Breast Lift, Augmentation, and Tummy Tuck- Eugene, OR

Oh my gosh...what a great website this has been to...

Oh my gosh...what a great website this has been to explore. I felt like sharing my experience was the least I could do after reading all I have read. It's three days until my operation and I'm flooded with different emotions...
... I've never, ever felt ok with what I see in the mirror. I remember even in the 6th grade, upon developing my breasts, my embarrassment in the showers of the p.e. locker room because of the natural saggy shape of mine. I've always, to some extent, felt like a pretty girl, I just held onto the disgust every time I removed the padded bra I wore, that camouflaged the different sized saggy breasts I was born forward-----2 children (who I love so much) = wear and tear. Also, 2 c-sections, and a back surgery = scars on my tummy in 2 different directions....
In the title of this post, I wrote about this bring surreal. It's not always something that family and friends view as a "financially appropriate" decision or "confident/secure" decision. However, there was a day in my life that I realized, if I don't make this happen for myself, no one else will. I'm tired of looking in those closet mirrors as I get dressed, day in and day out, being disgusted with the naked woman I see. feeling like my body is better hidden by "miracle bras" and layers to camo the "muffin top." For the first time in my life, I will be able to go to the mall and pick out a bra that looks pretty and not worry about the shape beneath the shirt. I will know what its like to remove my short in front of my husband, with total confidence.
This surgery is emotional for me, but one I'm sure I will not regret. I hope that somewhere, someone reading this, finds courage and strength to do what it takes to help themselves find a contentment with their body like I believe I will in 4 days. I love the idea of journaling, so you someone else will know what its like. I'm so grateful for the woman who did it before me! :-) I will do my best to keep you updated.

5am the day after my surgery. I'm thankful for the...

5am the day after my surgery. I'm thankful for the hospital bed some friends of ours let us borrow. I do feel like I can straighten out, more than they said I could. anyhow, the pain is real, but I knew it would be. the drain tubes are a pain as well. I hate when my husband strips the line and some of the blood is pressured back into area...eek! I left the surgery center in such a fog. I wish I would have asked more questions about how to handle myself from the discharge time until the post op appointment. it seems like the nurses said something about keeping elbows to my sides. I don't know if that meant tightly and constantly. oh well, I will figure it out. my Doctor its wonderful, giving out his personal cell phone number and offering to take personal questions anytime after the surgery. also, I'm trying to upload before pictures, but I'm struggling. maybe it will work out better from a regular computer as opposed to my phone. thanks for your patience. :-)

3.3.13 feeling some pain, definitely constipated....

3.3.13 feeling some pain, definitely constipated. feeling very grateful to have a husband who is wiling to cradle me like a baby when he lifts me in and out of bed. I can't imagine doing this on my own. its hard. I know it will be worth it, just hard.

Today is day 5 of my recovery....all things...

today is day 5 of my recovery....all things considered, I feel great! called the Dr's office this morning, and after telling her my fluid output levels, she asked if I'd like to come in and have a few removed. I am home from my appointment now. so very excited to say I had 4 of 5 drain tubes removed. I was dreading this as I was told that this is one of the most painful parts of the was a breeze. the assistant at the office was so sweet and explained everything. she carefully made sure all scabbing around the tube was removed, then when I was ready asked me to take a deep breath in. I did so, then kind of held it...waiting for the "big pain" I had heard of, and before I even knew, the first tube was out. the middle tube of my tummy was definitely sensitive, and super weird, as i felt it come from all the way from my diaphragm. however, it was SO much easier than I had heard and anticipated. saw my tummy for the first time...OMG! looks amazing and my belt button looks awesome too! so thankful that I went on a feeling about choosing my doctor. I will get before and after pics up, I promise. I just need to get to a regular computer. :-) talk soon!

On my way to the Dr to have my last drain tube...

on my way to the Dr to have my last drain tube removed, stitches out of belly button, and to see the unveiling of the boobs! yea!...this is all, not nearly as bad as I thought. having a good Dr and support staff is key! I still spend my time in the hospital bed. I do get a little bit of cabin fever, so I'll venture out to the porch once in a while. one thing, I had a back injury before all of this. staying bent over is hard on my lower back. the hospital bed is the key and the cure! oh yeah, and pain!

P.S. If you want your drains out as early as...

P.S. If you want your drains out as early as possible, stay out of "do-it-yourself" mode. I let my husband do everything for me...and he was glad to (up to and including wiping for me for 3 days solid) Dr said I'm healing beautifully and drains are all out 7 days later.

9 days PO...I've tried to be really positive, but...

9 days PO...I've tried to be really positive, but I woke up this morning at 4am again. I'm surfing the site, reading about what the Dr's are saying about recovery...feeling kind of depressed. I am not usually a wimp when it comes to pain. (in fact, I had the worst bruise of all my bruises after surgery, from my binder riding up under my boobs and since I thought out was just my incision I left it there. wish we had been given a little better instruction on aftercare.) anyway, I'm starting to feel like I should be farther in my recovery...its not for lack if trying. I can not fathom going back to work at this point. I mean, I don't have a desk job, and my career is physically exerting...I don't know. feeling very discouraged maybe I should check back later...ugh!

I finally uploaded some pictures...should have...

I finally uploaded some pictures...should have checked back in sooner.
Doing much better than the last check in.

Today, after looking at the before and after...

Today, after looking at the before and after pictures, I feel so happy inside. For so long, I have looked at myself with disgust and and carried my naked body with shame, while trying to appear confident...I am more grateful than anyone will ever know for my the happiness and contentment my spirit has found because of this operation. It truly has given me a "new life." :)

25 Days PO Headed into Dr today at 10. Feeling...

25 Days PO
Headed into Dr today at 10. Feeling grateful for the appointment having been scheduled, as I am nervous about what might have resulted from an overactive day at the coast. I've been using my arms to support my weight and lift myself...I keep forgetting that I weigh more than 10 lbs...ugh! when we returned to the car, I was in pain. I opened my bra to do my massage and realized that my left breast was substantially swollen on the bottom inner side. It almost looked like a 2 inch in diameter "bubble." That particular type of swelling has subsided. However, my breast appears to remain swollen and somewhat "higher" than it was. I am scared to death. I've looked and looked for similar stories...I gather that seeing Dr is my best option. Nerve racking....

I just returned from my appointment. Being...

I just returned from my appointment. Being overactive + pulled/stained muscle, has most likely caused swelling and fluid collection. Not good, but great considering the alternative. I'm off to get some rest. :-)

4 Weeks PO today :-) Feeling pretty darn good!...

4 Weeks PO today :-)
Feeling pretty darn good! Took the kids swimming today. They've been so very patient with me and my recovery. I am still taking my place on the "sidelines" of their activities. However, I'm to the point physically, where I'm wishing I could join them. I'm going to go to work on Tuesday. Lucky for me, I've been able to take the entire month off and focus on my recovery.
My body is continually changing, and I seem to be healing quite well. I will be posting more pictures soon. :-) left breast is still feeling pain from... left breast is still feeling pain from overactivity. I also have these little tiny white hard things on 2 spots around the incision of my breast and my tummy. I hope everything is okay...I just feel worried...

Thought I would upload a few more photos. I didn't...

Thought I would upload a few more photos. I didn't take any with my drains.
1. Obviously, "The Before"
2. 4 Days post-op, laying in my hospital bed.
3. Tried to use vitamin E oil too soon. The mixture of the oil and the adhesive caused a itchy, painful reaction, similar to poison oak...eek!
4. 2.5 weeks post-op
5. 4.5 Weeks post-op
The PS assistant said that I am still seeing swelling, and assured me not to worry about the details of what I currently see in the mirror. That said...I hope that I, TRULY AM, just swollen below the incision. I fear, the decision to forgo lipo, will leave me with too much "junk in my trunk." (referring to the little "rolls" or flaps under the scar)...Any thoughts or experience with this?
Thank you all for your comments! :)

I can't seem to get the pictures in there, upright...

I can't seem to get the pictures in there, upright...sorry!

Called the Dr's office to tell them about the...

Called the Dr's office to tell them about the little white bumps that are developing around parts of my incisions. They want to see me. I prodded her for info...she said, without seeing me, it sounds like something that happens because of how the body reacts/heals around the internal sutures. There are also two little purple marks developing around my nipple incision.
I'm very scared right now. My whole life, I've been plagued with bad luck...usually against all odds, something happens. I know that is not a very positive way of looking at the situation, but I am just so scared. :-( Thank you all for your sweet compliments. I really appreciate reading these things! Hugs, Mrs H.

Went to the Dr yesterday morning. Turns out, the...

Went to the Dr yesterday morning. Turns out, the little white bumps are just made up of scar tissue forming around the sutures, and are not a concern. She said I was actually healing fabulously, and that at this point, I shouldn't have a whole lot to worry about unless I do something I shouldn't do. I'm back to work part time. Today will be my third day. I have noticed it being uncomfortable, and some extra swelling. However, the nurse said the twinges of pain are likely nerves growing together and they I should be grateful to have them, as it's a sign that permanent feeling is returning to those areas. :-) YEAH!!! Thanks for the support Ladies!

It's weird how my shape changes every day. My left...

It's weird how my shape changes every day. My left breast is obviously more swollen and not as settled today....It was my first week back to work, and the activity shows. It will get better.

5.5 weeks PO and feeling great!...everything feels...

5.5 weeks PO and feeling great!...everything feels very tight still, however the pain is almost completely gone and I'm starting to feel like my body actually belongs to me now. :-) It's funny...I don't know if any of you relate to that. It's hard to explain, but its almost like these new parts of my body didn't feel like they were mine, almost like an Maybe I'm just strange, but whatever the case might be, I feel so happy inside with my outsides. :-) I went to Victoria's Secret this last weekend and bought a new bra and matching panties. I have never worn panties because I didn't feel like they looked good (scars and all) and as far as bra shopping goes I have worn the very sexy push up since the moment VS created it...nothing else. This time, I purchased one of their only bras WITHOUT underwire, and 4 different pairs of panties to match. My husband and I went to the coast to spend one night and as we were getting ready for bed, he saw me was the first time in our 6 year relationship that I didn't hide myself or hurry into a place that took the focus off of my body...his reaction was priceless! It's amazing to feel this way and to exude sweet confidence in front of my amazing man. :-) Thanks for listening and being a part of this incredible journey with me
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

I just went on a feeling (after seeing his work). He spent about an hour in my initial exam, and made me feel like I was the most important thing he had on his agenda all day long. :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I just had a mommy makeover here in Eugene with Dr Daniel too and it made me feel so much better reading that I'm not crazy haha! Sabrina told me this morning the emotional side of this I'm feeling is common but I was feeling very down about it. It's nice relating to someone else's experience. I had 2 previous back surgeries too and I didn't even think about my back killing me like it has! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing and helping me feel normal haha!
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That recent post was so sweet. Good for you! I've been thinking I might feel the same way in my new body. I've been kind of saying goodbye to the parts of me that are going to change. It's so strange to think the body I've lived in for 44 years is going to be different...
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YOU are so sweet!...thank you! :-)
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So happy for you and that was so beautifully written!! I feel the same way! No more fear of trying on lingerie in from of him or even simple outfit changes when going out! I am so happy we all took this journey!! ;)
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thank you so much! :-) I keep checking on you...hoping all is well.
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I need to start checking my notifications from my laptop. I think I'm getting messages that are actually intended for someone else, then I reply with "thank you" thinking it's for me! Awkward! Hey, did Dr. Danie, Amy, or Sabrina happen to mention to you when we are allowed to soak in the tub by chance?
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I did ask about the hot tub...they said at 4 weeks I could dip, but not soak. I would call Sabrina because I think her answer will be dependent upon your healing process. p.s. good morning! :-)
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You look great.... And your scar are healing pretty good....
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Thank you! =)
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Thanks for your updates! I hope you're able to get enough rest when you're off work. Keep on keeping us posted. :)

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Thanks for your inspiration. :-) Have a great day!
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Have you noticed an appetite change at all after your tummy tuck? I love how I feel full so quickly.
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I have noticed that I feel full quickly and if I eat too much, my stomach hurts badly. :-) It's nasty out today, but we are without kids and headed to the coast. :-) Have a great day!
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I know what you mean. I had my breast augmentation about 15 plus years ago, and I remember the swelling. I had a desk job and had the luxury of not having to move around a lot, but I had odd swelling here and there just the same. More so when I started becoming more active. It all settled down and went away after a while. I just don't remember how long of a time period that was.
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Do you mind if I ask your height and previous weight? You look great! I am bringing your pictures to show my dr what ideal results I wasnt. Also going with 421 silicone mod.
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want not wasnt
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I am 5'7'' and I believe I was 137 at my pre-pp. :-) super cool!
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What size implants did you get?
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I just looked....421 cc on the on the left, and 533 on the right, silicone, under the muscle. I was terribly asymmetrical, as you might have noticed in my before pics.
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Quick question...when Sabrina removed my belly button stitches and also removed two of my tt drains, she specifically told me to not get my steri-strip wet; that it was helping hold my incision together nice and tight. Then later that day I noticed that the holes were leaking fluid (normal), but that it caused a part of my tape to lift. She returned my call and said something completely different, that it didn't matter if it came off. That was very confusing. What were you told about your tape? I'm done worrying about it, though, and took my first shower today! No more sponge baths!
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It's so exciting to meet someone on here from Eugene AND who had the same Dr!!! I'm so glad you commented! I had to laugh when you said that your 10 year old said your belly button was cute...that is EXACTLY what my 9 year old said. :-) Dr. Daniel did do a fabulous job. His belly button technique is definitely worth bragging about. I've seen others that aren't so great. Oh my gosh, I went 8 days without a shower....ewwwww! That was the best shower of my life! I made up some organic natural scrub with raw sugar, olive oil and lavender. My husband got in three shower with me and scrubbed me, washed hair and took perfect care of me, getting out and drying my long hair. :-) Sabrina is so sweet. I was told that it was fine to get the strips wet, just not to scrub on them, or try to pull them off because they hold the incision together. They are wonderful at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I just think that they get so mechanical about these procedures, they sometimes forget this is our first time...or second, for the girls in your case. How awesome is it that Dr Daniel was so honest with you??? I'm so glad I made the choice to go with him as opposed to Dr Jewell. Did you see anyone else before you chose him? Excited to see your pics. Get on and write your review too. It's really cool to read back over and see how far I've come. You will enjoy it, I'm sure! Have a great day! :-)
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I LOVE Dr. Daniel! I just had my tummy tuck on March 22nd, a little after you had yours. =) He does such nice work, and your results look as awesome as mine! (That's not bragging...that's just a huge compliment to our doctor!) When I look at your tummy photo, it looks exactly like mine. And don't you just love your "cute" belly button?!? I put quotations around the word 'cute' because my 10-year-old daughter said mine is really cute now, and so is yours! And I agree, the girls look fabulous! Nice and even, great placement, etc. I also had Dr. Daniel correct a previous boob job that I had about 15 years ago. Beautiful work from the previous doctor, but my right boob was 1-1/2 centimeters higher than the left. So, Dr. Daniel corrected that beautifully during the tummy tuck surgery. He's such an honest doctor. He could have easily tried to up-sale me on a new set of implants. After all, women are commonly told that eventually their implants will need to be replaced. I still love mine, and he said they looked great; no need for replacement. Anyway, enough about me. You look awesome!!! I ate Thai food last night for dinner. I was suddenly extremely thirsty, and then before I went to bed I noticed slight swelling just about my incision. grrr...I think that was self induced. No more salty food! Time to go watch AI. I will post my own photos soon. Just finally getting some energy back!
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Looking at your pics, everything looks great!! I love your 4.5wks pic as the girls look good and the scar so neat!
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Hey, I also realized 2 spots on my Tt incision looking like there's pus in it. But it's not red or hot to touch. Just looks like a small pimple or a big whitehead. My last visit my ps saw it and when he pushed on 1 side, a half inch of blue suture slipped out of my skin. No pain. But nurse grabbed it with a pair of tweezers and pulled out about 3 inches of internal suture. After that, the white stuff that's visible under my skin disappeared within the day. So it was just my skin reacting to the foreign object aka the sutures. So, just see your ps and have it removed. The incision is probably so numb you can't feel it anyway :) good luck!
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Things will be fine...I know what you mean by having bad luck but just keep yourself busy... get a puzzle solving book, something you can totally engross yourself into... Ill pray for you, mrs.heather..
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