Skin Culture 4000 Chemical Peel - Be VERY Careful You Only Have One Face - Europe

This is a chemical peel of come sort - it's...

This is a chemical peel of come sort - it's not natural. In essence it looks easy and looks as though it's going to work.

I am a black woman and purchased this to get rid of spots and get an even skin tone.

What went wrong: I applied as instructed and left the eyes area. After I finished with the peel - 7 days later, everywhere else was VERY DARK except for the eye area. almost 6 weeks later I can see a clear line around my eyes - like a panda. My neck looks like I am wearing a scarve because it is so dark in comparison to my chest. I now wear a scarf to hide my neck and I don't go outside regularly because I am now 4 shades darker than before.

In hind sight I should have gone with natural peels from aveda or maybe the green peel, although slightly expensive at least it's safe.

If you do decide to purchase this product also make sure you use the normaliser in very small amounts because, although the bottle looks big from outside, it's actually small inside - it's shallow. So you could end up without normaliser.

Currently I am using other natural products in order to get my skin back to normal but it's difficult. As I mentioned, we are coming up to 6 weeks if not more and I look VERY VERY DARK. To give you a comparison, I think I have gone from gabrielle union to darker than wesley snipes.

Pain - It is VERY painful when you apply the peel. It stings and I had never experienced that much pain. It's definitely not for the faint hearted.

I have photos but I can't upload them now.

Hi, after reading your experience, I thought I should share what happened to me when I used Skin Culture around August this year. I initally had some red marks (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) on my forehead from acne. I thought that if I used Skin Culture 4000, it would improve these marks. After about two applications my skin had became swollen, bright red, infected and weeping. I continued with the product for the 4 days until I could see that it was impossible. My skin soon started to peel, not in nice layers as it says, but in flakes. The normalizer cream didn’t do a thing and hurt more when I put it on. The worst of it was because my skin had began to weep this yellowy- clearish liquid- it hardened forming some sort of yellowy pus crust thing. When this crust came off after about a week, the area was still swollen and hurt like hell. About a month ago when I emailed Skin Culture asking for a refund they declined because I apparently hadn't done the patch test properly. In reality, I had done a patch test, for one day on a small area on my neck. However, it got red but didnt’ weep with pus to a noticeable extent. However, I just assumed the redness and itchiness was normal. I had told Skin Culture, about what happened, and they asked how I recovered - I had to go to a doctor to get antibiotics. - this was Skin Culture International by the way. However, they still refused to refund my money. I paid around $250 for Skin Culture 4000. I believe it must be a scam or something, otherwise why wouldn't they return my money for a product that didn't work.
Skin Culture

No I wouldn't. They were not helpful at all. Only when purchasing the product. Poor customer service after purchasing. Very rude and would never deal with them again.

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