procedures separately.  
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OMG you look amazing. I can't wait to get in a two pieces.
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Thank you.  I have a bad habit of hitting the swim suit sale racks every August.  Last year I found 9 bikinis at Macy's for a total of $56.00.  Now that's my kind of shopping.
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I can't wait to add that to my list of bad habits..lol
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LOL..go girl!
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