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So this is my story. I wasn't the best looking kid...

So this is my story.
I wasn't the best looking kid. But after puberty, I turned out to be a decent looking guy. Always hearing from people that I have change so much since I was a kid. A nice backhanded compliment really :).
Though, my insecurities from childhood has shaped my life in some form. I always want to look my best.
Seeing myself objectively, I realized the only thing I didn't like with my looks was my chin. It is slightly underdeveloped. And even though I put myself through a hard workout schedule it still makes me have a slight double chin. So here I am, two days out from surgery and I decided to share my story with you. guys.

Being a med student has helped me find a good surgeon, who also will do it very cheap for me since I'm one his colleagues student.

For now my I have chosen a large anatomical extended silastic implant with a projection of 8 mm. I took into account that there might be slight bone resorption. What do you guys think? Have I made the right choice?

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16 hours left til I go under the knife.

Got about 3 hours of sleep.
None of my friends or family know that I'm doing this. It's going to be interesting to see their reaction. Hopefully it will look natural and they won't notice it too much. Bit worried about the scar though, since I am dark skinned and I am having a sub mental incision.
Got my painkillers and antibiotics earlier. The surgeon thought that it wasn't really necessary to have a antibiotic treatment post op. "You are a young man in good health, and it's unlikely you will have an infection", was his words. But I rather be on the safe side.


I don't think you need a chin implant at all! Your profile is fine and you don't have a recessed chin. If the double chin is bothering you, get lipo instead
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Hey :). To late. Just got home from the procedure. I all bandaged up now, but I was really happy with the results.
Interesting. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Post pics if you can

12 hours post op.

My whole jaw are is sore as hell and feels tight. But I have no numbness in lower lip or any part of the chin, which is a extreme relief. Difficult to smile though because of the facial edema. Also a bit difficult to properly open the mouth to eat.
I did the procedure with local anesthesia. Very strange but cool feeling when the surgeon was creating the pocket. I could feel him work his way through the tissue and hear the small sounds that went along with it.
I'll put up post op photos when the swelling has gone done a bit and I can trim down the beard so it's similar to pre op pics.


Wow. You're a very attractive guy. I'm eager to see your postop pics. Are you bruised as well as swollen? Is there an important reason you chose a sub mental rather than intra oral incision? Thanks
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Hey! Thanks, Darren. I'm slightly bruised on my chin but it is minimal. I have almost no swelling. The only problem I have is that i'm having a hard time smiling as before but that is getting better by the day. Most literature and advice I got from surgeons is that edema, risk of infection and risk of damaging the mental nerve is much lower when you take the sub mental route. So I felt that I can deal with a small scar instead of having to deal with longer recovery, infection or numbness. Pics will come in a couple of days.
ye sit looks good! Im sure lots of post op swelling is evident here so it will resolve and look very good! best to you as a future doctor too!
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First slight setback..but amazed how fast the recovery is going.

Hey guys.
As you guys might know the stitching below the skin is done in layers for the dissected tissue under the skin, but for the most outer layer of the skin, my surgeon decided for me to just have strip bandage to keep the skin together. This was to minimize scarring. Then only three days after he decided that it was healed enough to take it off. But when I got home I wanted to take a pic of the scar for you guys and saw that half of it had opened up. Nothing to panic over, but I had to go back to his office for him to pinch the skin back together put on a new strip. I was now told that I could remove it in 2 days.
But to end on a positive note. I have no pain, very little tightness, minor swelling and no numbness what so ever. It is only a bit difficult to smile, but even that is getting better by the day. This is turning out great and I am really happy.


Sounds like a pretty seamless surgery and recovery for you. Cant wait to see the results.
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Hey! Yeah, everything has been going very smooth. I want to take the post op pic with the same amount of facial hair as the pre op, and I don't feel comfy yet to trim it down that much just yet. I want the scab from the incision to disappear first. Then it's picture time :).

6 days post op, feeling great.

I am healing up fine. I removed the steri strip by myself yesterday(five days post op).
No swelling, bruising or numbness. Only slight pain if I put some pressure on the chin, but even that I believe will be gone in a few days. My smile is back to normal. I can't talk too fast though without slurring few words, so I try not to get too excited about things. But even that has been improving everyday. The incision site looks as I expected it to look after almost a week. It is a bit visible because of the scab, and only if I take a picture of it from close range with flash.
I'm planning to go out jogging tomorrow, and might even hit the gym a bit.

A tip to anyone who plans to go through the same procedure. Have a healthy diet! Stock up on food a day before the procedure. Try to have a diet high on protein, complex carbs. and loads of water. Give your body plenty of building blocks to recover from the procedure.


Sounds like you were lucky! I ate soooo healthy before and even after lived on protein shakes and smoothies. I think it depends on the person a lot honestly...people handle trauma and recover differently. I'm sure eating healthy helps, but it definitely didn't make my recovery as easy as yours. I'm also female and petite, so maybe that makes a difference too. Anyways, glad to hear your recovery is going so well! Post updated pics when you get a chance, please.
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Yes I do feel lucky. Yeah, you are so right, it is very individual. Actually I have gotten the impression, that women tend to take more time to recover. But it can also be that women feel more comfortable about sharing some of their pain, unlike us men :). I am gonna go ahead and take some pics now so I can share with you guys.

One week picture update!!

Hey guys! Trimmed down the beard to same length as before the procedure so the pics are better comparable. I am happy with the results. Let me know your opinions.


Hard to see a difference.. What size did you get? Surprised you have no bruising.... Can h take a pic of your scar?
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Hey! Yeah, it is not a big difference. I got a large one from Eurosilicone. As I told someone earlier, I had the implant placed a bit lower, which decreased the anterior projection but gave me a couple of mm vertical projection. Lack of bruising might because I am dark skinned. Sure thing, i'll upload it. Check again in 5 min.
Look really good DrMar. A subtle change. I didnt think you really needed it in the first place but it turned out well. Im sure one of the reasons your recovery is a bit quicker is that you probably only needed a small implant. So your skin isnt as stretched as others who need a more drastic change. Its awesome you have little swelling and no bruising. I think its finally time I schedule a consult and get mine done.
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Picture of scar, as requested (one week post op).


hay drMar I am looking for a chin implant myself also more of a vertical projection and not anterior, going for a square jaw kind of look I might also need little lower jaw lipo, I see that you had a dimple at the edge of your chin which has now moved upward after implants, I cant make out your overall look because of beard but does it bother you? I have seen some implants come with a carved dimple I might go for one of those as I currently don't have one.
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DrMar, since I am looking for a vertical projection implant like yours can you suggest where you found your options! or did your doctor suggested the one for you ?
Hey. Good eye on the movement of the dimple! No, it doesn't bother me at all. I'm really happy with how everything has turned out. About the implant then.. I chose, with advice from my surgeon, a large extended implant from eurosilicone. They are a bit simpler, but easier to place in a lower position since the don't enclose the tip of the mandible in the same manner. You can check out the different product catalogues and compare different measurements and shapes of the implants. I know only of implant tech that make those square looking implants. But what I understand is that all implants with extended arms will give you a more square/wider look. And I also read that those terrino implants often can look a bit unnatural, which is something I really wanted to avoid. Hmm, I have not read much about the ones with dimples. But what I know is that dimples are not much affected by the mandible/implant, instead it is the soft tissue above that gives the dimple. Hope my answer was helpful. And best of luck!!
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