Tall & Small Framed, 275 Ml Implants - Europe /new photos

Hi everyone. At first I just want to warn you...

Hi everyone.
At first I just want to warn you that english is not my mother tongue so if there's any mistakes I'm sorry for that ;)

Ok so week ago I survived operation - fat transfer from belly and hips to butt, butt implants and labiaplasty.

I'm 178 cm tall, 56 kg.. I'm small framed so I got 275 ml implants. Implants was for projection, but to get fullness I got fat transfer. I have really tiny thighs, so the only places to get some fat was my belly, hips and back.

Now it's one week after op, my butt is still swelling but thanks God, it's not so painful anymore. I mean, first few days my butt and back was SO painful and I had temperature. I have temperature now also but just little bit and only after lots of moving or in the morning after sleep.

I'm happy about result of labiaplasty and fat transfer, my butt from back looks much fuller than before the op and that gives me a lot of joy. But I'm quite worried about the projection - I think it's too much and looks a little bit fake. Let me explain, I'm small framed and quite skinny. Also I don't have big boobs - it's size B. And I wanted my butt to look as much as possible natural. Implant was 275 ml - not too much. From the side it looks ok, but when I turn a little bit It looks quite sharp.. To see what I mean look photo number 4.
Wanted to ask you if somebody knows.. Is it going to be like this or it's going to get a little flatter till my muscles heals? By the way, implants are placed submuscular.

Thanks for answers and comments. I will write about healing one week later & I will upload more photos.
I think you look great, very natural. Enjoy your new look. How did the first couple of days go, when were you able to walk and how do the implants feel?
wow looks great girl! I for sure dont think it looks to big i think it actually looks very natural and compliments your body :) I am gettin my surgery in july so its nice to see others posting ! Thank you fopr review and cant wait to see updates! :)
You look amazing!

Hi, so now it's exactly 2 weeks after op. I feel...

Hi, so now it's exactly 2 weeks after op. I feel better, swelling is almost gone & finally I got used to my new look.
Pain is almost gone, I can gracefully get up from bed (people with butt implants know what I mean haha), I can walk longer and comfortably sit. Well I'm still trying to sit on my thighs, because sitting fully on butt is a litle bit painful so I can still feel the implants. Also I still sleep on my belly or on the side, I think to sleep on my back that's going to be the furthest thing that I will do. :)
I took some photos, some in the daylight as well. Thanks for comments and compliments! ;*
Can you please give your doctor's name? You look amazing and i think your results look very natural .. Mini74
thatnks :) first day after op I was just sleeping and taking pain killers. The next day I was SO tired of lying in my bed so I decided to stand up for a while. I was able to walk a little bit but it was quite painful to move. The third day I walked a little bit longer, it was also painful but not so much like day before. And the fourtht day they released me from the hospital and I was able to move and walk. Not too fast, slowly and carefully of course. The most bothersome thing was that I wasn't able to bend down for a 1 week after op. I think it was because of fat transfer from my back also. Implants felt painful 1 and a half week after op, first 5 days they was aching even when I was lying on belly and not moving. Now after 2 weeks like I said in post update I can still feel them,it's hard to describe it but when you try to sit fully on your butt it feels like you sit down on something semi-solid like solid pillow or something :)
Glad everything is going well, I met a lady today here at the recovery house that had b 400cc butt implants on Thursday, she said her back hurt too, probably from the lipo done to her back, she was able to sit down today on a blow up ring. She has a five hour flight back home tomorrow, but for not even a week after recovery she's doing great.

3 weeks after op

Hello. It's more than 3 weeks after op - 23 days. I'm feeling much better, swelling is gone. I was by my doctor a few days ago and he said that everything is ok, cuts between cheeks heals also good and he gave me a creme to help removing the scars on my belly (there's 2 small scars) and back.
My butt is still hard, I asked doctor when it will soften. He said that it might become softer 3 months later. I really hope so, because my boyfriend is quite scared to touch my butt.. :) :)
Also he said that implants are standing a little too high now and they will go down for a little bit and will look more natural. It should happen in 6 months..

What about sitting, I can sit more relaxed but not too much, always trying to bring all weight on my thighs. Walking is not a problem, I can even run. But I still can't sleep on my back. It really freaks me out when I feel implants when I'm lying.. I have a stupid thought that it will explode or something. That's funny.. :) :)

So I'm really happy about my decision to do this op because I now I feel self-confident and sexy.. Sexy round booty is what I wished all the time.
Dear giedre123 It's funny because I see a BIG difference in your before and after pictures. I want to thank you for posting such a beautiful journal, with photographs for people who want to have this procedure. It is VERY useful, thank you. We are all different people, with different bodies - you were very thin, so achieving your projection post-op is a great success story! It looks in proportion to your body, but will still be eye-catching when you are walking down the beach! I urge you to ignore the negative users who are looking for elephant butts... and continue to share your progress with us. I beg you, please include the name of your doctor and surgery, so others in European can research them, and also please post more updates and photos at the 6 months mark... I would very much like to know if the implants soften, drop, and whether it 'feels' normal for your partner.
i dnt think there is much difference between the before and after picture sorry to say, going for but implants in europe is not a good choice, the states and, DR have a much better idea of shape and so on, from the pics the but after seen to stick out in a pointy way and has no lift im sorry but i want girls to get the best results, PLEASE LADIES CHECK OUT THE WORK OF DOCTOR DURAN ON HERE OR INSTAGRAM SHE IS AMAZING!
Please update your pictures! I have the same size implants and I want to know how yours look like now. I think your second week of your op your butt looked the same as it did before your operation. I am scared mine will look small too!!!!! But your third week it looked better... I am wondering how your but looks now. I am so scared mine will be small.

More than a year after OP

Hey everyone, here's me again. It's already more than year after my butt augmentation.

I have to say, in this year I survived many different emotions because of my implants.. There's was some bad days, there was some good days but in the end - I'm still happy I did it.
Implant is allright, I don't feel any pain and wounds healed very fast.
I got only problem - because of my body type I have very thin thighs. Because of my round booty and thin thighs my lower body looks out of proportion. I tried to gain weight but it doesn't help, fat just do not grow on my thighs.
So I decided to start sports, to start weight gaining, muscle growing. I'm sure it will be great for my silicon booty also.. Well yes, my butt is very firm and round but muscles needs to be strengthen anyway.
A few minuses of implants - if you take a look at my uncovered nude butt from a certain angle, you can see it's fake. Mostly you can see there is implant when I lean or roost. And also, I think my silicon is too round/too big for my shape.

But anyway, my exboyfriend asked me if it's implant only after he saw my old photos where I was wearing bikini, I were completely flat so he was curious how I have that butt now if I do not do any sports at all.. :)
But well, boys just go crazy about my round booty.. :))
I got some pictures from last year, you can take a look.
You look perfect and fit.You can train legs if you want more masive legs.Can you tell me please name of youre doctor and country where did you do surgery
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