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I am 26 years old. I have always wanted to get...

I am 26 years old. I have always wanted to get this surgery done. I've talked myself out of it numerous of times. I finally got it done April 4, 2013 in Evansville Indiana by Dr. Sandefur. He is at the Women's Hospital. I read a lot about this surgery and the good and bad stories. I went into surgery at 8am. I was out of the door heading home by 1030am. I went under general anesthesia. I did not feel pain at all my first day. I basically slept the whole day I got back from surgery. I iced the area constantly that day. I read a lot of women having problems urinating. I have not had a problem. Everytime I urinate I use a spray bottle to spray water to rinse off the urine and use a towel to tap it dry. I also started taking arnica Montana a couple days before my surgery and I continue to take it now. I don't know if its really helped or not? I am bruised and a little swollen but I don't think it's that bad. 2 weeks before my surgery I started taking vitamin c and b complex. I'm still taking those afterwards as well. My doctor told me not to take baths. I read some stories where the women take sitz baths but I'm going to go ahead and listen to doctor about this. I took a shower the following morning of surgery. Doctor told me just to let the water run down and not to use soap on that area. Had no problem with that either. Today is my 3rd day and I have just took a loratab in morning and before bed. My pain is not bad at all. Oh also I forgot my doc gave me some cream to put on myself 3 times a day. It is anecream:topical anesthetic cream. Day 2 I started using Tucks pads. They help out a lot! I have used for some bruising around my outer lips arnica cream. It has helped a little bit as well. Only thing that really bothers me is that sometimes my regular pads stick to my stitches or sometimes sticks to the dry blood and its not pleasant. Even though its not pretty right now I can already tell a huge difference! I can't wait to see the final results! I've been taking daily pics of the progress. My doc told me not to look at all but can't help it.

It's been a week now since my surgery. Healing is...

It's been a week now since my surgery. Healing is going great. My stitches are starting to dissolve and my bruising and swelling are starting to go away. My only concern is the top part of the labia looks a little too big but I know after reading many reviews it will not look normal for a long time. I am adding a picture of my before and 1 week post op. I went back to work my 5th day and I didn't make it all day. I was hurting and had to go back home and ice and take a pain pill but I feel fine now. It's uncomfortable sometimes but I can really tell that I'm going through the healing process. I'm still very happy that I made this decision.
OMG, is that a post-op pic. The dr. butched you. you should sue him.
That is a rude comment. I'm swollen. It takes a long time to heal.
sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I've done so much research on this everybody says they healed in less than a week. I don't know if that's your pic, but it doesn't look normal. You seriously need to get it checked out by another doctor. you're not supposed to look like that. It doesn't look like a human vagina.

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery and everything...

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery and everything is going great. Itching from the stitches dissolving but that's about it. I'm ready to see final results. Reading a bunch of stories on here and other blogs everyone has different time frames of when they think they have seen final results. I know it will take time but I'm already very happy with results.
@Shell4545 I did not have a clitoral hood removed but even though I do not regret my decision and love my outcome, I do wish I got my clitoral hood removed. Arnica Montana helps with preventing bruising and swelling. It took me a good month half to completely heal. Stitches are dissolved. Sometimes it's still sensitive when I have sex and when I wash. A lot of reviews I have read have said it takes a long time for it to go back to normal. June 4th will be 2 months for me. I'm happy with results.
did you have the clitoral hood removed as well?
what is Arnica Montana and how does it help? and the Vitamin C and B complex how do they help? I know Vitamin C is an immune booster so might help prevent infection?

2months post op

Everything is going great. Sensitive sometimes and it still changes in looks but I'm happy I got the surgery done.
Photo number 2 is your post op?
Thank you for sharing your story. I understand completely the discomfort. I am an athletic trainer and am very self conscious about certain clothes and stretch positions that my labia minors are very noticeable. Also cycling is horribly uncomfortable. I do not live near you and the procedure in my area is roughly 5 grand.... Booooo how is your recovery now? And yes in my research I am expecting a minimum of 3 months for full recovery and swelling to completely go down. Although you had to tolerate some obvious clueless and judge mental people to post your story it is so appreciated by fellow sisters like myself. Thank you! :)
Henry67288, respect your opinion. But you have no idea what you are talking about. So until you have a vagina yourself then I would not comment. Thanks :)
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