39 Years Old, Two C-sections and an Appendectomy Left Me with an "Apron" Evansville, IN

I have gain weight and lost weight, but nothing...

I have gain weight and lost weight, but nothing changed the "mother's apron" I had that hung over my c-section scar. I had two children via c-section and then an open appendectomy later. I had no muscle left below the belly button. I finally decided I was not going to live with the pooch anymore.

My journey week by week

Weekly update

Week 2

Week 2 photos

Week 3

Week 4

Looking good!
Looking great! Thanks for adding the photos! They really do help! Your scar looks wonderful, and low! When was your surgery? Looks like you are healing up really fast! Keep up the good work! Fantastic!
My surgery was May 27th. I think it is pretty well healed up. My belly button still has a little healing to do, but the tummy scar no longer has any scabs or anything.

Week 5

How was your pain? Have you returned to work?
I teach and am off for the summer. I won't have to return to work until early August. My pain was not bad at all. I took pain meds religiously for the first few days. My ab muscles were really tight. I was walking upright in just under a week. Drains were out in a few days. By week 3 I was sitting on the beach in Florida on vacation. I am still having some swelling (mostly in my thighs).
Wow, I'm so excited. Did you buy a special compression garment or rent a hospital bed or remote recliner? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be as prepared as possible.

36 days post-op

Still swelling in the thighs. Thigh compression garment took it down a bit overnight. Belly button stitches fell out after my shower today. Scar is healing nicely I think.
You are progressing very nicely! Time heals and I know it's hard to wait for final results, trust me I'm anxiously awaiting for mine as well. Looking good!
WOW!! You look nice and flat ;-)

Week 6

Had a follow up today with my doc. He's happy with progress. He said at about the two month mark I will have a good idea what the final result will look like. Still swollen for now, but my belly button is starting to look real.
You look awesome! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to (I'm 14 dpo). ;)
Looking good!
What a dramatic difference already! Wow, you look great! That's cool how doc told you final results are still coming. Mine said the same. Happy healing!

Week 7

Finally feeling flat. My hips and thighs are not cooperating. I have been hitting the exercise bike or the treadmill for 15-20 minutes a day. That's about all I can do. Exercise does increase the swelling and soreness a bit.
CJ1999, thank you so much for sharing your journey. It's nice to actually be connect to someone who is going to the same surgeon you will be going to. You look amazing, I keep having to stroll back to your before pictures, in complete amazement at how flat your stomach is now. Please keep posting. Do you have any helpful advise?
Take your pain pills faithfully for the first few days. However, be sure to take a stool softener every day. You will not have the stomach muscles to struggle going to the bathroom. Avoid carbonated beverages as much as possible. They caused me to bloat bad.
Thank you

Week 9

Still swelling but feeling more normal. Some numbness at the incision line. I started a new diet program this week and have dropped a few pounds. Fingers crossed I can lose some more!

12 weeks

Well I've been back to work for a few weeks now. I'm still having some swelling after being in my feet all day. My belly button is looking good though. I do have some knots beneath the incision. Dr says that is normal suture healing. Next visit with doc will be for my "after" photos!
You look great! Everything is healing so nicely!

Week 20 -after

Today is my last visit with Dr. Gutter and time for my after photos. By my count it has been about 20 weeks since surgery. I am very happy with my results. I still have work to do. My body is by no means perfect and I’m not a size 2. However, that sagging gut that has haunted me for years is finally gone. I have a tight stomach and a nice belly button. The rest is up to me. I still have some tightness at times and even a little swelling. I have a little numbness at the incision, but otherwise my stomach feels pretty natural. I couldn’t be happier with my results and with Dr. Gutter.
CJ,I have been thinking about you, it looks like things are going well. You look amazing, I go Dec. 9 and can't wait. How much weight have you lost if any? Thanks for sharing your journey.
I have lost 10 pounds since the surgery. I have been trying to eat better and exercise a little more. I wear a fitbit and track my steps. I also ride a stationary bike a few days a week. You are definitely in good hands with Dr. Gutter. I wish you the best of luck.
WOW!!!! Tiny waist, that's awesome!
Evansville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gutter is the best. He has a wonderful beside manner. He does not overcharge his patients and is very sympathetic regarding the financial costs of this surgery. I can reach him anytime for questions regardless of how silly they might be.

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