Rhinoplasty for wide nose and bulbous tip..still seaching

First of all i wanna say Im happy I've found this...

First of all i wanna say Im happy I've found this website and I think i read all the reviews here :P I havent broke my nose or anything I just dont like it...I have threee things I would like to fix in my outlook. My teeth ,my nose , grow my hair longer and make a nice body. Ive fixed my teeth with braces and im in process of growing hair but the only way I can fix my nose is by having surgery. I know I have no money (cause im 19 and i live with my parents) which by the way disagree my decision ,but i really want this thing done!

Ive never been a popular girl or a beautiful girl ,and ive always wished some magic could happen and my nose get fixed...

posted some photos


Sometimes i think my nose its just too fat and it cant get fixed the way I want to! and it looks to me like everyone i know its just focused in my nose not the other things :(

got to make a decision

I would love to do the rhino but im so scared I cant find a right surgeon in here. I would like to do it in America ,but it would cost me like 10.000$ including the airplane and the cost of the surgery (where the hell am I gonna find all these money) By the other hand I can do it in my country and ive seen some great results here but im still not convinced ,i mean i dont wanna end up worse than this !

Of course i can wait a few years ,find a job and collect money and make the surgery in the usa ,but that would take like forever :((( and i cant stand this nose anymore ...I would rather prefer having a bump or something than this fat ugly front nose.

cant find a doctor who is good at fixing the front of the nose ,not just profile :(

Any recomendation for a good surgeon who is good at fixing front look of the nose...cause all i've seen are profile photos before and after :@


Ok so Im in between two fires now. A surgery in here at the best doctors costs around 2000 euro ( may not seem a high price for someone but for my country living standart is pretty high) and I can afford that with a bigg help from my parents. Ive seen some work of the doctors and they are really good but most of the pictures I've seen are of nose profiles , front wasnt a bigg difference, thats why Im not sure about them

My second option would be this Dr. Grigoryants whose result I loveee, he seems pretty good at changing front of the nose and ive seen some good reviews here bout him. The problem here is that he lives and works in California and the price is so high! Including everything ( ticket fee , cost of surgery , cost of visa , cost of living there for like 1 month ) the price would be 10.000$ . I dont have that kind of money and Im sure it will take some good time to collect that amount .

Do you guys think the same way my parents think ,that going to america just for a surgery and spending all that money is wothless? I know they dont understand me and the issue I have with my actual nose...i hate it. I want to do it ,but i wanna do it right and with a doctor im sure its gonna do a good result.
I would like some opinions...should I wait and collect the money( even though its gonna take lots of time) or do it in my country without beeing sure?

...collecting money

Still havent made up my mind what am I going to do ...but im starting to collect some money for ''the usa plan'' lol

i bought this new cam and it looks like she does magic to my nose and makes it look perfect...no idea why

Nose its the most important feature!

Its doesnt matter if you have beautiful hair ,or lips ,or eyes if you have an ugly nose! It will ruin everything...the worst part is if you have a wide and bulbous nose which affects the front view of the face...Im hell tired of worrying if someone is looking at my nose everytime I walk in the strets , also hell tired of making 100 photos in a trip but not being able to like not a single one of them ,cause this stupid nose just ruins them..


forgot to add the original photo :))

saving saving

Im never gona get 10.000 $ for the surgery. Never. :(
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