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Hello to everyone. As most of people in this page...

Hello to everyone. As most of people in this page i hate my nose. I have a bulbous wide long nose...i have the biggest problem with my front view ,cause that's what bothers me the most...Sometimes Im so embarrased to talk to people ,and I always put my hand in front cause I dont want them to see what an ugly nose I have..Im afraid of talking to guys I like cause they all think ''woww such a beautiful girl ..with a horrible nose''/....Im so tired of wearing sunglasses everytime I walk out of home , Im tired of watching myself in the mirror , and not liking what I see....I really cant anymore... looks funny but a single nose can ruin a life!! Years are passing by and I still havent done my plastic surgery. There are many reasons..First i dont have the money to pay the procedure ,and my parents think im stupid for even thinking of doing a plastic surgery. I live in a small country in Europe and things here are different..they dont even agree for me to get a job before finishing university :((( Im so sad there anyone that feels the same ,or am I the only stupid girl to hate my nose so much? Is there anyone who has done a plastic surgery and their life has changed after it??

added some photos..


It drives me crazy that my parents dont understand me...I am so ugly with this nose ...Im starting to think I should get a part time job and I wont tell them...its gonna be hard cause I dont have permission to go out at night...after i finish school im always home...Im dying to fix my nose and then go at least once to a party in some disco :( :PP haha anyways im still have hope :))

Im sorry for the mistakes I do but english its not my native language :(

Things are not going well :((

No progress at all. I dont understand how can my parents not see how much unhappy I am? And how can they think that what I wanna do is just stupid...I hate my self cause whenever I bring this topic up , tears start showing in my eyes without no reason and i cant even argue with them hahah ! And then my dad thinks im just obsessed and this obsession shall pass ugggg!!! I told him its not an obsession , I have a problem and I need to fix it . Since plastic surgery exists why not fix it ..

I just wanna feel happy with my reflection in the mirror , i wanna feel good with myself..Im not even scared of the surgery (usually i faint even when i see my own blood) but in this case im not scared at all. I just wanna do it , i really hope it turns out good , but even if it doesnt at least i'll say I tried ..

Anyways tonight my mom promissed she will talk to my father and bring me an answer of the decission he has made. Lets hope for the best xxx

Good News

Finally I can see a small light in this tunnel! My dad said he would think about this ( before he used to say a big NOOOOO ) I think he finally realised how important this is to me. I know its big cash to pay but i told him he should consider this as a loan , and that i will get him back every penny in the second i finish school and find a job.

I guess its a 80% yes since my mom was smiling and dad was in a good mood. Lets hope he'll get a decision by the end of this month ,so I could do the surgery at least in May ...and finally enjoy summer without being ashamed of my nose!! Yayy fingers crossed and i'll let you guys now how things are going..thank you so much to all for supporting me and saying im beautiful without even knowing me...!!! thanks again


So we went to the doctor to make a consult. The clinic is actually in the capital city so we had to make a drive in there and meet him ..I liked him. A LOT. He basically said the cons and pros of the surgery , said there is a 4% of possibility that i wouldnt like the result , he also said that he made lots of noses like mines and told me exactly what i wanted to change ,without me even saying it...But I told him i want the nose to suit my face , i mean a nose this big really looks bad , but a nose too small would look bad too! He agreed and said our family should disscus this at home and take a decision . Didnt said ''I SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS and blabla like my other consult with another doctor went'' .So everything seemed to be going great until the moment my scary dad with a scary voice asked him how much will the surgery cost. The doctor named the prince and my dad said ''you plastic surgeons are going to be billionaires by doing these stupid things and convincing girls like my daughter to go through a knife just to be happy with themselves!'' How embarrasing. Like its the doctor's fault that I want a better nose...oh my god ...Anyways i got really angry with him and he got angry with me , he said I should get more worried about school and not about noses and stuff like that! Like I didnt worried for school all my life , i spend my whole life studying , during highschool my friends were all getting kissed and having boyfriends and going to party ,and I was studying home and learning english and french and german and shit arggg!! Not that I regret noone of this..i would never prefer being a stupid girl who only knows how to party and paint her nails...but I just wanna feel good about myself , want to have some self esteem ... anyways lol its kind of an angry situation going on in I had to take urgent causes and call the savior. MOM . Since i wouldnt talk to him , i told her to talk to him and ask him what was he gonna do. He said there are a lot of money involved but since I seem to care so much about this , in the moment he gets the amount ( we have all our money in my uncle's company and he gives us the monthly interest) he will take me to do the crazy surgery ( my dad calls this a crazy surgery and a total waste of money) but anyways there is hope and in a month or two maximum i will be happy. Finally . :P

Questions !!

So If everything goes as planned ,Im having surgery in July or June (depends the 3 weeks of holiday we receive from school but Im not sure when) So i wanted to ask you guys ..who do I tell about the surgery? Now only my mom and dad know about this ,and my uncle's family heard me saying like a million times long time ago that I want a surgery and blabla so they are kind of familiar with this concept...I dont want many people to know ,but I think everyone will notice since its such a big change. It's right in the middle of my face and everyone knows I have a big nose ,so they'll understand when I show up with a smaller one. And it's a small town so the word goes mouth by should I tell everyone Im having surgery? :(

I also put some new photos of different angles of my nose (hoping these are the last photos where my nose looks that horrible)

Mixed feelings

Im so weird. I've always been. Now that I am this near to do the surgery (which I wanted all my life) im starting to get mixed feelings. What if it changes all my face? What if I end up uglier?...And All of these can happend ..I know..but its a risk I should take..I can end up worse...but what if I end up better? So I will go throght with it no matter what happend next.

Getting Ready!

Hello peoplee :p
Its been a long time since my last update buttt I have been studying very hard for my finals ,cause this was a condition my dad put me ..if I do very good on my finals I'll get a new nose :p hahah ...actually the surgery was planed long before finals arrive but whatever I want to make him happy , and I know school is the thing he aprecciates the most.

So back to the main subject. My surgery is planed by the end of the month ( if everything goes as planned) ...still cant think and get ready for it cause my final test is on july 15...I have to get rid of that and than start getting ready for the surgery :D
I feel pretty good ..of course Im scared ..what if it turns out worse ??? but I really trust my surgeon and hope everything goes good.
Im so thrilled of getting a new nose ,I think I may actually learn how to do an eyeliner hahah ...i cant believe it...I know changing a nose wont make me beautiful but at least it could make me feel better with myself..maybe Ill even be more secure

One of my best friend told me to start straigtening my hair and get a new colour cause ive never colored my hair...and my mom wouldnt let me anyways...can I do something alse to draw atention from the new nose? maybe straigten them?

photo +18 lol

i marked the tip which the doctor said it needs some good work..the tip is a main concern cause it hangs and its just too big
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You already have beautiful hair, eyes, and lips and will be stunning after a nose refinement surgery. Good luck!
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Lets hope I wont end up worse :P haha thank you very much...I remember you and your review without even checking it now , your nose turned out great..:)
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Haha that's awesome. Glad it could help.
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So glad that your surgery has been scheduled! Yay! Keep us posted. : ))
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I wont be sure until I see myself in the surgery room :P haha my dad switches his mind from minute to minute lol
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You have such beautiful eyes! I went through the same thing thinking that a smaller but natural nose will overall make you even more stunning
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Thank you!! The doctor said by himself that a ''too small nose'' wouldnt fit my face..Im just wishing for a normal one to match my face :))
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Your welcome its true (: i think a subtle change is all that is needed to fit your face perfectly. Are you getting a tiplasty? I also thought i might look weird with a tiny nose so i opted for a natural nose for my face to bring out my eyes and lips.
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Nice to see you back. Good luck with surgery!
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Thank you zooster! :* how is everything going for you? you are very kind :)
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Thank you eveyone for your kind comments! I cant believe you people are so supportive :D sorry for not replying i dont know whats wrong everytime i press reply ,it says error blabla O.o ...i see there are some people who think i shouldnt do this ,cause it will turn out worse...but im not happy with it ,and i wont ever be happy if at least i dont try to improve it :(
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Hey!!! Loved your honesty on here! I go through the same feelings as you, although our noses are very different. I have huge bump on my nose, as well it just being overly large. But wanna hear something funny? I really kinda like your nose, and I think with a subtle rhinoplasty you're going to be through the moon happy. I like your nose, the shape because your look is very exotic, and you have bold features. So with it without you're beautiful for sure! But I think it's a grea decision if you feel as though it will make you happy. That's all there is to it. Only you know what you want and I support ya, it'll come out great!
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You are very beautiful and I completely understand why you would like to do your nose. I felt the same way for years. I went to many doctors over the years without telling anyone and when I found the right doctor, I knew he was the one. When that happens to you, just do it. It'll be hard adjusting to your new look at first, but when your nose finally heals and looks better you'll be wondering why you waited so long. And don't worry about what other people say. It is their duty to tell you you're beautiful as you are, but at the end it only matters how you feel about yourself.
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I know exactly how you feel, I thought all the same questions you have before I got my surgery - "what if it looks worse?", "what if it totally changes my face?", "do I even need to do this?" Honestly, you have really beautiful features, and while I agree with some others saying your nose gives you character, I can also understand why you don't like it. With that said - bulbous noses like ours are considered to be a more complex type of rhinoplasty. My advice to you would be to do a lot of research and find the best surgeon you can. If it means waiting until you have a job and can afford to spend more, so be it. Of course, higher cost doesn't always mean higher quality. I live in NYC and there are surgeons here who charge $20,000 and still botch noses. My point is - do your research. Ask to Speak to other patients. Don't rush into this. Its very important for your first rhinoplasty to be with a very skilled and experienced surgeon, because once done badly, they are hard to fix, and cost twice or three times as much as the first one. Ask your surgeon about his revision policy. Bring in pictures of noses you like and ask if he can achieve the look. Ask whats realistic for you. If he doesnt do computer imaging, ask for him to draw it. Be clear about what you want and what you don't want. I wish you the best of luck!
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I had surgery I also had a bulbous nose , and I have to tell you it has been the worst decision I have ever made in my life, It ruined my social life altogether, My life has never been the same since, I wish I would have left my nose alone.
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You hav beautiful features and I think this rhinoplasty will really bring everything together and make you stunning. Even though a lot of people on this site complain post rhinoplasty, you have to remember that only a very small number of people dislike their rhinoplasties. I, for one, love mine-- I'm sure you will too! Good luck!
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Don't listen to all these negative people. Doing what you truly want is never a mistake! As for botched surgeries - just be sure the doc has a good revision policy, so if you need touch up work you can get it free of charge! Most docs who are crooked and just want your money won't allow for free revisions whereas confident doctors who are good at what they do and aim for perfection usually do revisions for free :) that's one of my few make or break factors
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My doctor ruined my nose then gave me a free revision and ruined it more. Its only worth doing if your nose is a disaster and cant get any worse, this is not the case. Be realistic.
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Wow, I feel bad for you, but ultimately this is Anastasia's decision, and I think she already understands the suffering that you've endured. Many of us have had very positive results that changed our lives for the better. Realistically, no one can predict the outcome. : )
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Hello, I had a nose job when I was 18 just after high school. Everyone told me not to, but I felt like I was consumed with insecurity about (self-confidence wise) it gave me a huge confidence boost to just feel normal. Most people couldn't even tell the difference, but for me it was everything. good luck you will be fine.
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Your making a really bad decision. You decided you needed rhinoplasty because you were looking for a problem. Its not a problem. Its really attractive & exotic, and now you'll end up with a generic, plain, boring nose.
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A botched surgery can also ruin a life, trust me. I dont think your nose it that bad, its kind of seductive in how full it is. I think its attractive but if you decide to change it, be very careful, I bet the surgeon will target this fullness because you see they drain noses of character and once theres no characteristics for you to complain about they think thats a good nose.
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I'm so happy for you!! congratulations on convicing your parents :P Well I had similar thoughts. Who should I tell? I decided to tell my family (parents and brothers) and two close friends. I really thought everyone was going to notice it, at school and the rest of my family because the change was reeeeally big, but to my surprise nobody noticed that I had surgery! so it is a little family secret :) You can dye or cut your hair drastically so the attention goes there and not to your nose, well that's what I did and it worked haha, everyone was too busy talking about the hair and they didn't see the change in my nose. I think you should tell about it to the people you really trust in :- )
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