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Hello folks , I had a chin augmentation using...

Hello folks ,
I had a chin augmentation using Chin Implants this year (2012 in Jan).
I chose one of the best Private Hospitals in the country. Alas , only if the surgeon I chose specialised in Chin Implants the results for me could have been different.

My surgery was done in Jan on the 16th ,2012. with incesion inside the mouth. I woke up after the surgery and went straight to the bathroom in the hospital to check the implants. I couldnt be happier. it looked perfect. Then after a week i went to see my surgeon again , a routine check up , just to see evertything was going ok. I was over the moon.

After a few days (6-7) I realised I had a really bad smell in my mouth every morning i used to wake up.. I was baffled. it stayed even after gently washing ,my teeth with antibacterial mouthwash. Then I woke up one night and pressed my chin from outside to and saw a yellow liquid secreting from the place where she put the stitches. I almost cried with fear. Went to surgeon right the next day. She said as the implant was big and the skin inside the mouth is soft it could not hold the stitches well. (Even though I was angry at her coz I ASKED HER to place the implant from outside the mouth , a cut under the chin but there was little I cud do now) She aid it wasnt an infection but the saliva and the soft food I ate it pooled in through the cavity , as the stitches came loose. She cleaned it and re applied the stitches , and re applied and re applied. So in all I had to get the stitches 3 times AFTER the surgery as they came loose everytime , never mind the pain I had to go through again and again.

So I decided I HAD to get the implant removed :( and let the inside of my mouth heal without the impant pulling it apart and the stitches healed just fine after the implant was taken out.

So - food for thought
1 - Do your research before choosing a Doctor , ask him/her AS MANY question as you want without thinking what will the Doctor feel , after all its YOUR BODY he / she has to operate upon,.
2 - TRY to get the implant in from outside of the mouth as the skin is harder outside as compared to inside of the mouth.


I wonder what made her want to insert your implant from the inside . I do know that the scar and incision on the outside heals amazingly fast . I am no Dr but it was to my understanding that they do not in general want to expose the bone if not necassary. Also the pocket i would think would be more limited in terms of depth from the inside as opposed to the outside . I would be concerned about it riding high . Have you considered going ahead and having someone put it in in the normal way? Being the small incision on the bottom outside of the chin? Many years ago when i was young i had my chin shaved down as i thought i looked like Jay Leno at that time. The dr went in threw a not so small incision inside my mouth to do the procedure he was somewhat concerned about making the cut and exposing the bone and shaving it and how that might go. It did go fine other than some odd scar tissue inside the chin pad which would make sort of indents while i was chewing other than that i was very happy .I was Not able to eat food for about 2 weeks though .I was drinking my calories no chewing no food like as in at all .I was drinking protien shakes or using the juicer for fruits and or veggies .. I wonder if this is why I was not supposed to eat . As i aged I found the lack of projection to be an issue as my skin softened and was just generally looser . I went ahead and got a chin implant some 20 years later .It is smaller than the chin Mom gave me and sort of bewteeen what i was born to have and what i had post shaving surgery . I like it just fine .In fact i go largely unaware if it .It healed in record time . As my sign on name indicates i am in fact a quilt , I found this to be the easierst surgery i ever experience i had zero pain or discomfort .Good luck to you . Have a great day ,Aquilt
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Just curious how you're doing now? Please keep us posted.

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