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Hi. I am 35 years old, 172cm tall and about 58kg....

Hi. I am 35 years old, 172cm tall and about 58kg. I have always been quite slim so small boobs have fit my frame okay but still I have always wanted to have bit bigger boobs - mostly just to look better in certain types of clothing. So last May I decided to take the plunge and make my boobie dream come true! I wanted to achieve a C cup or maybe small D but as I started pretty much from nothing my surgeon said we would have to wait and see how much he can "fit in" without making it look too fake as I really wanted a natural looking boobs.

The surgery day went great and my surgeon decided on 325cc size implants. The surgeon I went with is highly recommended and he uses sizer during the surgery to determine the final implant size. One of the reasons I went with him was also that he refuses to put massive size implants even if you ask if he thinks they don't suit your frame. My implants were placed over the muscle. It's now about 3 months from the surgery and I could not be happier! Got measured and I'm now 34D :)

They look great!! I'm getting 325cc over the muscle too. Why did your ps recommend over for you?? Mine says I have really strong pec muscles and lift weights so over is better. Also I have enough tissue to cover. Can you post another pic? Any before to see the difference. Is like to take your photo in as a goal photo. Thanks!
Wow, simply amazing! Were your implants silicone gummy bears or saline? Round overs or tear dropp?! Thanks!
I'll say it here too...amazing breast augmentation!!! My ideal BA is yours!
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