All my Life...- Eugene, OR

Well, here I go! This is something I would have...

Well, here I go!
This is something I would have liked to do earlier in my life, but this is how it work out.
I'm 52 years old, mother of one and grandmother of three.
So here a little history of me......
It was a different time when I was young in grade school, so much bullying and hard core teasing, you name it, and I was called it, about my nose. It made me a mean and a unhappy person. We do get over most of it, but yet don't forget ! Even as a adult I had so weird things happen.
I flight a little depression, but basically I have a good life and am happy!
I'm so excited to have this done, so far not nervous.
I want to be a role model to my daughter and grandchildren, that if you don't like something about yourself, change it! mentally or physically, you have the power.
I'm sure the nervous thing will kicking soon.
I read "Real Self" everyday, its really helped me to make this decision.
Thank you everyone for your sharing of your self's.
Trying to post pictures!
Hi - I hope ur surgery will be a success. Looking forward to seeing ur photos.

I'm so glad you found us and started your story here. Good for you for taking control and changing something you don't like about yourself! Here are quick instructions on how to upload photos. Please inbox me if you need more assistance (just click my name then when you get to my profile click the "Send a private message box)!

I'm looking forward to following along on your journey!


All my Life.........

Pictures ????????
Congrats on your scheduled surgery! I know exactly how much mental investment had to go in your decision.If you were indecisive and unsure like me, then maybe you too, were fighting between accepting who you are and wishing for who you could be, but it all needed courage and of course, the right time in your life. Even though I am happy with my outcome and often think whether I should have done this years earlier, believe me or not, there is a thought that my old nose helped shape my personality and made me work harder on myself, and I wouldn't be who I am today had I had a cutesy nose :) Still, there came time to part with my old nose, and start a new chapter in my life with a new nose. I am happy I made my decision. It feels like I dropped a heavy burden that has been bothering me most of my life. I am very happy for you and wish you a successful surgery with a fabulous new nose!
Hi, First of all, thank you for the response to my posting. What you had to say makes so much sense. I just posted to lynn23 and told her, I'm scare what I'm going to look like after surgery, you know the "The What If's", which is silly, cause I'm willing to do surgery because I'm don't like my nose. Must be a head game.
Yay for us older chicks for finally having the guts to do something about it! I think I waited so long because I never knew about closed rhinos. Times sure have changed in 30 yrs...gotta love modern technology. I want to do my eyes in 10 yrs...hoping by then I can just go in a booth and come out the other side looking all Good luck with your surgery coming up...I'll be watching for your updates!

Time is almost here !!

Tuesday at 7:30 am. Wow! hard to believe.
Starting to feel a little numb all over, nerves are starting to kick in!

The time is almost here!!!

Can't believe Tue. is almost here, one more full day, Wow!
Starting to feel the nerves kicking in, giving me a allover numb feeling.
I hope everything went okay!
I wish you the best tomorrow.
Thank you everyone! I'm now in countdown !!! I have to be there at 6:15 am tomorrow, 17th, surgery starts at 7:30 am. the anesthesiologist just called to go over medical history and answer any questions. I declined on the part knowing any of the other stuff...when its your time its your time ! I'm just really excited to get the opportunity in my life to do this !!

Surgery, check

I made it! wow! Everything went good!
I did find out I'm a little "chatty Kathy" under the influence of drugs, when I woke up from surgery, I couldn't shut up, Lol!!! the bad thing is I remember part of it.
So I hope, my surgeon did a great job, time will tell, right.

And now the lovely pictures, Ha ha !
Wishing you a speedy recovery. Relax and enjoy!
Yay you made the hurdle! How are you feeling? I can totally relate to your I still have shiners...haha! Rest up and sleep it off for 3 or 4 days! It goes by so fast and so worth it!!!

Day two, feeling good

One eye is bruised above and below and other eye just above, I think that's all good.

Being a little older, I had some vertical lines above and below my lips, I had those filled too at the time of surgery.

My two requests to my surgeon was I didn't want a piggy nose or daffy duck lips(rather below and above lips) Lol !
Thinking about you! Hoping you are feeling okay....I know I passed out for days! Lol....happy resting!
I'm so stuffed up, should I be able to breathe through my nose? post a picture latter today. Thank you

Bruising starting turn yellow

I feel the the best about mid day, I think I feel better each day, maybe a little back and forth.

This is Day 4 ! Picture time, It's a combo of Miss Piggy and Daffy Duck ! Lol !
You are still a newborn in terms of recovery :) Do not worry, the breaking point is usually at 7 days when you start feeling so much better, and you are more than halfway there! Also, the tip will drop. They always tape the tip higher, but in most cases, it drops as it's intended to. You shouldn't have any piggy look after your cast comes off. My tip took about 2 weeks gradually to drop - I even wish it was more upturned now. You can check on my pictures, I have some comparisons.
That's good to know, I wanted to go somewhere tonight,so my husband took me to the grocery store, I know that's what I wanted Lol! I did the hat and the hood with the head down look!! by the time I got home,I felt like crap, I think It was from keeping my head down to much, Lol!!! too much to soon! I think my cast comes on Tue.
Oh that was too much too soon! I'm surprised you even had the energy to go! :)) Good for you though that you made it and got to get out of the house. I remember wanting to get out, but wasn't brave enough! Didn't think of the hat thing :)

Day 5, getting tired of getting tired!

Time is starting to drag.... but, cast is coming off Monday, I think!
I guess I'm confused about it, some people get a second cast or get it taped. I had open rhino, not sure if it makes a difference or not, maybe some else knows the answer to that. Thanks
This is great. wait to the final photos after the healing process. You just gave me the courage to do mine. Gonna start saving money for mine
I actually came up with a idea to refinance my car to pay for plastic surgery, I had about 1000.00 left to pay on my car at 1.8% . So the credit union did that for me, and just the right amount money I needed, so, 200.00 a month for 4 years at 1.8 percent. If there is a will, there is a way!
Thanks alot. Great advice. Feel so much better about this after going through this page. Have a speedy recovery

All New Me !!!!

It's been a while since I've posted, right after surgery got the cold, had the cast on longer then I thought !

I love my new nose !! Plus, I cut my hair really short, cause I'm ok with my side view now, Lol!!!
Hello and congratulations once again. You looked gorgeous in your last photo. How are you going now?
You look amazing! Love the post op result and the new haircut really brings out all your pretty features. So happy for you! :)
looks great :) i hope i will be as lucky as u are
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