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First I want to thank all of the women who have...

First I want to thank all of the women who have shared their story on here and the really brave women who have posted their pictures. It has been so helpful that I feel like I should return the favor. Since I was 16 I have wanted to have a BA. Like many other women I waited and waited for my breasts to fill in and that just never happened. After two children (ages 9 & 5) and breastfeeding, what little boobs I had now sag. I am only 27 and I feel like my boobs do not portray that age. I am 5'4 and 120 lbs. I also live a very active lifestyle. I work out 6-7 times a week.

So my husband moved us to Europe for his job 6 months ago. He told me that if a BA is something I was serious about that now would be a good time. I agree because I feel like getting it done over here I won't have to see everyone everyday and go from no boobs to big boobs over night. I know that this is something I've always wanted but it is REALLY scary to actually go through with it. I wish I had the personality where I could just make decisions and never look back with no regrets. I really worry about my daughter as well and telling her to love herself for who she is and then I had plastic surgery. It's just a lot to consider. I also worry too much about what others think. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is how I feel and how my husband feels about it.

My husband and I do not want a big fake look at all! I am a 34B in a Victoria Secret bra. I've been to two consultations and I liked the 2nd surgeon the best. However, like many stories I've read on here they both said different things and I am feeling confused. The first surgeon suggested Mentor silicone, inframmary incision, over the muscle, 250-300 ccs. The 2nd (the one I liked) suggests Mentor silicone, inframmary incision, under the muscle, 350-400ccs. 400ccs just sounds way too big to me. I will have my husband take pics of front/side view and post them soon.

Would it be possible to go on another consultation as a tie breaker?


Not much has changed. I've pretty much decided...

Not much has changed. I've pretty much decided that I want to go with the second doctor. My husband and I were thinking of scheduling sometime in February. I wanted to wait until after the holidays because we are going back home and I don't want that to be the focus of our visit when we haven't seen everyone in so long. It seems so far away and still not quite real.

I can't decide what size I want. I will be really upset if they are too big. I just worry that if I go too small they won't fill out nicely. Is 275, 300, 325 that big of a difference? Looking at before and after photos just makes everything so much more confusing.
Hey! I am just as confused about the sizes as you are! I am also a 34b (V.S.) and I have been told anything from 275cc up to 375cc and I have decided that I want to go with an inframmary incision, under the muscle. Im going crazy thinking about it and I agree that pictures make it more confusing because no one has the same shape breasts (obviously). The thing I need to remember is that going under the muscle makes the implant look smaller because it is actually placed a little further back than the rib cage. You are also a lot taller than I am (I'm 5'1''-5'2'') so I think that even 350ccs would look natural. Its hard to tell without pictures but id give it a try. Hope this helps!
Hi Jenna! Sounds like we are basically going with the same thing. You are so right! My first doctor wanted to go over the muscle with 250cc and the 2nd (the doctor I'm most likely going with) wants to go 350 under the muscle. It seems that they are trying to give me the same or about the same size in different ways. It's a really hard decision to make because I want the first round to be the last!!! When are you scheduled for surgery?
Yea it sounds like the outcome would be about the same size, I think that under the muscle just gives a more natural look and there is less risk of getting capsular contracture (where you form a hard shell of scar tissue around the implant) which if it is bad enough you will have to have the implant replaced. I have not scheduled my surgery yet, I wanted to get them done about 6 months ago but 1. the doctor I have former a relationship with through other smaller procedures wanted to charge me $7,500, 2. I decided I wanted to get lipo done at the same time (to keep down the price) and 3. my boyfriend and I decided to move in together so I haven't been able to save as much $$ as id like for my downpayment :/ but HOPEFULLY I will be able to schedule for around late March-April :)

So I'm still just in a waiting phase. If any of...

So I'm still just in a waiting phase. If any of you are in the same position of waiting do you go back and forth on your decision? I'm the type of person that when I want something I want it now so I don't have time to worry over it (which isn't always a good thing.) When I have time to think about a big decision I waver back and forth. Some days I'm all for it and really excited, and then other days I feel like I don't need the surgery. I never have days where I just LOVE my breasts. I never have and I don't think I ever will as they are. Just wondering if any of you feel that way?
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Hey Alley! I am having the same issue lol again! I never 100% love the way my boobs are, but I also question my decision and it always come back to the fact I want to be HAPPY and LOVE my breasts! UGH! have you decided a size yet? I'm still STUCK between 300-375 :/ I also read a few comments on another page about 2 girls (startin at 34B) 1 got 375 and the 2nd got 475 and the one who got 375 is a D and the one who got 475 ended up at a C?!?! WTH!?
Jenna, I agree!!! The size thing is so terribly confusing. Everyone gets a different result with the sizing so its almost impossible to compare. Even someone with your same stats might get a different result than you. I too am deciding between 300-375, and he said possibly 400. I feel that I want closer to 300. I get wish-washy about it because I have a little sag and I want to make sure that is filled out. I just really know that I don't want them too big. I've heard that going under the muscle you should get them a little bigger than you would if you were going over. I think ultimately if you pick a doctor that you trust and he knows completely what you want then he should be the one to decide whether you need an extra 25 ccs or not once he has you on the table.
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