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44 Year Old Mother of 3 - Evansville, IN

First, I am so thankful to this site, you ladies...

First, I am so thankful to this site, you ladies have prepared me for a new chapter in my life. I have wanted to do this since 1996 but just never got the nerves up, but now is the time. My stomach has always been a point of concern for me, but as you all know this is not an inexpensive surgery, however I'm ready. I'm having a tummy tuck as well as lipo on my inner thigh December 15, 2014. I'm wondering if I should have lip on my back as well. Has anyone had that? Does that yield better results?

Moved my date up

Hello ladies! I had my PS appointment today and it is official I will be having my surgery December 9 and Dr Gutter will be my surgeon. He is absolutely wonderful, I went to two other PS before him and they simple did not compare. He has put me at ease and I feel really good about his ability to give me the results that I expect. I'm having tummy tuck, and lipo of my arms and legs. I'm so excited..
Evansville Plastic Surgeon

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Welcome to the community.  Glad to hear you found inspiration from the RealSelf ladies:)

I can't wait to see your results.
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Thank you so much. Your journey was so inspiring to read and very informative. I haven been able to find the pictures of your before and after, how do I see them. Also, did you have breast augmentation? I have that scheduled but am now having second thoughts on if I need to.
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Click on my name and you will see where it takes you you to my profiles.    I had a breast reduction and lift the year before my tummy tuck.  I was glad that I did the procedures separately.  
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OMG you look amazing. I can't wait to get in a two pieces.
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Thank you.  I have a bad habit of hitting the swim suit sale racks every August.  Last year I found 9 bikinis at Macy's for a total of $56.00.  Now that's my kind of shopping.
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I can't wait to add that to my list of bad habits..lol
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LOL..go girl!
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