This is going to my journal for all Of you to read...

This is going to my journal for all
Of you to read on how sometimes PS aren't honest with you and when you trust them and they do this.. Please feel free to ask me anything or comment in any way. I will not be hurt or angered with any of them. I just hope that my experience will help others. Process takes 6 months. And all I wanted was an eye job and they talked me into this.

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Day One.

I was so excited this day that I went to have this done, I was thinking "wow, I my eyes are going to look great, and after a week of this sunburn look, I wont have to wear any makeup and I am going to look so much younger"
WRONG.. Was never informed about how long and how horrible this process really is,. I did my research on this laser and NOT ONE PERSON has ever told there story or spoken about HOW THIS REALLY WORKS. Well I will be the Voice and Hopefully make PS be honest and not do what mine did to me.
I only wanted my eyes lifted, I don't like the skin that has overlapped and this is what THEY TOLD WOULD MAKE IT GO AWAY. That was BS. Here are the photos of my process, I am now on the second phase of the process and 6 weeks in.

More of the process

so, for the first week you use BIO 2, a cleanser and balm. Its a very painful process, you have 2nd degree burns. this wasn't anything that I had signed up for. If it wasn't for the valium I don't think I would of made it. I just thought to myself, " Jessica, this isn't going to make your eyes look good at all, oh lord what have they done"
Well I had to go back in a week due to my BA and we spoke, the PS and I and of course his Wife Julie, (who is always there trying to say how WONDERFUL YOU LOOK ) anyway, I explained that I wanted a eye life not 2nd degree burns, they reassured me that it would be ok.
your welcome!! I am so happy that I have found this Community and hopefully help other women when it comes to PS. I feel as if I my voice can be heard and help, then I sleep better at night. As women we put our trust in Doctors and look at them as someone that will be honest and Help us, not lie and hurt us. I really wish there was a way that we could make them more honest, but I believe with this Community OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD and THE PS will change the way they do business and maybe lose clients due to there LIES.

The weeks of depression

Well being involved in a horrible accident last year in Nov. and almost dying, I really wanted to do some things to make myself feel
Better. I am left with many scars due to my surgeries and really wanted to do something to make ME feel better. So I really put my faith into the hands of this PS and felt he had compassion and would never do anything to hurt me. I mean he could see my scars and the pain I already had in my eyes. So I asked him about having my eyes done. He was so so so excited about this new laser SCION and how "women were lining up around the block" ( his exact words) that my eyes would be lifted and my skin would be so flawless and blah blah blah. And I believed him.. So I said YES. Not once was I informed about the 4-6 month recovery and the scars that might be left behind or the countless hours of more lost sleep worrying because of how horrible I look now. I wake up praying that when I look in the mirror It will some how be fine, only to see the horrible reflection of the scars and dark lines. The countless covering up the dark lines and the horrible circles around my eyes ( the eyes that were suppose to be so beautiful and uplifted)..
It's been nothing but depression and worry for me..
So here I go with telling you how this process works. Please do not do this!! Or please make sure that you are Informed and given all the details..

The products

These are the products that use.. Then move to obiagi, your sunscreen is only 30 ( really !! ) and you can use any other sunscreen on your face! Unreal! I wear the sunscreen, a ton of makeup, and a big hat, big sunglasses.


Here they are

Pros and cons

Well so far there aren't any positive things to say.. It's all been horrible and no change. Also remember that all I wanted was a eye lift and had good skin before. My skin is now darkened and has to be covered. No sun at all and very depressing.
I will keep posting, but I believe the community is more about BA.
This is 6 weeks in and no change in eyes or skin.
Will start the Obagi Line next week. Going to use this product all first.
Hope maybe this will make a change.
I know it won't with my eyes.:-(

August 4 2013

More pictures of how horrible my face looks.. Thank you doctor Zeig.. You have really made my life more depressing.:


The great laser..
I pray this helps people


It just gets more depressing and harder on me everyday. I really wish I never did this. I wish someone would of had written their story about this laser and I would have never done it. I didn't want it, I wanted my eyes lifted and wake up to this every morning.. And I know he won't refund my money and I know that I wouldn't trust him to do anything else. Unreal
Another dishonest, money hungry PS who doesn't care about people.

Started the obiagi line

Will start giving you my weekly progress
I go back to see him August 27..
I wish I could just turn back time and have my eyes done and have my pretty face back.. Going to call tomorrow to see what the strength was on the laser for all of you who have asked

Called PS

Called to get strength of laser, haven't heard back. Not happy
Eyes burn and look worse each day. Guess
I need to find someone who can do my eyes after all this.. Need to know if I have any legal support for dishonesty ...

Called the PS

Called the office yesterday and asked what strength was used on my face and of course no return call. Documenting each day and each phone call, there has to be someone out here who can help me with answers, I have asked the doctors on this website and they haven't replied to my answer. Guess that means that basically my face is messed up and no one wants to be honest and tell me it is.. Hopefully legal action can happen and I can help other women.
This story just breaks my heart, you poor thing. I honestly dont think your face looks that bad, but that's probably also because i didn't see your face much before the proceedure. I hope that if you do seek legal action you have a good outcome, and that your face continues to heal and get better. On a different note your boobs look absolutely amazing! Xx
Well thank you.. I pray everyday.. I just wish I had done my eyes and weren't talked into this face laser procedure. I keep posting and there is a couple of before pictures, it's very depressing to me, but with god and support of my family and friends and this community, I make it.. :-)

Well guess what!!!!!

Well called them on Tuesday and again today, it's Friday. They said that Julie has my file on her desk, but they been busy ( REALLY!!)
And my skin is peeling, and I need some answers! They now they screwed me and they are trying to fix it in my file! How hard was it to call me back and tell me what strength they used on my face with the laser, it's NOT.. UNREAL.. just goes to show that they know they F€\>|?ED UP AND WON'T SHOW ME ANY RESPECT.. Glad I document everything. I am sure when I put my ad In the paper asking for other victims and place a billboard in front of his office, that will get some attention and maybe have something good happen to me with another doctor seeing that and doing a pro-bono case for me.. Very depressing and angry. I need answers and they Won't help me..
Wow.. Well I guess I am going to have to go there today and get some answers, I called last week 2 times and today is Tuesday and no reply. I am thinking of placing some ads in the paper and see if I can find some more women who have had these problems with them.. Thank you for sharing with me, and yes I heard he was a good doctor. He really is with the BA but they both knew I wanted my eyes and never explained the Laser Process and still won't.. I Go back August 27 and it probably won't go to well, but he will continue to see me since I paid for all this. Please let me know if you know anyone else and send me a private message and I will start and contact a lawyer and see if we can file some sort of lawsuit because they are giving wrong procedures and screwing up people's faces. Yes Julie runs that office and controls Dr.Zeig, sad!! He needs to be in charge!! He is the doctor all she is a Licensed Estihician. So all she allowed to do is give peels, facials but nothing major, so I need to find out what all she has done, because it the law.i have my license in Kentucky and we were required to have 1000 hours and Indiana is only 700. But anyway, thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about you I am trying to post some pictures but something seems to be wrong with my page. Like I said,if you have any friends have them send me a private message and I will get back to them. Take care
I went to Dr. Zieg before he married Julie, she was just an employee there.. He was a good man and a great doctor, but I think since he married her things have changed DRAMATICLY ... She does talk you into doing things that you don't really want to do ( even before he married her, and now she's much more aggressive! ).. I wanted a lower face lift and ended up with lipo under the chin (that I haven't been satisfied with) .. They always tell you that it can take up to a year to see finall results, but it never got any better, as a matter of fact, I think it looked its best right afterwards before the swelling went completely away... I'm so sorry you went through so much.. I hope you are better soon and find a new doctor to do your eyes.. Thank you for posting your story and the photos for us all to see the true results of this procedure...

Another Week

Well well well, something not right. My face is peeling and I have called the doctor 2 times and no return phone call.. Must be trying to cover up something or they know they did me wrong.. Here are some photos of my skin now..


Well I just finally decided that Julie wasn't going to call me back, so I called and ask for Dr.Zeig. Never did I think he would answer!! Well, so..eyes @ 80/50 and around mouth 400 microns and 100 microns everywhere else. I explained to him that I felt very mislead by them and that they did not educate me enough on the process or I would have never never done this. He reassured me that my eyes would look great (?????) and that I would not have any scaring on my face and it would all go away. He will do whatever it takes to make this right.. ( ????? )
WHICH I BELIEVE HE SHOULD. I also asked him "if my eyes are the main issue, why isn't there an eye cream in my Obagi kit?" He said we would look into it on Tuesday. So girls, what do you think??? I did tell him I loved my Breasts . I just don't want to look like a monster and have to wear makeup everyday.. Not what I signed up for.. We will see


Tomorrow is my appointment and go over all this
I pray it goes well and that they don't treat me with any disrespect . I am the client and they should make me happy and I should receive what I paid for.. We will see
Will post tonorrow

2 months

Well I have to say that finally I see the difference, not that I am over excited, I still have to see what happens with the color around my eyes and see what happens with the skin over lapping on my eyes. But I do see a change with the following photos, I have been given a topical steroid for the color around my eyes ( dark skin ) ELCON CREAM. And I hope that it helps.
Today he put me more at ease and the photos did help. I will keep you updated. Just want everyone to know that the process might not be for you, I still, if I had to, would just have had the eyes done. ( at this point ) now maybe @ 4 months I will see a bigger difference. But I am being honest about my opinions and will keep telling you my process..

4 months

Tomorrow will be 4 months .. My eyes are not lifted like I would or have wanted.. Not worth it..

Thanks for the update, sorry to hear you are not happy with your results :(


4 months.. Follow up

Sorry everyone been really busy with other things right now.. ( PT )
I will be writing about and showing pictures by Monday..
Thank you for your feedback, and private emails that I have received.. I will answer those as well.
Much love..
Other than perhaps. It educating you thoroughly enough or ensuring that you ha a proper understanding of why to expect from the laser as well as the peeling process involved when beginning some OBAGI lines this seems to be normal for an aggressive laser resurfacing/tightening procedure. Some photos seems to show some mild hyper pigmentation in the early stages. If thus is still present I would suggest a 2-4% hydraquinone cream to prevent long twe PIF (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) that is a possible side effect from laser therapy of all wavelengths to various degrees. I'm happy to hear that you have sine been reassured. Best wishes!
Stupid auto correct lol
Well Let me see what this next visit will do, and his comments then And then me filing a complaint .. Maybe he should offer to pay me back and we part ways and I go have a real doctor fix his mistake .. Since all I wanted was my eyes done Now I look like a freak

Dec 10,

Look like crap
Have to wear makeup every day
Can't leave the house like I use to be able to.. Very hard on me and makes me more depressed. I already have enough to deal with with my car accident and those scars now I have to Look like a freak ... Unreal

More photos

Going to go out in the light and take a few more
I think the recent picture shows a really nice improvement in your skin and around your eyes. What you went through to get there sounds horrible, but your skin looks very nice now! Try to think about helping others and improving lives less fortunate than you, your life will improve more than you could imagine. Annie
Stop beating yourself up ! You're beautiful . The recent pics look good !
Thank you


Dr. Zieg and I worked out our issues
And I would have this done for reasons other then for eyes. I am happy with him and he is going to fix my eyes ( what was what I wanted in the beginning ) and do some light therapy for some of the redness. If you want younger skin or have acne scars please look Into this laser. The only thing is the downtime and the process does take 6-12 months for the final results. I know I have made some comments that were harsh, but now finally having a real heart to heart with ( 2 hour conversation ) I am happy and thankful for Dr.Zeig. He is a Great PS, he is amazing at Botox and any injections he does!!! And also for breasts. I would never go anywhere else... 100000000% Wonderful Doctor
I just read all the post on here and I'm glad I did, I have thinking about having this done and having the truth told I will now go a differant way. I truly hope things work out for you all. It's the inner scars that hurt the most. I would take legal action.
Thanks for the update! Glad that you are happy! These types of procedures can try your patience at times. :)
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

Please make sure your doctor shows you photos of other clients And they explain that the process takes up to a year.... Not worth it!!! And make sure your PS has done it before, I am a victim in this one.. Good luck to others...

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