1-29-11-TT with hip lipo

I'm a young mother of two, 17 and 5! They are...

I'm a young mother of two, 17 and 5! They are amazing but ruined the belly! I run, swim, lift weights and take zumba, nothing would touch the belly. I was so sick of trying to fit jeans to my legs and butt, then having to figure out what to do about the squishy mass. Let's not even talk about bathing suits, needless to say the skirt is no longer needed!!! I love my new belly, who knew putting on clothing could be so different?!?!

I love my new shap and would do it again in a heartbeat! I don't know why I waited so long .


Welcome to RealSelf!

So glad you are loving your results and were able to get rid of the squishy mass.  How long ago did you have this done?   

Would love to hear how you found your doctor.

Happy Holidays


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I finally posted some pics!

I finally posted some pics!


I will be 4 weeks on the 7th of Jan. You do look amazing. Now I am thinking because it is my 43rd Birthday today that I will post a pic of me now in
dress. I love my results so far. But had to laugh
when I noticed my BB is now a Heart shape.. You are
giving me hope. Thank you.
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Happy Birthday! Mine was a few weeks ago! What a great gift :) my BB was off center, it was all in the swelling. Looks fine now. My swelling is so tolerable now. I can't wait to see yours. I'm posting my 4 week pics today.

You are looking amazing!   Nice and tiny little tummy:)

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I'm a week behind :-) but finally uploaded week...

I'm a week behind :-) but finally uploaded week four pics. I still have concerns with my scar placement. Hoping to get week 5 pics up today. Has anyone had a scar moved?


You look great!
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Thank you! I feel pretty square too or almost top heavy? I feel better this week.
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You look awesome! I feel square. I think we had the same looking tummy preop. I am almost brave enough to post a post op pic. Maybe I will try and figure it out now.
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I can't believe it's a new year and a new me! Week...

I can't believe it's a new year and a new me! Week 5 has been the best so far. I feel my swelling is really going down, I'm comfortable in a size smaller that pre TT. I feel like I'm moving my hips more freely, I'm ready to shake with my favorite Zumba class :) love hate being back to my regular eating. Love that I'm a healthy calorie counting freak, hate that I crave sugar and salt...I'm blaming it in the holidays and the feww weeks if being able to oy stomach bagels and yogurt. I'm only 5 lbs from my goal body fat percentage. I'm not sure what my final weight will be once I start exercise in 2 weeks.
I'm disappointed in the pubic area, very puffy. Thinking they didn't lipo as I requested. Im hoping it's fixable. Other than that I'm inlove with my tummy :-)


hey just curious whether or not you gained any weight on other parts of your body after your TT
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WOW! The scar is very uneven. He doesn't have a steady hand at all. I would've had him correct that.....

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Wow your body does look like mine shape. I needed to see your pics cause it shows me the long term plans. I am feeling isolated upstairs while my family talks and plays.
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