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44 Year Old Mother of 2 - Evansville, IN

First, I am so thankful to this site, you ladies...

First, I am so thankful to this site, you ladies have prepared me for a new chapter in my life. I have wanted to do this since 1996 but just never got the nerves up, but now is the time. My stomach has always been a point of concern for me, but as you all know this is not an inexpensive surgery, however I'm ready. I'm having a tummy tuck as well as lipo on my inner thigh December 15, 2014. I'm wondering if I should have lip on my back as well. Has anyone had that? Does that yield better results?

Moved my date up

Hello ladies! I had my PS appointment today and it is official I will be having my surgery December 9 and Dr Gutter will be my surgeon. He is absolutely wonderful, I went to two other PS before him and they simple did not compare. He has put me at ease and I feel really good about his ability to give me the results that I expect. I'm having tummy tuck, and lipo of my arms and legs. I'm so excited..

Time moving to slow

Hello my realself family. Today is not a good day for me as I'm starting to doubt my decision. My weight lose is going very slow. I've only lost 4lbs with my goal being 12. December just seems like it is never going to get here. Oh it doesn't help that this is my last year in school which now I have to try and focus on that. It just seems to be so much going on. My husband is very supportive and my children think its awesome that I am finally doing this. But for me today is just not a good day. How is everyone else doing? Is anyone feeling depressed with how slow time is moving? Just 101 days left, come on December.

Stressful week

Good morning ladies, I have really enjoyed reading all the Nov success stories. I was contemplating rescheduling my surgery due to major complications in my life right now, but my daughters would not hear of it. So ladies I need to vent for a moment: I've been with my husband for 28 years and our marriage is in complete turmoil right now which has me completely devastated and depressed. I know you shouldn't go into a surgery with these types of emotions so I'm praying really hard for God to release this stress: Oh I needed to say all that out loud. Now as for my weight lose I'm not trying anymore I'm happy where I'm at currently,143. I'm just so ready to be on the flat side and get my confidence back. Have a great day ladies. Pictures coming soon.

Its time

Ladies as promised here are my before pictures, I'm so ready for a new look. I have to be at the surgery center at 7am and surgery is from 8am - 12pm. My journey started back in June and I can hardly believe the time has come. I have enjoyed reading all the success stories and pray that I am among one of you soon. I will update as soon as I can. God bless

I did it

Whew its over. My surgery started at 8am and I finally was able to go home at 5pm. I felt no pain at all yesterday just discomfort because they do not want you to walk upright. This morning I'm still not feeling any pain at all, my doctor prescribed me Loratab 7.5. I go to my post-op today at 3pm. I do not have on any compression garments, I"m assuming he's going to do this today. I had quit a bit of drainage yesterday, which may explain why he waits to put on the compression garments. I'll upload pictures later today. For all you ladies, having a tt I highly recommend a walker and a high rise toilet. I slept in my recliner last night and it was perfect. But most of all I can not believe I'm in no pain, that is the part that had me most scared judging from what others have said. I pray this continues.

Getting worried

Good evening ladies. Had my surgery on Tuesday and have yet to have a bowel movement, needless to say I'm extremely worried. I'm taking a stool softener, linzess, eating protein bars and drinking protein shakes but nothing. I'm passing gas but that's it... Any ideas?

What a relief

OMG, had my first BM today, feels like a load was released off of me and the good news is I had two,,,yeppy.. I pray all you women and men are healing wonderfully. I will post pictures soon, my daughter loves to procrastinate when it comes to me. My support team has been extremely wonderful, I've done nothing but sit and relax and commit to doing absolutely nothing. My husband helped me to take a wash up yesterday which felt amazing, I had to get all the stickiness off my body, rubbing alcohol to the rescue. So as for my cg, I spent 176 dollars for two from makemeheal.com. I also purchased two leggings and a tummy shapper from Walmart (flexxes) by far the ones from Walmart are the best. They aren't crouchless but they are more comfortable and not much of a pain to pull down, and the price difference was about $100. As far as what size compression garment to purchase buy a size up from the size you wear now and you should be good.


Hello! So my drains are not producing anything I'm almost sure they are coming out tomorrow and as soon as they do I'm snapping pictures I'm so ready to see and share with you all. I do fill tremendously different, even with the swelling. I have been using ace bandage on lipo area (arms, knees and legs) because my garments was simply on my nerves. They work great and there cheap. I'm keeping everything covered for at least 22 hours in between time I apply itch cream. Have a wonderful night and I'll update tomorrow.

One week today

I had my po yesterday, can't say enough about Dr Guido. He removed my drain tubes and some of the stitches from lipo, a breeze. All is well ladies, I took my first shower today and man was I wore out. I'm very swollen but my spirits are high, this too shall pass. I pray everyone is doing great and healing wonderful.

Swell Hell you aren't welcomed here

Good evening ladies! I pray you are all healing well and make wise decisions. I know I just posted pictures yesterday, but lordy, I'm so swollen today I thought I should share. I woke up fine but as the day progressed, the more I expanded, lucky me... My stomach feels so heavy. I'm going to try and eat tonight, the only thing I've eaten since my surgery is oranges, protein and fiber bars, watermelon and protein shakes. My bowels thank the lord are moving just fine, so I know this swelling isn't from constipation. Ladies, don't get it twisted, I'm not complaining I'll take the swelling over what I had, I'm just ready to show off... Have a fabulous evening lades.
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