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Saddened for l write I speak not l English I...

Saddened for l write I speak not l English I speaks to you with a translator

Bonjours continuation(suite) has a bad experience(experiment) my tattoo in 2013, great disappointed, the tattooer understood of quite my idea, him(it) my not to listen to. J made confiding(entrusting) me here is with one an arm everything in flower.
At the end of sessions at the tattooer I go back(enter my) home with a big ball in the stomach.

Then depression during 6 months, I made plated by my friend 2 months Later to tell you, nice for me finally I one speak can too much

Afterward depression, impossible to sleep.
I cannot see him, I find him really ugly then very badly placed.

Very thick lines, me whichhas to ask for lines at the end:-(

The solution to make of the laser then to make a beautiful coworm can import numbers of sessions, d money(silvers) I cannot live with the tattoo.

before tatoo

blue coloring does not count

before tatoo

blue coloring does not count


blue coloring does not count

1 th session results

4 eme jours suite a la seance 3

the skin around a yellow concerned may


4 th day after the session has 3 (translation)


10 th day after the session has 3

yellow color on my skin disappeared 7 days later
pictures of 10 days over crust

photo taken on the day (light)

encore rouge , aucune blesure sur ma peau

my pharmacy very important

Here are the products I use
(Mepilex dressing only the day of the intervention to complete)

my dermatologist laser used for tattoo removal

my dermatologist laser used for tattoo removal

session has 5


5 session, I started to get results, a start, I'm glad that it is already less dark.

3rd day after the sesion 6

the result will be seen in two months but I see a big change
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I thank you eva :)
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Happy healing :)
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I think I have still to 2 years of treatment for realized my cover
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I have a similar tattoo. If you want to write to someone in French, feel free to do so (en français, juste m'écrire en messagerie privée). If you need to.
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Glad you are seeing some fading - thanks for keeping your review up to date :) What are you planning for a cover up?
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Hello Eva, I started the laser on December 17th, I had my 3 rd sessions. my goal to be able to do a cover because I love tattos but I got missed motif location is wrong. I want to éclairir the maxium to easily make something else good. My life has changed since I have this thing on the arm.   I feel myself here fortunately the forum exite.
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I think a cover up is totally possible!! I just started my cover up. My review is Blackberry11

Keep us posted!! Good Luck!
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Welcome, I am so happy you found us because you will find so much support here. You are certainly not alone when it comes to tattoo regret ( I have been there)  and the emotional ride that follows. 

When do you plan on starting treatments? Are you fading for a cover up or hoping for full removal?
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