So the cost is including some liposuction I'm...

So the cost is including some liposuction I'm having done as well as the surgical facility fees. Without the lipo it would be $7,156.

Anyway, I'm 24 years old and have two children. I'm a small 34C cup. Ever since I've had my first kid I didn't like the way my breasts sag. I'm so ready to get a lift and have perky breasts again!

I scheduled my surgery this morning for June 30th....

I scheduled my surgery this morning for June 30th. I'm pretty excited! I'm also getting lipo on my lower back and love handles.

Oh and I took my nipple piercings out this morning. I've had them for a year. The nurse told me that I would need to have them out for at least four weeks following surgery. I know they will close up by then. And she even said that I should probably take them out right now to give them time to close up and heal to minimize the risk of infection. So, I took them out and decided to do sea salt soaks to help them heal and close up.

look great!!

You look wonderful!  All perky and in place:)   That is cool that your doctor gave you a picture from during surgery.

Hope you are feeling good:)

Just checking in to see how your feeling? R u happy with the results so far? Why kind of lipo did u get? Happy healing !

Just an fyi about the nipple piercings: I...

Just an fyi about the nipple piercings: I didn't need to do sea salt soaks for very long, maybe a couple of days. They closed up really fast; I wouldn't even have been able to put them back in after a few hours.

I'm 6 days post op today, and they're starting to look even better! There's still swelling and my surgeon said that 80% of the swelling will be gone in four weeks and the rest in six months. I'm really happy so far with the results! My Dr. is awesome :)

Wow you look amazing!

Hi! I think your results look great! I'm getting ready to have a mastopexy done also. Did you have implants with your breast lift. The Dr.says I don't need them because I have enough volume and I don't want them but I'm worried that the top part of the breast won't look full enough. From some post-op pics I've seen. Yours look nice and full on top so I was wondering if you had implants or not. I'm excited to have this done and a little scared too. Never gone under before.
I was wondering the same thing--my breasts look very similar to your before pics and I would love your result!

It's been six months now. Everything has healed up...

It's been six months now. Everything has healed up nicely. The scars still need to flatten and fade. They can still be itchy at times. I'm not sure if that is normal? I have my six month post op visit with Dr. Meldrum on December 30th. Now that they've settled in, I could complain that they're not as perky as I had hoped for and that one of my nipples/areola is higher than the other. But, a little asymmetry is normal and they really look sooo much better than they did before. Overall, I am happy with the results.
Hi Dani -- thanks for your informative post. I'm scheduled for a lift and small reduction, same procedure, same doc, in 2.5 weeks. (No body lipo.) Currently a 38D, and I'm unsure if I should shoot for a small C or large B. Any suggestions you have? Things you would have changed? Are you still happy with your size? I like the idea of a B, but I have a larger chest wall, so I'm also afraid of being too small...
Hi- So I should correct myself and say that I discovered a while back that I am actually a 32D, which is the same cup size as a 34C, just smaller around the chest. So the cup in a 32D is the same as a 34C, 36B, 38A, etc. I am pretty happy with my size, I almost would like it to be smaller though. Just because I like the idea of having smaller breasts that don't bounce and swing around without a bra on. But eh, that's personal preference. Everyone else says that my breasts are the perfect size for my body size. Have you compared 38C and 38B bras to see the difference? What did Dr. Meldrum say? You definitely want to look proportional, I would GUESS a 38C would be just right. But it depends on your body size and shape and your personal preference what would be just right for you. You must be so excited! Good luck with everything and trust Dr. Meldrum, he's a great doctor! I'm sure he will do an excellent job.
Thanks for the quick response Dani. I was so happy to find someone on this site that had the same doc -- it's very reassuring. I do need to compare different bra sizes from a few brands. Currently looking at a lot of before and after photos online -- probably looked at more breasts in the last few days than my entire life! I would definitely like to be comfortable without a bra on. These days, I can't go bra-less -- even in bed sometimes -- and exercising means at least 2 sports bras. Dr. Meldrum was leaning toward a large B, but I think that was more from what I said rather than only his opinion. I just got concerned when he asked if I preferred he err on the too-large or too-small side. I said too small, but if we go for a B and I turn out smaller.... !! Then again, the last thing I want is to go through all this recovery and expense (insurance denied me) and end up too large. It's such a difficult decision. Thanks for you input and reassurance!

2 years post op, went for scar revision

It's been a couple years and my scars have not flattened or faded. I ended up with hypertrophic scarring, so I went back for scar revision on September 25, 2013.
My breasts have had time to settle into their final shape and I'm happy with that, I was just very disappointed with the scars. We will see how the new scars turn out! Maybe I should post a new review under scar revision?

One week post op scar revision

I finally have the bandaging off! My ps said he used some long acting dissolvable sutures and some fast acting ones. I already had on spitting suture they had to remove. There is glue over my incisions that should be off in a week or so.
Wow you look fantastic! Your scars look so much better too after the revision. I think I want lipo..your waistline is perfect!
Dani- what a true artist your surgeon is - he has created a beautiful shape for you and I agree they are just right for your frame! I hope your scars heal better this time and will watch your progress. Best wishes Gail x

Glue is off, about 2 weeks post op

In these pictures I'm two weeks post scar revision surgery. Today I am actually three weeks post op.
I had two spitting sutures before the glue was all the way off. The first one I went to my PS to have it taken out. The second one was during the weekend and I applied polysporin ointment to it, it ended up coming out on its own before I saw the doctor on Monday.
Once the glue came off, I kept ointment on them for a few days, then began applying silicone gel and applying paper tape once the gel is dry. I hope this works out better than the last time! I wasn't as careful about everything the first time around; I didn't know I was prone to hypertrophic scars :/
Thank you all for all the compliments :) I really appreciate it
thank you so much for sharing!! you look great
wow, they look amazing!!

7 weeks post scar revision

Things are looking pretty good. I've been applying silicone gel and putting tape on after the gel dries about once a week. The tape stays on for about a week. Scars are looking red and parts of them are slightly raised. I'm hoping with more time they will mature and look better than before.
Hey you how are you feeling? I just got a lift and augmentation...I got the lollipop as well I hope they heal good!

About 10 weeks post scar revision

The scars are starting to widen and becoming more raised. I hope they don't get much worse. They're still looking much better than they did before the scar revision, but I had high hopes that they would be flat and thin this time. I'm still keeping them taped 24/7. I reapply the tape about every 6 days, and each time I apply silicone gel and let dry before putting the tape on.
So how many cc's did you get ?
I didn't get implants, just a lift!
I didn't get implants, just a lift!
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Meldrum is so awesome! He takes time to answer all of my questions and that really makes me feel at ease. His work is outstanding and he seems passionate about what he's doing. He focused on what I wanted and did a fantastic job giving me those results. The follow up care is excellent; He saw me the day after surgery as well as one week post op. He said he will also see me at three weeks, two months, and six months post op. Plus any time I need to call or come in for something. And the nurse there has been very friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Overall, my experience there has been wonderful.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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