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I had Coolsculpting last week. One on each side...

I had Coolsculpting last week. One on each side and one on lower abdomen. I am 5'7, 140 pounds, active and fit, but had trouble spots I just couldn't lose. I am not a pain baby by any means, so the pain of this procedure has left me shocked and very uncomfortable. The procedure itself wasn't bad and was as described by others: uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes, then not bad. I don't know how anyone could fall asleep during it, but hey if that was your experience, awesome. The pain when they took the pads off was intense. It felt like I had been kicked in the stomach and I felt as though I could hardly breathe. It was like you jumped in the river when it's very cold and you can't get your breath. I thought I was going to vomit, but luckily I just told the aesthetician I needed some time and she let me lie down on the table longer. She wanted to usher me out quickly, but I said NO I need some time. I had the hickey type bruising which is still there, but getting better. The first 3 days were pretty benign. The 4th day and now the 5th day after, have been increasingly painful. Today I am almost doubled-over in pain. I called the office and they wanted to give me a narcotic pain reliever but I declined and asked for Neurontin as others have, but she said they have NEVER given that before and acted like I was a lunatic for asking. I'm not trying to get pain medications out of them, I just want to be able to work normally and can't bear the thought of enduring this for a week or two more. I have no idea if this was worth it yet, but right now in the midst of the pain, I regret my decision. Hoping for relief soon...Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, ice packs--nothing has helped.

The office I had it done at is experienced and had positive reviews. They have two machines which was great and a timesaver, but I would not do that again due to the pain. They had a 50% off special so it was $750 for both love handles, and $375 for abdomen for a total of $1125. I compared to other places in town and this was much more reasonable for a procedure that may or may not work.
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I did not even meet the doctor. Aesthetician only.

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Day 12. Able to work out for the first time today with only the smallest amount of discomfort. So happy the worst is over and hoping to get some results out of all this. I can't post pics due to some identifying tattoos, but I will post measurements from before and after in a couple months. Also, I didn't tell DH that I was having it done (and he hasn't caught on despite my discomfort) so if he notices any results, I'll be happy and that will tell me it really worked.
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I would never do this again!! I haven't been able to wear clothes since the 5th day. I have resorted to narcotic pain killers. I can't bend or sit comfortably and when I stand it hurts immensely, I have had 5 days of this pain. The first 5 days were a breeze compared to what I'm going through now.
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Deniseie Pie- I'm on day 10 now and doing much better. Please try the "curacaine" ointment. It's in the first aid section at Walgreens, right by the hydrocortisone. It helps so much! You will feel better around day 8 or 9. Hang in there.
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Grace- I feel the same thing. The lidocaine really is helping though so I'm happy I found that. My doctor's office was also useless. I plan to tell them they need to get on realself and read what people are saying. It seems like just because the office staff that had it done there didn't have severe pain that there's zero understanding for people that do. My c-section hurt less than this. Since my flanks don't hurt except for being numb, I would consider doing those again. But I would never do my abdomen ever again.
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Thank you for all these posts. I'm day 7 and the pain is still pretty bad on lower abdomen. I've just been taking ibuprofen and wearing spanx--and basically just laying low. Very difficult to wear jeans. It's almost like shooting, stabbing zingers. It's strange to be numb and also itchy at the same time. Don't think I would do it again. There was no follow up from office either, which is disappointing since it's obvious this happens frequently. I'm just trying to get though it. Will try the topical lidocaine. Thanks again for info.
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Day 7. Lidocaine has really seemed to help. It is still tender, but when I start having those searing, stabbing nerve pains, I rub a little of the Lidocaine on there and it settles down right away. I actually feel like a normal person this morning and not wondering how I'm going to make it through the day. FYI the lidocaine I used is called "Curacaine" and is in the first aid section at Walgreens. They also have a 5% Lidocaine cream called "Recticare" which is for hemorrhoids, but I've read works for nerve pain as well but it is around $30 while the Curacaine is only around $11.
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I went to Walgreens at lunch since the pain is still unbearable. Found some 4% lidocaine cream for about $11. Applied it twice and it seems to relieve some of the pain, although it doesn't seem to las that long. I'm taking anti-inflammatories too (Advil or Aleve), but I read that you shouldn't take it too often since your body needs the inflammation response to get rid of the fat cells. Tylenol doesn't work at all. Tomorrow will be day 7 and I'm really hoping that by day 9, I have some improvement like other people have had. The tech told me to wear compression, but any clothes at all make it so much worse so I won't be doing that.
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Also another poster on this site recommended Midol. That helped me a lot!!
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I hate that you are having that experience however I am in a similar boat with you. Pain is increasing however Aleve has helped slightly. Its not bad when I am standing however walking (in heels) & sitting for any period of time, I feel like I'm getting stabbed with a pen. I was told that it would go away by the technican who did the procedure (she had more than a few sections done herself). She said to not panic and try to work thru it. Well, I'm working thru it but YIKES. I was ready for the pain though. Good Luck!
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wow that is an excellent price. Mine was double that! I had pain and discomfort for about 2 weeks and then it just disappeared. I can tell a noticeable difference. I go back in a few weeks for 2nd treatment.
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