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I am 62 years old, have had implants for 35 years...

I am 62 years old, have had implants for 35 years and I am having them removed in 1 month. They are silicone and have been leaking for several months. I am finally going to have them removed. I was initially going to have saline implants put back in because I'm so concerned about my body image and how disfigured and small I will be. I've enjoyed the improved body image over the years (at the time of implant, the doctor could only fit in 6oz implants b/c I was so small) but am now considering just having the explant. Any comments, support is welcome.


Waterlily, I am 64 years old and I had my silicone breast implants removed after 24 years. They were both ruptured and once silicone is free in your body, it can result in serious health issues. You will be surprised at how well your natural breasts look. All implants leak and they say they leak within ten years. Time to find out if yours are leaking. Good luck. I am delighted I removed mine. Natural feels great! RiverRock
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! What about having them removed and seeing what you think before deciding on replacement? A lot of women go that route, though it can mean two surgeries/recovery times.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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Thank you for the sound advise. I am strongly leaning in that direction. I appreciate this site so much. There really aren't many people to talk to about this who can answer from experience and true empathy. Thank you too.
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So far, surgeon has been very thorough and answered all my questions. Pre-op appointment the end of October.

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