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Coolsculpting Europe / Nordics

50 year old male caucasian, 1.79 m, 84 kg....

50 year old male caucasian, 1.79 m, 84 kg.
Location: Europe, Nordics.
Procedure executed by plastic surgeon, length of procedure ca 3 hours. large Zeltiq applicator run at 100 % capacity (level 80). Number of sites treated (in 1 session): 7 (left + right love handles, abdomen (3 different sites), breast (2 sites).
Pre procedure: evaluation by surgeon. Stated he turned away many candidates because fat not subcutaneous, but intra-abdominal.
After procedure: frozen fat very visible, like a thick subcutaneous icecream. Redness. Considerable discomfort after removing the applicators on the breast.
Surgeon very content with initial result, stated I should go down at least 2 Kgs. If not, then in essence I would have gained weight.

Some days after procedure: swelling, pain. Pain IMO of at least 2 types: pinched nerves, pressure on tissues because of swelling.

Results, 18 days out: No visible reduction (none expected either). Pain has subsided, but not completely gone. Clearly palpable subcutaneous hard areas in all treated areas, but mostly pronounced in the lovehandles and breast. In womens terms I'd say I have an A-cup now.

Current personal perspective: I am athletic and strong with a high pain threshold. I find it, like others, hard to believe that many people have no side effects after Coolsculpting. I have felt definitely ill, low energy, colder than usual. Some days (4/18) I absolutely needed painkillers and/or icepacks to get through the day.


You should post some pictures to illustrate your journey.
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Update, 22 days after treatment

Results, 22 days out: Pain level has subsided, but not totally gone. Have started massaging all treated areas to break up the harder material and increase circulation. Current theory about chills: there is large innervation of the abdominal structures (see http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/the-anatomy-of-the-abdominal-wall.html). Coolsculpting stresses these nerves. I can not speculate about the mechanism, but have often observed in treatments that people get cold whenever there nervous system is stimulated.


Have you tried compression garments? Seriously helps.
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Wow, you went through a lot. I have to admit if I had done as many areas (esp. the sensitive areas) I doubt I would have felt as normal as I did. I am surprised that they allowed a patient to do so many areas at one time. I hope you are feeling better. I would assume you will see results but your body has a lot of healing to do. You write very well!
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Update, 31 days after treatment

Experienced moderate pain in upper right quadrant of the abdomen, symptoms consistent with gallstones. This got me thinking about the disposal mechanism of all this frozen fat.
What follows is some speculation, you should do your own research.
a) the proposed mechanism for cryolypolysis is apoptosis. Apoptosis, influenced by lipid macropaghy (you can google ATM) should result in cell shrinkage. Judging by the hard nodules I'd say that at least some necrosis is also involved.
b) whatever the mechanism, in the end lipid cells walls will break down and a remaining lipid droplet will have to be transported to and processed by the intestines (the fat will not magically disappear). Now the gallbladder and liver must process this fat. Gallstones, originating in biliary stasis, could stop this process.
c) After liposculpting there are not many knobs you can tweak. From before I knew my iron (Fe) content to be low, so I made the following changes in my supplement regimen: increased Iron + Vitamin C intake, increased Magnesium (Mg) intake, stopped taking vitamin B supplements. Mg and Fe have to be taken at different times of the day (see http://voices.yahoo.com/foods-supplements-medications-interfere-with-12306188.html).

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